7800° Fahrenheit Album Cover Art

Bon Jovi

Cover Art

Bon Jovi 7800° Fahrenheit Cover Art


CD 1
  • 1 In and Out of Love
    length: 4:27
    producer: Lance Quinn
    membranophone: Tico Torres
    lead vocals: Jon Bon Jovi
    mixer: David Thoener
    engineer: Obie O’Brien, Mal, Bill Scheniman and Larry Alexander
    background vocals: Alec John Such, Carol Brooks, Jeannie Brooks, Phil Hoffer, Rick Valenti, David Bryan and Richie Sambora
    guitar: Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora
    keyboard: David Bryan
    percussion: Tico Torres
    programming: Jim Salamone
    mastering: George Marino
    synthesizer: Tommy Mandel
    bass guitar: Alec John Such
    synthesizer programming: Randy Cantor
    assistant mixer: Fernando Kral
    assistant engineer: John Cianci and Big Al Greaves
  • 2 Price of Love
    length: 4:15
  • 3 Only Lonely
  • 4 King of the Mountain
    length: 3:55
  • 5 Silent Night
    length: 5:05
  • 6 Tokyo Road
    length: 5:42
  • 7 Hardest Part Is the Night
    length: 4:23
  • 8 Always Run to You
  • 9 To the Fire
    length: 4:27
  • 10 Secret Dreams
    length: 4:53