You Album Cover Art

Aretha Franklin

Cover Art

Aretha Franklin You Cover Art


12" Vinyl 1
  • 1 Mr. DJ (5 for the D.J.)
    length: 4:25
    writer: Aretha Franklin
  • 2 It Only Happens (When I Look at You)
    length: 4:13
    trumpet: Bud Brisbois
    flute: Jim Horn
    writer: Ken Gold, Michael Denne
  • 3 I'm Not Strong Enough to Love You Again
    length: 4:12
    writer: Frank Johnson
  • 4 Walk Softly
    length: 4:48
    writer: Van McCoy
  • 5 You Make My Life
    length: 4:12
    writer: Bettye Crutcher, Frederick Knight
  • 6 Without You
    length: 5:13
    saxophone: Tom Scott
    writer: Randall Stewart, Sir Mack Rice
  • 7 The Sha-La Bandit
    instrument: Ernie Watts
    composer: Jerry Lang Ferguson, Wade Davis, Sr.
  • 8 You
    length: 4:40
    writer: Chuck Jackson, Jerry Butler, Marvin Yancy
  • 9. You Got All the Aces
    length: 3:52
    writer: Ronnie Shannon
  • 10 As Long as You Are There
    length: 3:44
    composer: Carolyn Franklin
    lyricist: Carolyn Franklin

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