Terra Incognita Album

Artist(s): Anne Clark

Cover Art

Anne Clark Terra Incognita Cover Art


Sleeper in Metropolis

length: 4:52
composer: David Harrow
writer: Anne Clark, David Harrow

As a sleeper in metropolis
You are insignificance
Dreams become entangled in the system

Environment moves over the sleeper:
Conditioned air
Conditions sedated breathing
The sensation of viscose sheets on naked flesh
Soft and warm
But lonesome in the blackened ocean of night

Confined in the helpless safety of desires and dreams
We fight our insignificance
The harder we fight
The higher the wall

Outside the cancerous city spreads
Like an illness
It's symptoms
In cars that cruise to inevitable destinations
Tailed by the silent spotlights
Of society created paranoia

No alternative could grow
Where love cannot take root
No shadows will replace
The warmth of your contact

Love is dead in metropolis
All contact through glove or partition
What a waste
The City -
A wasting disease

Self Destruct

length: 4:55
composer: David Harrow, Anne Clark
lyricist: Anne Clark, David Harrow
Suicide is an urban disease
Spread by people and places like these
A quick self destruct from the 21st floor
A smell of gas through the kitchen door
A stab in the back from the workers and bosses
They're counting their gains as you count your losses
As you count your losses
Blow the world apart with the press of a button
We all say it shouldn't but we know it will happen
Again and again like the rain and the ark
Onwards forever eternally dark
Eternally dark
The grit in your eye soon enters your heart
And all that was strength is just falling apart
We're jumping from one bed and into another
Searching for something that we'll never discover
Never discover
So we go on breeding - breeding contempt
From all of the repression that this has meant
If the bombs and the fire don't instantly kill
Then the greed from the ashes certainly will
Certainly will
This place is not my place
This place is not yours
We're set on self destruct
For no reason or cause
If the bombs and the fire don't instantly kill
Then the greed from the ashes certainly will
Certainly will


length: 4:13
performer: David Harrow
writer: David Harrow, Anne Clark
composer: David Harrow
So this is where the future lies
In a beer-gut belly
In a open fly
Brilcremed, acrylic, mindless boys
Punching, kicking, making noise
From the cradle to the city streets
They spill out their aggression
By punching what they don't understand
And stopping all forms of expression
Teaching each other to be men
By spewing in the street
Well, now I know just what to do
To make my man complete
Against the power of their misguidance
We must learn to fight
To be just what we want to be
Morning, noon, and night
Night is for the hunters
And the hunted are you and me
Hunted for just having
Some form of identity
Night is for the hunters
And the hunted are you and me
Hunted for just having
Some individuality

True Love Tales

length: 5:02
composer: David Harrow, Anne Clark
lyricist: Anne Clark, David Harrow
Live is all we need - you said
As you hold me in the confidence of your bed
Tomorrow's turned into today instead!
And I wake each morningfeeling so ashamed

Having fallen to emotions that we both named
How shallow now all that rubbish seems
Hearts once full are bleeding dreams
Dreams that were reality

Have now brought out the worst in me
I don't want a part in this
The stinging touch, the poisoned kiss
The alibis to keep us close

The lies you spit when I need you most
Love is just a paradox
He loves me, he loves me not
A basic human nedd is such

To be able to destry with just one touch
A stinking filthy trick I'd say
One day the prey
Love is just a heart disease

And no cure can make this aching ease
But I'll tranquilise myself from that
Let fit emotions turn to fat
Let care and concern not breed here

I've had and seen them disappear
Tear stained eyeswillnot be seen
When to touch is nothing more then obscene
To **** it seems is the only word

The ability to love seems so absurd
Absurd because we know we lie
Laughing at it all as someone cries
One day I may find it quite amusing

How touch and tongues make life so confusing
Love was all we needed - it's dead
As the sheets grow cold on your big bad bed
Tomorrow's not important - it's dead

Our Darkness

length: 6:31
composer: David Harrow, Anne Clark
lyricist: Anne Clark, David Harrow
Through these city nightmares you'd walk with me
And we'd talk of it with idealistic assurance
That it wouldn't tear us apart
We'd keep our heads above the blackened water
But there's no room for ideals in this mechanical place
And you're gone now

Through a grimy window that I can't keep clean
Through billowing smoke that's swallowed the sun
You're nowhere to be seen

Do you think our desires still burn
I guess it was desires that tore us apart
There has to be passion
A passion for living, surviving
And that means detachment
Every-body has a weapon to fight you with
To beat you with when you are down
There were too many defence between us
Doubting all the time
Fearinf all the time
Doubting all the time
Fearinf all the time
That like these urban nightmares
We'd blacken each other skies

When we passed the subway we tried to ignore our fate there
Of written threats on endless walls
Unjustified crimes carried on stifled calls
Would you walk with me now through this pouring rain
It used to mingle with our tears then dry with the hopes
That we left behind
It rains even harder now .

The Sitting Room

length: 2:24
composer: Dominic Appleton, Andrea Laschetti, Anne Clark, Gary Mundy
lyricist: Anne Clark
You are just a tenant here, you say
Living in and out of this life
As cheaply as you can

I sit here in the darkness
Like an old woman
Thoughts knot and click like brittle bones
Doing too much
Trying to question all of this
Trying so hard to fade out
In the blackness
All of the fear
All of the tears that bring us to this

Sometimes it is better that we sit
Here in the silence
I don't look at you
And you don't seem to notice
And the reasons -
The reasons are impossible to see Converge
They gather like dust upon a shelf

You are just a tenant here, you say
Living in and out of this life
As cheaply as you can

All Night Party

length: 4:15
composer: Vini Reilly
At the all-night party
Standing in the corner
I am watching you
Drink in my hand
I wish it were you instead

At the all-night party
You are dancing
I am watching you
My hands are empty
I dance to your direction
I wish I'd never come here
To the all-night party
I wish that I were miles away

In my hand, I hold empty desires
In my hand an emptying glass
Standing in the corner
At the all night party

Echoes Remain Forever

length: 3:32
composer: Vini Reilly
Autumn leaves that collect weight in the ashes of Summer
Are cracked and broken by my intruding step
Foreign thoughts that invade my questioning
Of deaths' cold cold waiting
No bait will deter the ancient stalker
Whose colour I'm not sure of
Who's walked between this park
And with icy fingers prepared this morbid corridor of bracken
To take my steps closer there all the time

Then your fingers - hard and comforting
Write solfly through my hair
All that may die between us without death to take the blame

To play games so unprepared
To dance round fires ungurded
Tears become blood of sorrow
And my pulse keeps time so badly with the tune you play with me

My steps down streets that remain unchanged but change so many
Will just vanish like yesterday
Don't think dark throughts you tell me
Yet all our fate waits prepared in darkness
And my hand will funble for the door
Whose handle is too high for me
Whose wood is from those mighty trees
The trees that lay down their leaves so wrecklessly

Mlight remains flickering in Autumn
And musky smoke from blazing bonfires
Will rise like incence from the funeral pyre
In preperation

An Ordinary Life

length: 2:28
The madman looked inside the eyes of the face upon the mirror
"It seems I'm losing my way again" he sighed.
And once again the tell-tale tears begin their journey down
An ever deepening track.

His wife place a hand upon his shoulder.
How over these past few months, he's aged so many years.
He'd give this life to live again.
He'd be so more daring. Be so much bolder
But a little less aware.
It's something of which he can't
Be certain and so he stays restrained and hurting.

At breakfast he places a kiss upon his only daughter.
How he longs for her to run to them as she did when
She was young, but her secrets have become her fears too.
Yet still she remains his child.
His still-pretty wife manages so well. Makes excuses for his absence.
Tries so hard to find the road he's on.

The madman combs his hair, his expression has returned
Almost to normal and he blends almost perfectly with the crowd.
Back into an ordinary life.
An ordinary life.


length: 2:04
Through the soft shades of Summer fused together
By the strange seasons of the City
The stationary is stained with all my failings
The bed lays new cold and empty as a casket
Your body left it's shape upon the sheets and
Little else
I shall dress my room in the colours of sadness...

Killing Time

length: 4:43
composer: David Harrow, Anne Clark
lyricist: Anne Clark, David Harrow
Stumbling words and stuttering lips
Make the sentence complete
A death sentence complete

Create hell our of hopelessness
Confirm the failure of it all

Falling and calling
Falling and crawling
A Stick in the ground scratches your name
A scream in the darkness is searching
Again and again

Watching eyes wait for sadeness to rise
True superstitions combine and thicken
This poison that reaches my soul
This terror that blackens my soul

I must smile at your strategy
And laugh at your plan
And the execution of it all

Like death itself, love is rotting inside of me
But there'll be no protection for you; you cannot hide me

I am cold on a bed of ice
But like seasons I know it will pass
It will always return again though
A summer of love is a momentary and transient thing

Winter will always return again