I Am a Bird Now Album Cover Art

Antony and the Johnsons

Cover Art

Antony and the Johnsons I Am a Bird Now Cover Art


CD 1
  • 1 Hope There's Someone
    length: 4:22
  • 2 My Lady Story
    length: 3:34
    mixer: Emery Dobyns
    arranger: Maxim Moston
    viola: Danielle Farina
  • 3 For Today I Am a Boy
    length: 2:37
  • 4 Man Is the Baby
    length: 4:10
  • 5 You Are My Sister
    membranophone: John Bollinger
    guest lead vocals: Boy George
    guitar: Devendra Banhart
  • 6 What Can I Do?
    length: 1:41
    guest lead vocals: Rufus Wainwright
    guest piano: Jason Hart
    mixer: Emery Dobyns
  • 7 Fistful of Love
    length: 5:52
    membranophone: Parker Kindred
    guest lead vocals: Lou Reed
    guitar family: Lou Reed
    bass: Rainy Orteca
  • 8 Spiralling
    length: 4:26
    guest lead vocals: Devendra Banhart
    mixer: Emery Dobyns
  • 9 Free at Last
    length: 1:37
    vocal: Julia Yasuda
    viola: Danielle Farina
    other instruments: Julia Yasuda
  • 10 Bird Gerhl
    length: 3:15