Play With Bootsy Album Cover Art

Bootsy Collins

Cover Art

Bootsy Collins Play With Bootsy Cover Art


CD 1
  • 1. Inner-Planetary-Funksmanship
    length: 2:28
    producer: Mousse T.
  • 2 Play With Bootsy
    length: 3:39
    producer: Jon Douglas
    guest lead vocals: Kelli Ali
    performer: Kelli Ali
    co-producer: Martin Buttrich
  • 3 Love Gangsta
    length: 3:47
    producer: Royal Garden
    vocal: Colin Rich
    other vocals: Snoop Dogg and Daz Dillinger
  • 4 Soul Sista
    length: 4:48
    remixer: Mousse T.
    producer: Sly & Robbie
    vocal: Will Juice and Cherine Anderson
    other vocals: Fat Joe
    co-producer: Patrick Lindsey
  • 5 Don’t Let ’em
    length: 5:34
    producer: Royal Garden
    vocal: Rosie Gaines, Till Brönner and Snoop Dogg
  • 6 A Life for da Sweet Ting
    length: 3:20
    producer: Royal Garden and Frank Dellé
    vocal: Eased
    performer: Eased
  • 7 Groove Eternal
    length: 6:23
    producer: Royal Garden
    vocal: One and Bobby Womack
  • 8 Dance to the Music
    length: 3:25
    producer: Royal Garden
    vocal: One
    performer: One
  • 9 Funky and You Know It
    vocal: Garry Shider, Catfish Collins, Cordell Mosson, George Clinton, Giz Driver, Macy Gray and Wanda Sloan
    performer: Shakedown
  • 10. I’m Tired of Good, I’m Trying Bad
    length: 3:29
    producer: Martin Buttrich and Martin Bettinghaus
    vocal: Lady Miss Kier
    performer: Lady Miss Kier
  • 11 All Star Funk
    length: 5:38
    producer: Guido Craveiro and Levent Canseven
    vocal: Lady Miss Kier
  • 12 The Bomb
    length: 5:03
    producer: Fatboy Slim
    performer: Fatboy Slim
  • 13. Funk Ship
    length: 1:03
    producer: Bootsy Collins
    vocal: George Clinton, Giz Driver, Inisha Clark, Kendra Foster, Ray Davis, Raz Hirshey, Garry Shider, Belita Woods and Snoop Dogg