Baader Meinhof / Meet Me at the Airport Album Cover Art

Baader Meinhof


7" Vinyl 1
  • 1 Baader Meinhof
    length: 3:02
    producer: Luke Haines and Pete Hofmann
    membranophone: Tim Weller
    piano: Luke Haines
    vocal: Luke Haines
    mixer: Pete Hofmann
    engineer: Pete Hofmann
    violin: Jo Archard, Everton Nelson, Thomas Toms and Alison Dodds
    guitar: Luke Haines
    viola: Vincent Greene
    percussion: Tim Weller
    cello: James Banbury
    harp: Kevin Charity
    strings arranger: Luke Haines and Pete Hofmann
    omnichord: Luke Haines
    assistant engineer: Finn Eiles
    orchestrator: James Banbury, Pete Hofmann and Luke Haines
    saxophone: Steve Hamilton
    keyboard: Luke Haines
    writer: Luke Haines, Luke Haines
  • 2 Meet Me at the Airport
    length: 2:51
    writer: Luke Haines