Love Story Album Cover Art

Andy Williams

Cover Art

Andy Williams Love Story Cover Art


  • 1 (Where Do I Begin) Love Story
    length: 3:12
    producer: Dick Glasser
    composer: Francis Lai
    lyricist: Carl Sigman
  • 2 Your Song
    length: 3:28
    lyricist: Bernie Taupin, Bernie Taupin
    composer: Elton John, Elton John
  • 3 For the Good Times
    length: 3:37
    composer: Kris Kristofferson
    lyricist: Kris Kristofferson
  • 4 Something
    length: 3:01
    composer: George Harrison
    lyricist: George Harrison
  • 5 It's Impossible
    length: 2:47
    composer: Armando Manzanero
    translator: Sid Wayne
  • 6 We've Only Just Begun
    length: 3:16
    composer: Roger Nichols
    lyricist: Paul Williams
  • 7 I Think I Love You
    length: 2:43
    lyricist: Tony Romeo
    composer: Tony Romeo
  • 8 Candida
    length: 3:39
    writer: Irwin Levine, Toni Wine
  • 9 Fire and Rain
    length: 3:37
    composer: James Taylor
    lyricist: James Taylor
  • 10 Rose Garden
    length: 2:32
    composer: Joe South
    lyricist: Joe South
  • 11 My Sweet Lord
    length: 4:14
    lyricist: George Harrison
    composer: George Harrison