THE LAW Is an Anagram of WEALTH Album

Artist(s): Anne Clark

Cover Art

Anne Clark THE LAW Is an Anagram of WEALTH Cover Art


Introduction: Flight Through Sunlit Clouds

length: 2:22

So Quiet Here

length: 2:59
So quiet here
So hushed and stilled
So silent here
Such longing calmed
And tempered here
So quiet here
Swirling shades of evening
Circling the light
Last escaping traces of the day
Streak the sky -
Paint in water light
Blends warm
And breath of breeze
And endless
Reaching here
So quiet here
So hushed and stilled
So silent here
Winding down
To stopping

At Midnight

length: 3:49
At midnight I awoke And looked up to the heavens; No star in the teeming firmament Smiled upon me At midnight. At midnight My thoughts stretched out Into the furthest reaches of darkness No image of light Brought me consilation At midnight. At midnight I heeded the beat of my heart; A single throb of pain Was roused At midnight. At midnight I fought the battle Of humanity, of your suffering; I could not resolve it With all my might At midnight. At midnight I yeilded all my might Into your hand; Lord over death and life, you stand guard At midnight.

Lost to the World

length: 2:42
I have lost touch with the world
where once I wasted much of my time.
Nothing has been heard from me for so long
that they might well think me dead.

Indeed, I hardly care
if the world thinks I am dead.
Neither can I deny it,
for I am truly dead to the world.

I am dead to the bustle of the world
and repose in a tranquil realm.
I live alone in my heaven,
in my loving, in my song.

Come In

length: 1:20
You are tranquility and gentle peace
You are desire and what satifies desire
I dedicate to you, full of joy and pain
My eye and heart as your dwelling place
Come in and close the gates quietly behind you
Drive out all other grief from my breast!
Let my heart be full of your joy
The cover of my eyes is lit by your glow alone
Oh, fill it quite!


length: 4:41
My words are all stripped bare
Tonight I want something else
Something different
To make some kind of clarity

Of everything that's over us
That's hanging in the air
Coming in on the darkness
Sounds of small voices

I'm many different tongues
Codes coming in
Music mingling
From lands I've never seen

Places that I've been
Where strangers have given more to me
Than I could ever dream of
Oh make it clear tonight

Fragile word
Whatever's hanging over us
I'm reaching out beyond it now
Turning shadows into light

Fragile life
He's fighting beyond all this
Turn his shadows into light
Words are all stripped bare

Fragile bodies
Small voices carry through the air
All this life inside of us
In a darkened world tonight.

That We Have Been Here (version)

length: 3:09
The east wind
Breathes fragrance into the air
And in so doing makes know
That you have been here
Since tears flow here
You will know
Though you are otherwise unaware
That I have been here
Fragrant scents and tears proclaim
That we have been here

Longing Stilled

length: 3:18
arranger: Martyn Bates
Bathed in the golden glow of evening
How solemn the woods look!
The soft blowing of the eveving breeze
Breathes in soft bird voices
What are they whispering, the winds and the birds?
They are whispering the world to sleep
Oh whishes, wich always stir
In my heart without rest or peace!
Longing which troubles my breast
When will you rest, when will you slumber?
Oh yearning whishes, when will you fall asleep
To the whispering of the wind and the birds?
When my spirit no longer hurries
On the wings of dream into golden distances
When my eyes linger no more with longing glance
At the eternal distant stars;
Then will the winds and birds whisper
In harmony with my longing and life


length: 4:28
The ships slips out from the grasp of the harbour
Out of it's hold into the restless water
Silently, steadily, edging away
Silently, steadily, pulling away
I feel my heart swell, surge inside me
Rising and falling, waves that take me
Silently, steadily, onwards away
Slow-motion words, night glimmering blackness
Deep as the stars in the far-off darkness -
Lights caught in time, far far away
Bound to the earth, burnt through with fire
Loose on the water, moving through air
All traces pass sooner or later
Behind and beyond, far far away

Seize the Vivid Sky

length: 4:18
Out - Into the coming on of night
Out - into a fiery failing light
The day is almost done
Earth spreads

I stretch
Two lines set against the slipping sun
And I seize the vivid sky
Paint bright colors with the spectrum of my eye

Take in every breath deep enough to fly
Away from lies these changes
Have forced into our lives
Up into a tranquil place

That's constantly denied
Far from the crushing power
Which brought me to my knees
Earthbound, justice stays

Always out of reach
Take your own time

Out - where hours unfirl, loosen from our hands
Out - where time is only shadows cast across the land
The day is almost done

Earth spreads
I stretch
Two lines set against the slipping sun
And I'll make my way to where

The warm scent of soil fills the evening air
Everything is waiting quietly out there ...

The Haunted Road

length: 3:47
Driving the steel
And black wheels turning
Onwards without destination
Pausing in moments
For something familiar
Some trace of knowing
Distance approaches
Blurs into passing
Colourless void
Without change
So much to long for
Takes so much effort
So much strength to contain
The haunted road
The scattered ghosts
Of years of days of nights
Driving these wires of darkness
Fleeting shapes in the lights
Violent landscape
Internal dreamscape
A journey that constantly tells
Leaving places
Loosing each other
We lose whole parts of ourselves

I of the Storm

length: 8:09
Riotous fury
I of the storm
Asking for more
Calling for more
Making the most
Settle the score
Make it stick
Cut to the quick
Armed with fire
Wealth is another spelling of the law
Calling for more!
Vengeful flames
Laid at your door
Burning the silence
That's cut to the core
Eye of the storm
Rain down!
Tearing it down!
Chain of thought
Chains of thought
Rationed and rational
Coming to naught
Tear it down