Full Circle Album

Artist(s): Boyz II Men

Cover Art

Boyz II Men Full Circle Cover Art


CD 1
  • 1 Relax Your Mind (feat. Faith Evans)
    length: 4:05
    producer: Carlos McKinney
    performer: Faith Evans
    guest: Faith Evans
    writer: Raphael Brown, Farrah 'Fendi' Fleurimond, El DeBarge, Randy DeBarge, Carlos McKinney, Jarret Washington, Bunny DeBarge
  • 2 The Color of Love
    length: 4:52
    producer: Babyface
    composer: Babyface
    lyricist: Babyface
  • 3 Ain't a Thang Wrong (feat. Rob Jackson)
    length: 4:09
    producer: Ken Fambro
    performer: Rob Jackson
    writer: Shawn Stockman, Ken Fambro, Trizzy, Rob Jackson
  • 4 Oh Well
    length: 4:55
    producer: Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis
    writer: Terry Lewis, Shawn Stockman, Wanya Morris, Nathan Morris, Michael McCary, Jimmy Jam
  • 5 Whatcha Need
    length: 5:05
    producer: Ken Fambro
    writer: Raphael Brown, Ken Fambro, Donnie Boynton
  • 6 On the Road Again
    length: 4:27
    writer: Nathan Morris, Wanya Morris, Shawn Stockman, Ken Fambro, Kenny Hickson
  • 7 Roll Wit Me
    length: 3:51
  • 8 Right On Time
    producer: Andreao Heard and Wanya Morris
    writer: Andreao Heard, Jerry Barnes, Wanya Morris, Charod Barnes
  • 9 Howz About It
    length: 4:02
    producer: Edmund Clement
    writer: Edmund Clement, Anita McCloud
  • 10 That's Why I Love You
    length: 5:16
    producer: Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis
    writer: Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis, Wanya Morris, Michael McCary, Nathan Morris, Shawn Stockman
  • 11 I'm Ok, You're Ok
    length: 4:54
    producer: Ken Fambro and Wanya Morris
    writer: Ken Fambro, Wanya Morris, Kenny Hickson
  • 12 Luv N U
    length: 5:07
    producer: Wanya Morris
    writer: Beau Dozier, Jason Edmonds, Wanya Morris, Dylan F. Goman
  • 13 I'll Show You
    length: 4:14
    producer: PAJAM
    writer: Paul "PDA" Allen, J Moss
  • 14 Woman Don't Cry
    length: 3:49