Lonely Street Album Cover Art

Andy Williams

Cover Art

Andy Williams Lonely Street Cover Art


12" Vinyl 1
  • 1 You Don't Know What Love Is
    length: 3:40
    lyricist: Don Raye
    composer: Gene de Paul, Don Raye
  • 2. In the Wee Small Hours
    composer: David Mann
    lyricist: Bob Hilliard
  • 3 When Your Lover Has Gone
    composer: Einar Aaron Swan, James Horner
    lyricist: Einar Aaron Swan
  • 4 I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry
    lyricist: Hank Williams
    composer: Hank Williams
  • 5 Gone With the Wind
    composer: Herb Magidson, Allie Wrubel
    lyricist: Herb Magidson
  • 6 Summer Love
    length: 2:52
    writer: Kay Thompson, Kay Thompson
  • 7 Say It Isn't So
    composer: Irving Berlin
    lyricist: Irving Berlin
  • 8 Unchained Melody
    length: 3:17
    lyricist: Hy Zaret, Hy Zaret
    composer: Alex North, Alex North
    publishing: Hy Zaret, Hy Zaret
  • 9 Autumn Leaves
    translator: Johnny Mercer
    lyricist: Jacques Prévert
    composer: Joseph Kosma
    arranger: Oliver Zapf, Patrick Zapf
  • 10 Willow Weep for Me
    lyricist: Ann Ronell
    composer: Ann Ronell
  • 11. I'm So Alone
    writer: Hank Levine, Berdie Abrams
  • 12 Lonely Street
    writer: Carl Belew, Kenny Sowder, W.S. Stevenson