Another Stranger Me Album Cover Art

Blind Guardian

Cover Art

Blind Guardian Another Stranger Me Cover Art


CD 1
  • 1 Another Stranger Me
    length: 4:37
    producer: Charlie Bauerfeind and Blind Guardian
    membranophone: Frederik Ehmke
    lead vocals: Hansi Kürsch
    mixer: Charlie Bauerfeind
    engineer: Charlie Bauerfeind and Jan Rubach
    flute: Frederik Ehmke
    percussion: Frederik Ehmke
    guest choir vocals: Olaf Senkbeil, Thomas Hackmann and Rolf Köhler
    bagpipe: Frederik Ehmke
    guest bass guitar: Oliver Holzwarth
    assistant engineer: Marc Schettler
    guitar: Marcus Siepen and André Olbrich
    keyboard: Martin Meyer and Patrick Benzner
  • 2 All the King's Horses
    length: 4:12
  • 3 Dream a Little Dream of Me
    length: 3:23
  • 4 Lionheart (demo version)
    length: 4:11
  • 5 The Edge (demo version)
    length: 4:26