Death Before Dishonesty Album

Artist(s): Bootleg


Death Before Dishonesty

length: 4:46
Sometimes I feel like I've been infiltrated
Mama told me I'm too related
By niggas I'm often hated
The reefer keeps me sedated

I've waded through life's shadows
Fighting personal battles
Killin' snitches who tattle
I slaughter bitches like cattle

Placin' 'em on a hit list
Never leaving a witness
Only the real niggas will understand when I spit this
Watch me handle my bidniss
In a Gambino fashion
I kiss a fool when I kill 'em
Homicide with a passion

Now he's missing in action
His body buried in Vegas
Made niggas done paid us
We kill for Mafia wages
Read my murderous pages
Travel through different stages
Discovering my descendants been homicidal for ages
Proving death is contagious
The reaper won't let 'em stop it
Since it's comin' regardless, I might as well buck fo' profit
Split with my glock and drop it
Leaving his body bloated
Left an ounce on the scene, now they figure dope was the motive

Purchase plastic explosives
Hook it to yo' ignition
(?)Bury(?) on recognition
Are found in the foetal position
Killin' my competition
Stimulates my ambition
My mission's to look at fission'
While cooking key's in my kitchen

((((Chorus)))) (Repeat 4 times)

(Death Before Dishonesty)
The penalty for crossin' me
Is inside of me
Using weapons I'm goin' at 'em

I refuse to loose the game, I play it like chess
Mind full of strategies, street soldiers get put to rest
Crossing enemy lines, to find specific pushes
I'm a paid ghetto mercenary walkin' through ambushes

Confusing opponents
Escaping traps like Whoodini
Show 'em that a G can lead an army like Musalini

Foreign minister signing an order that I should be captured
Then they found the fool assassinated just moments after
See my objective, is to conquer the whole regime
And take the art of terrorism to the fullest extreme

Spies from other nations
Sharing their information
Using Pit Bulls to implement interrogation
Government regulations
Killin's my occupation
Federal judges murdered wit' blood from AIDS patients

Biological weapons
Play at your own risk
A mind full of terror
Your nuttiest scientist

Do you wanna ride with me?
Come and ride to the other side
Keepin' yo' grip up in the air as I guide you
Buckin' on motherfuckers
Me and my pistol; best friends wippin' on you suckers

((((CHORUS)))) (4 times)

Live and die for money, I hustle 'till the sirens come
Slangin' ounces out of my weight houses
Drinkin' 2 for 1's
Plenty guns
Hoes makin' runs to get cooking utensils
My credentials a glock automatic stamped with my initials
Nickel plated pistols for workers slangin' yay-yo for me
Brought 'em all down from a different town
Don't none of my workers know me
If you owe me and livin' cozy, be prepared to enter
Your daughters school and find her missin' from the day-care center

How can you murder a killa'?
I refuse to die
Niggas be plotting and scheming
On my drug supply

Witness a murder recital
Flippin' murderous pages
Rippin' out organs that's vital
With killa' 12 gauges

How can you murder a demon, whose heart never skips a beat?
You better wake up, you dreamin', come see me where the gangsters meet

Nothing can save you from loosing all that you've come to cherish
So be prepared to go, yo, it's time to perish

Chemicals alter my brain
When I drain it's strange
Some say the game can make you change when you havin' thangs
I'm a G You a G
So fo' you and me
Before they take us off this Earth
It's Death Before Dishonesty

((((CHORUS)))) (4 times)


length: 4:11
f/ Big Shawn (Infamous Syndicate), Sophia Taylor

I'm havin' the type of fantasies ridin' under palm trees
A Corvette convertible feelin' the summer breeze
Conversations on the phone till the night ends
I'm sayin' things that make you wanna tell your girlfriends
The fireplace is burnin' hot and your body sweats
Beside my body while I'm passin' you the Monette
Your Liz Claiborn got me on a natural high
Your toes polished, ankle bracelets make you look fly
No need to rush baby hold me like a love story
And you ain't frontin' cause I know you got love for me
How does it feel to be alone with the Rock Capone
To come together makin' love is like a quiet storm
Your preety smile makes me wanna put my drink away
And push play so we can listen to some Marvin Gaye
This is my fantasy I'm hopin' it will come true
A life of happiness together baby me and you
Holdin' hands takin' cruises on the blue sea
Sendin' you flowers at your job makes you think of me
And all my partners say I'm trippin' but I'm sayin' screw 'em
Cause every gangster got a sentamental side to him
So let's enjoy all the days and all the nights alone
We riddin' horses in the feilds by our summer home
I pray to God cause I hope you understandin' me
Now close your eyes let's fly cause baby your my fantasy

(Chorus) x4
I'm havin' fantasies
I'm havin' fantasies
Romantic fantasies
Baby of you and me

(Big Shawn)
As I look into your eyes I see you afiliated with bad guys
Syndicated don't infiltrate it we got mob ties
When you leave I be missin' you in the worst way
Cuppin' me diamond burgettes for every birthday
Rose petal pathways leddin' to bubble baths
Sippin' Don Perignon to help the troubles pass
My body over your body can you feel it baby
The way you pushin' inside me got me goin' crazy
All my friends be in my ear about the things you do
In the end it's an attempt to get closer to you
Caught a case and lost my baby for a triple 6
Sendin' me letters of promises that he's sick of this
When you come home, baby you gotta slow your roll
Cause you know that we workin' and dealin' with parol
I'm in your corner forever you know it's no surprise
Cause true players can ride and thug never dies
When the doves fly dry the tears from a thugs eyes
We can take the world over baby boy you and I
I keep it true inside on the real I'll be doin' mine
Makin' love on erotic furs of all kind
I pray to God cause I hope you understandin' me
Now close your eyes let's fly cause baby your my fantasy
I pray to God cause I hope you understandin' me
Now close your eyes let's fly cause baby your my fantasy

(Chorus) x4

You got me sleepin' with my eyes wide open hopin' that you seein'
All of the things that me and you is capable of being, becomin'
Cause I know that you really want it
Gettin' blunted bendin' corners in the black 600
On a mission baby the fantasies are comin' true
Drippin' honey on your body to lick it off of you
Open your mouth baby and taste the strawberries
Ice cream, double scoops commin' from Ben and Jerry's
Summer time we reclin on my ninja catana
In the mall we can ball bumpin' to Atlanta
Your body on my body in special places
Makin' love while I'm watchin' you make the funny faces
In the zone nobody's home when we intertwine
You snuck yours now baby I'm commin' for mine
Tossed salad, love ballads, the jacuzzi was greater
Than the time we made love in the movie theater
Candlelight dinners, motion lotion, edible panties
Limozine rides droppin' us off at the Grammy's
Got awarded and you promised that you would never forget me
Blowin' kisses in the crowd aimin' them so they hit me
Skip the afterparties it's time to chase some waterfalls
So I creep to locations where no-one can call
I been diggin' on you way since back in middle school
For three reason you crazy, sexy, and cool

(Chorus) x4


length: 2:30
Find the culprit who's snitching me out (all right)
Follow that bastard and learn his route (uh-huh)
I want to know who imparticuler he's talking to
Kill 'em all and kill the ***** who let him in my crew

Type a letter to the bureau of investigation
Tell them hoes that they can't infiltrate my operation

Keep see-4 mounted under my establishment
Wait for you hoes come inside with no evidence

This **** is bigger than Mafia hits
Dapper don with the ensemble of killers and ****

Leer jet ready to take off to the Costa Rica
Blunt smoking and Dom sipping when my hookers seat ya'

Soldiers quiet, but I'm still angry when the plane lands
Members greet me Italian suits with a light tan

I know it's time to see the big shot whose got
Buildings and yay yo and guerilla armies on the spot

Moments later we pull up into a secluded jungle
My crew was behind us but got lost when we turned in a tunnel

Sunshine, sea breeze, golf tee's, palm trees
This ****'s unreal but my man is living it with ease

Waiter brings me cappuccino
His name is Nino
Retired enforcer for the New York based Gambino

Godfather comes out and takes a seat across from me
5 foot 9, medium build, look about 63

He said I heard you catchin' pressure
J'oo feeling the heat
We hear you're mobbin' in the streets

You got to set it off!!!

(Telephone conversation)
Boss: Hello?!
Bootleg: Hello boss I hope I'm not disturbing you
Members of d'cappo told me to notify you this morning about a shipment that's
coming in.

Boss: J'yea, I heard there's a drought out there in Michigan where j'oo at
I'm gonna send j'oo a thousand kilo's of cocaine
I want j'oo to sell it all
And j'oo send me my money
Bootleg: Well lets get paid
(conversation ends)

**** what you doin' now I'm boss!!!
Sippin' on Remi
Making reservations for the weekend Korea
Drug keeping over see a

Dedication and loyalty
Is the key if you want to get paid like a G
Promotions cross oceans
Big bank keeping up with dope policy

Now when we
Step off the plane
Keep cool and don't offend me
Never speak unless you're spoken to
This man has keys to send me

Take a wolf pack
Stay strapped and ready to attack on these coast guards
No mishaps!
You'd rather take a train with the 'caine I'll arrange that

Are you with that?
When you get back
Contact Texas and our L.A. staff
Never let that
Cocaine get out of your sight
Whole keys don't **** with halfs

Now if you get stopped at the gate
there's one thing you must promise me
Before you cross me
Just think about death before dishonesty

Don't call me
Unless there's an emergency to attend to
I'll send you 10 *****s with fully automatics
To defend you

In a few days that shipment should arrive
Better send some scouts out
Keep a look out
Send two or three *****s on the coast
Standing post with they glocks out

No problems
Just follow instructions everything comes out lavishly
We'll solve 'em
Our mission is to make money fast
And to make money flawlessly

Start stashing
When the coc's all home
Contact money paid workers and separate

Pimp action
20 steps from the club
And we cool, bring cheese to


length: 0:50


rtist: Bootleg
Album: Death Before Dishonesty
Song: Mama
Typed by:

(Bootleg Talking)
Ohh bitch
You don't wanna fuck with me no more
Ohh we through like dat
Ohh you got another nigga now
I got a secret to tell you
Check it out
Your moma got some good ass pusy and since we through
I'm gon tell your funky ass your moma fucks way better than you
So silly I used to love it when you left us all alone
Your moma be suckin' the skin off Bootleg's dick when you was gone
But don't you get upset it's all your fault your moma heard you cum
Settin' it inside her so good I couldn't resist from breakin' her off some
And now you wanna cry but bitch thats weak so save the drama
Screw who you wanna screw cause bitch I'm fuckin' your moma
And bitch by the way she told me she pregnant
and havin' a baby some year so gain the respect
She buyin' me gators and pelles
and ain't no abortion commin' don't bother to check
And now you wanna piss a bitch and whine just like a baby do
Your daddy was fuckin' you now
ya'll even she fuckin' your boyfriend too
Your moms she was the bomb makin' me cum on the late night creep
And known for suckin' my bone
when you wasn't home in the back seat of my jeep
Remember those nights when me and your mom
was sittin' back sippin' on gin
Ran out of juice and there's juice around the corner
so why she send you to buy hers then
To fuck, your moma's a slut you lookin' surprised
I know this is breakin you up
At times when me and her grind
I cover her mouth to keep from wakin' you up
A nut is what I'm about your moma
was wit it and I can admit it was good
But still with me and her till I feel
that I'm real for lettin' her stomp on my wood
In fact when she was on her back
I'm givin' her all this desire and D-I-C-K
Your moma likes dick in her booty
and that's what I'm givin' her on this mothers day
My bone is breakin up homes much dick
as I can fullfillin' your life with drama
So fuck who you want like or suck
who you want cause bitch I was fuckin your moma

(Chorus) x4
Bitch I'm fuckin' your moma
Bitch I'm fuckin' your moma
Bitch I'm fuckin' your, Bitch I'm fuckin' your
Bitch I'm fuckin' your moma
Bitch I'm fuckin' your moma
(Uh Uh boy I know you ain't fuckin' my moma)

Your moma be suckin' my dick every day and I love it
Inhale, Exhale blowin' my dick out in public
Your moma and me we promise to be the perfect family together in harmony
Don't take it from me just wait and you'll see
Fuckin' from the bedroom to the showers
Now we buckin on the toilet bowl for hours
Got me nuttin' she takin' doses down her throut that got her chokin'
My dick is the weapon that super soaked it
Flickin' my dick like its a big lighter inside her I never cum quick
Wettin' my palm freakin her slow
Makin' her tingle from nipple to toe
Slappin' that ass makin' it shine
Makin' her give me my nickles and dimes
Droppin' her off taught her to ball
Gave her the game how to spend at the mall
Releasin' the bombs fuckin' your moms
Makin' her cum for days and days
Inches of dick keepin her sick like hookies in hot sun rays
Bitch I'm the bizoss fuckin' your mizoms till my dizick is izoff
Now showin' off I got the styles and capabilites to drill that ass
Kill that ass, fill that ass, bill that ass
Now every time we screw you know how we do just keepin' it true
No sooner than we through my partner tryin' to fuck her too
My bone is breakin' up homes much dick as I can
fullfillin' your life with drama
So fuck who you want lick or suck
who you want cause bitch I was fuckin your moma

(Chorus) x4

(Chorus) x4

(Bootleg Talking)
Bitch it's your moma

(Girl Talking)
What? My own fuckin' moma?
What you mean my motherfuckin' moma?
What the fuck?
Nigga how the fuck you gonna be fuckin' me and my motherfuckin' moma

I mean

What the fuck? Nigga you tryin' to bring motherfuckin' drama nigga
I thought you knew how we do nigga

I mean

Puttin' it down for motherfuckin F-L-I-N-T nigga

I mean

What the fuck?
I mean I'm talkin' about what you mean "you mean" nigga?

I mean

What the fuck? Nigga what?

Your moma got some.....good pusy.

(Girl) (laughing)
Fuck you Bootleg, Fuck you

No fuck your moma (I did)

Fly Away

length: 5:14

Que The Little Rapper Girl

length: 0:22

We Gone Ride

length: 5:25

Run For Cover

length: 3:27

Bad Guy (feat. Jake the Flake)

length: 5:14
performer: Jake the Flake

If I Die

length: 4:17

Sophisticated Thugs

(feat. I.D., Ras Kass)
[Bootleg: talking]
Flint-Town, Dayton Family, I.D., Killafornia,
Ras Kass, yeah... yeah... For all the Sophisticated Thugs
yeah, for all the Sophisticated Thugs...
We gonna dedicate this to y'all
In the memory of my homeboy Pac, like this (rest in peace)
[Ras Kass]
A young nigga gotta keep the rims chrome
That's why my arteries pump brimstones
disappear after breaking your chin bone
ready to flip ten songs
I might make sense known
Feet I tear it from ya like bedrock to a flintstone
Flint-Town, Michigan, who roll up in this bitch again
Rollin like Bentleys on Michelins
You said life ain't shit but bitches and money
Chronic and henne, taxes and tombstones
And slayin yahoes with killaz on the payroll
But anyway though, if we did sell drugs
We sophisticated thugs
Keep prepaid cells
So the feds can't bug
Ras Kass, I.D., Dayton Family
Scared niggaz don't cry
Cause we all gonna die
Spice boy niggaz get wesson
Cause they all gonna fry
Open up some projects in Hell they need more room
Cause most of y'all bitch niggaz is coming there soon (what)
[Chorus: Bootleg]
I don't give a fuck if you blood or cuz
Long as you got love for thugs (Sophisticated Thug Niggaz)
I don't give a fuck if you blood or cuz
Long as you got love for thugs (Sophisticated Thug Niggaz)
I don't give a fuck if you blood or cuz
Long as you got love for thugs (We Sophisticated Thug Niggaz)
I don't give a fuck if you blood or cuz
Long as you got love for thugs
All Eyez On Me
Holla Thug life on BET
Gave the whole world the finger on MTV
Tupac Shakur, he was born to be a renegade
A product of the streets
Now look at what our streets done made
And took away all in the course of a day
Frivolous beef got me lookin the other way
You used to say that you was never afraid to die
So put a blunt in your casket let you get your dead homiez high
A true thug that was born to ride
Say what you say, when he passed away
The game died
It was you against the world
I know that shit was crazy
Believe me though, I know the whole world wasn't against you baby
You told sistas to keep they head up and never switch
And if you switched, I bet you wonder why they called you bitch
Died too soon from unnecessary bullet wounds
Now college professors due lectures in their classrooms on your lyricism
Damn Pac, I wish you were here so you could hear em'
Incredible, Unforgettable, Biggie you was true
You're nobody until somebody kills you
Sophisticated Thugs!
In the city, where hands get blown
Every city I mash through, there's at least 60 niggaz that'll blast you
Mash you out, Cash, Stash and heat seekin' lies
On the day, only on the earth 16 years and already crazy
Maybe I'll get blasted tryin to master perfection
Packin weapons, niggaz trippin, when you in the wrong section
Flexin muscles we're tusslin, doin it all for nothin
Cause the fight is all over when the pistols get to bustin'
But that's enough, I don't think noone is listenin'
They tryin to make us think it's cool, the war world that we livin in
But so, every memory, and all the game that they kicked it in
We really givin in, livin life for the sin and death
I bet somebody dies raw for the end of this song
That's the reason why I pray so I can make it back home
To be on top so long can't afford not to succeed
But everybody's killin over clothes, bitches, and weed
It's plain to see, it's about the money
But when they snatch the money we robbin for food like ain't nothin' funny
In 1999, all major leaders have a leader
In the ATF, fiendin black people they defeated
I said in 1999, all major leaders have a leader
In the ATF, fiendin black people they defeated
[Bootleg: talking] [woman singing in background]
Tupac Shakur, one of the realest thugs ever to pick up a microphone
I gives a fuck what anybody else say
Fuck what you heard, Fuck where you from
East or West coast, I don't give a fuck
I know who was representin' and who moved me when he picked up a mic and
spit that shit
Tupac mother fuckin' Shakur
Died a soldier, lived a soldier
From the cradle to the grave, he was thuggin'
And I know you bitch ass niggaz feel what I'm sayin

No Future

length: 4:28

(feat. MC Breed)
[M.C. Breed talking]
M. Breed
Uh give it to me
Part 2 baby
I got dollas in my pocket, not from rollin' (hustlas)
I'm a Navigator rider it ain't stollin' (ballers)
I get paid (mo money mo money mo mo money mo money mo)
It ain't no future in your frontin'
(mo money mo money mo mo money mo money mo)
[M.C. Breed]
This shit bumpin' somethin' funky people gonna bump to jump to
Hit em up do what you want to got you where I want you
Ride on this real shit why you hattin' us nigga still gon rip shit
E double I proclaim the name
and you can watch a nigga bubble up and change the game
Got a pocket full of money and weed that's all I need
sittin' waitin' on my nigga bout to get to get freed
Got the knowledge on the streets Cali fuck an Impala
I want a 600 runnin' and when you see me holla holla
See me sin I'm a criminal puttin Breed on the macks
cause I keep the paint jobs all original
Them 20s will cover plenty of ground when I'm in you town
Fuk around get clowned when I' come around
I put it down all that talkin' ain't nothin'
I'm gon tell you once again ain't no future in you motherfuckin' frontin'
Yo Yo Yo Don't make me shoot ya fool ain't no future in your frontin'
Me M. Breed here to break ya of somethin'
I'm the B-double O-T-L-E-G F-L-I-N-T soldiers somebody should have told ya
I crush 'em clutchin' me Breed come to rush 'em
you want to hear lyrics listen up while I bust 'em
Sippin' on that Hen low inhale a good smoke now hold ya breath gag and choke
Fools can't fade already done made it
Top of the line me and M. Breed are the dopest you can find
In the industry cause we be workin' with that chemistry
Magically takin' you to levels form gradually
Breakin' you off from different angles and tangles sytematically
Inhale exhale doin' automatically
Ah ha now yall can ride to the Dayton Family and M. Breed breakin' em of worldwide
Don't hate the player, player hater hate the game
You know who I am and all my thugs know my name
Who am I (the B-double-O-T-L-E-G)
Rap name (Bootleg)
Street name (Party Highly)
All that talkin' that you doin' that ain't nothin'
Me and M. Breed from Flint..(Flint town, MI hell yea, we in it)
It ain't no future in your frontin'...
Flint town...
It ain't no future in your frontin'
[M.C. Breed]
Never got caught with a birdie
Only ride 600 never ride dirty
50 ones always wanna run and come search me
Paper chasin' always wakes a nigga up early
And I got dollars in my pocket not from rollin'
Since I'm not a fiend the my jewlery never stollin'
Puttin' "Bootleg" on everything I own
My white Navigator, 8 twelves on chrome
It's the return of the Dayton thugs fresh out of prison
But I'm still bugged nothin' but slugs for me mugs
Me and 3-6 tearin' up the club anybody violate the family is gettin' drugged
Bootleg who said he can flow like I, I doubt it
Besides that fact Relativity won't allow it
You can borrow my style but please bring it home
Cause my style be missin' its owner when I'm gone
Ain't no future in your frontin'
[Chorus x2]


length: 1:03


length: 3:38

Set Up

length: 4:09

[bootleg: talkin]
What tha fuk goin on.....damn......
what tha fuk imma do now?...its fucked up
[chorus x2: tommy gun&big
Its a setup its a jack its a lick
these niggaz tryin to stick me fa my shyt its a setup.
a setup betta notify tha click
some dicks bout ta run up in they shyt.
The police had my house surronded
the body that i hid them bitches musta found it...fuck,
I grabbed my bottled said a prayer i broke the cap and downed it
I had a vision my decsion was to load my heat
Iif I here dey feet i'm holdin court right here on dayton street
The copas gatherin they chatterin one lady said
"The only way you gettin him out that house is if he come out dead"
Ya fuckin right tha shyt is tight when you tha trigga man
Before i goto prison bitch i'm goin to the promise land
Don't show yo badge
Whip ya postiols before you get my dough
2cops shot him 2cops its time for me to buc some mo (gun shots)
They got me pacin,facin natural for murder 1
The only charges i'mma face are charges from this gun.
Antispatin all this waitin made me grab tha plate
I'm thinkin to myself i shoulda dumped that bitch in devils lake
Police negotiater tellin me to come out slowly
I cocked my shyt looked out my window and them hoes is steppin.
I opened fire threw my dough and made them bitches flea
One of them fell and i could tell i bust him in his knee
Nothin to do put hit purea cuz i'mma die no doubt.
My first thought was nigga don't get sniped
Turn all these house lights out.
Layin on the floo high on blow my eyes big and buckey.
The sounds of semi-automatics rifles kept me duckin.
Let me go i crawled and got my uzzie
I came out tha house they got me
They caught a mothafuka slippin
Some niggaz tryin to jack this rap capones mission.
Tupac always said "Neva leave out with out that steel"
I shoulda listened
I left it in the kitchen like a dumby
To busy cookin dope and checkin my bitch from stealin money from me
"Bitch where my money at"
I was on my way to drop some money and some yay
[some bitch] "ay that mothafuka got dope on ya'll"
And that was clear as day.
I'm bein followed by threee niggaz in a cutty
I'm nervous I got 18 ounces on me and stacks of money.
Damn,they in prusuit.fa my loot,
Shyt I left my gun at home
Fuck that let me get my brotha on his mobile phone
I make tha call he wasn't home
Now i'm crummy
I worked to hard to let these bitches take it from me.
I had a thought shyt put the pedal to tha floo,
Oh no cuz if tha law come i'll be taken a loss fa sho
Picked up the phone called shoestring
"Ay some niggaz followin me can i come by ya house"
[shoestring] "come on"
And I'm gonna kill these bitches with this mac i'm holdin
I bust a left and then i right now i'm jus 3 blocks away
Commin up tha block
Theres hella gangstas standin out in his drive way
Some sistahs with no resisitances started blastin
I'm damn near ran into a pole
I can see tha cutlass is crashin
I bust U and threw my goodies to my homies
Told em let me see that mac eleven
Let me see who tha fuck is creepin on me
Open tha door "bitches get out"
I got no responces
Cuz the driver hit his head on the wheel
And he was knocked un-concious.
The other two they came slowly from the vehicle,
My stanky bitches brotha this is str8 setup material
[chorus x4]