League Style Album Cover Art

Anti-Nowhere League

Cover Art

Anti-Nowhere League League Style Cover Art


12" Vinyl 1
  • 1. Jonny Too Bad
    composer: Delroy Wilson
    lyricist: Delroy Wilson
    writer: Derrick Leapold Crooks, Hylton Beckford, Winston Bailey
  • 2. Susan Beware of the Devil
    writer: Dandy Livingstone
  • 3. Singer Man
  • 4. Come in to My Palour (Said the Spider to the Fly)
  • 5. Fat Man
    writer: Derrick Morgan
  • 6. For the Love of Common People
    composer: John Hurley, Ronnie Wilkins
    lyricist: Ronnie Wilkins, John Hurley
  • 7. Long Shot Kick 'De Bucket
    writer: George Agard, Jackie Robinson, Sidney "Luddy" Crooks
  • 8. Big Five
    writer: Prince Buster
  • 9. Black Pearl
    composer: Phil Spector, Toni Wine, Irwin Levine
  • 10. Me and My Life
    writer: Len "Chip" Hawkes, Alan Blakley