TrillStatik Album

Artist(s): Bun B & Statik Selektah

Cover Art

Bun B & Statik Selektah TrillStatik Cover Art


Moving Mountains

length: 1:41

I feel like I'm on a mountain
And I'm trying to keep my balance
(Yeah, live from Brooklyn)
There is no need to doubt
(I'm chillin' with Statik)
What I was always meant to be
(Yeah, live from Brooklyn)
I feel like my thoughts are crowded
But I'll raise above the challenge
(Mic check, one, two)
'Cause there is no need to doubt us
Always meant to be

It's been a long time comin' but it's better than never though
It's Bun B, they pulled out the veteran, I forever go
Hard in the paint and still represent for the underground
And still goin' harder than these other clowns, don't **** around
This ain't chess or checkers mayne, this is real life
And these dirty *****s is still shite, I still might
Have to go back to my old ways
And even though I know this ain't the old days when I used to hold 'K's
I still handle **** like a gangsta, a gentleman
We ain't gotta bring in no middlemen
I'm speaking for the trill and I'ma stand on it, put your hand on it
I'ma leave you laying where you stand, understand homie
It's that triple OG that like to smoke and keep it low-key
What you doin' now I did in '03, don't hold me
I paid the cost to be the boss, now I'm the CEO
You came up short, movin' to slow, *****s C-3P0
Or R2-D2, that's right, I see you
You see-through, and you won't live to see the sequel
Don't **** with me fool, I'm gassed up, don't need fuel
Let's sell your Eclipse, no it ain't gotta be EQ'd, you free food
And this a frenzy, so you know I'ma hop off in a Benz E
And manage the **** out to where the ends be
You think you better *****, convince me
'Cause I'm simply the best to ever do this ****
Put that on Pimp-C

Still Trill

length: 2:53
1, 2
Yeah, yeah (Yeah)
1, 2
Why you runnin' by yourself
Why you walking way over
1, 2
Yeah, uh, uh

One for the money
Two for the shelf (Take it slow)
Three for your hooker but we all stay poled

It's like Primo and guru (Guru, uh)
Ganga stars, dipping features like it Hulu (Yeah)
Before this rhyming, I was noodles (Uh huh)
And two shots, shot caught your goo goo
If y'all don't get the reference, y'all can google (Go and)
Y'all stepped in some doo doo (Yeah)
And the parent's mistake, that's why your parents call you boo boo
Give me time to combine with my dawgs, Labradoodles (Uh)
One beat to Cal, smoke that beaucoup
W on my crown, that's that boofoo
Only got half a screw lose (Shh!)
You get half of that stock, that's a fool fool
Keep a burner on the clock, that was coo coo
Not the rapper you're used to (Gang)
What these rappers be lacking is the screw lose (Uh, huh)
What you see is the master through the pupils (Yes)
And I'm back with the voodoo (Uh)
You a bottle of Yoohoo
Set backwards, now who you?
Your resistance is futile
When the kid in the kitchen, you get the kitten caboodle
I don't talk it, I live it, if I don't get it, then you do
That goes for Bono and you too

I'm like a sawed off shotgun
'Cause lessons for, hit your front door with a hot one
Player if you wanna get some, then I got some
Trust me, you ain't even a body here without some
Step defeated and yo, you know the outcome
I'm never outdone, boy, you going home with your mouth numb
And a swollen lip 'cause I'm gon' give you them hands
And I'ma give you the whole clip, so don't trip
And don't slip because you never stop sliding bro
You already know what we riding for, stop hiding hoe
Come out of the cave, you crawl back into
You been through and this game over for you and them too
To let you make it is sinful, blasphemy
So when I'm done with you, you won't remember nothing after me
I take it further than it has to be
Taking Bun, Method, and Grafh steady selecting, bring the break in

Uh, I ain't playing with these *****s, I'm in it to win it
Time is money, **** living minute to minute
I get it to get it
I made a fortune
They can't take the apron off him (Uh)
Feds tape recording
Weighing weight by the carton (Uh)
Raised by the Spartans
Made by distortion
Disobeying my abortion
Then I take my chain up out the frostin'
Rocking custom made garments
And they made them out of dolphins (Shh!)
My Hermes is foreign suede
And my Jordans were made from mermaid and shark skin, ya heard
I'm paid by the coffin, dead prezzies
Shawty, come hit the bong for the fresh veggies (Ahh)
We can go wherever you want, except steady
I flex heavy, you a fresh wedgie
Shut up
And that's that baby (Huh)
I need good weed and snacks baby

Let me sit you down and tell you what's the real
I run the South, I can't help it, that's how I feel, trill
Big deal, Trill
Real trill


length: 4:13
Statik Selektah
That's the― that's the ****
Let me hear my voice [?] real loud on the thing
D.I.T.C. in this *****
Talk about your faults

Yeah, this is bad intentions, I'm pullin' up if I'm in your mentions
You want rump, I gives it up and stomp you senseless
Joey Crack, place your hand on the holy MAC
Only facts is given for *****s maxin' in prisons
I move dope, that white, call it Aryan
Time is money and I'm very impatient
I could tell you 'bout the walls that be movin' and ****
Sealed up the sheet [?] in the piff
You want static but less automatic, it's the young prodigy
Show you 40 sides of Joe when bringing havoc
You want bars, well, it's truly nothin'
I break a leg every time I tear it down, no Boogie Cousins
I be swimmin' with the dolphins when I be back in the crib
****, I should bring a coffin every time that I spit
I burn it down like Notre Dame anytime, no flow's the same
TrillStatik is Illmatic, the hall of fame

Call it Basquiat
When you beat all the odds, call it Basquiat
When you move bricks or hard, call it Basquiat
Keep Nip in your heart, he's a Basquiat (Yeah)
If you feel this is art, call it Basquiat (Kushed God, *****)
When you beat all the odds, call it Basquiat
When you move bricks or hard, call it Basquiat (Yeah)
Keep Nip in your heart, he's a Basquiat (Uh)

My mind scribblin' thoughts is invisible art
**** the political, I been sippin' on [?]
Bless the room way before my [?] spiritual starts
As I kick it with y'all
My phone ringin' got a lick from my dove
These *****s cappin', that's a different facade
****, my livin' is art
The sour diesel is my business card
Hit the mountains, took a hunnid to chill
Can't trick us neither, we know all the numbers for real
Indie ***** like, **** a deal
I pay mines and my mother bills
That privilege alone is worth a hunnid mill
Street ***** gettin' a lil' money still
Gotta watch out for the Fredos and the Henry Hills (Right)
They'll never survive in the yard
They'll be finished way before I stuff this butt in the gar
Keep a holster, he can stomach the charge
[?] ounces on every pound, that's the grower's regard

Call it Basquiat
When you beat all the odds, call it Basquiat
When you move bricks or hard, call it Basquiat
Keep Nip in your heart, he's a Basquiat
If you feel this is art, call it Basquiat
When you beat all the odds, call it Basquiat
When you move bricks or hard, call it Basquiat
Keep Nip in your heart, he's a Basquiat (I'm comin' right there)

Hol' up, I got an ounce sittin' in front of me
I'm about to sit back, relax and roll a blunt or three
And then a joint or two, and when I'm finished I'ma point at you
With bud that's only smoked by an anointed few
You inhale the sensimilla then you feel a
Little bit triller, pass the tequila
You take a couple shots, then a couple toasts
Then we go hit a couple spots and see a couple folks
Now, some of them are connected
So be careful what you say so they don't feel disrespected
Every now and then some **** is gonna get hectic
But you rollin' with me, the OG, you protected
The streets infected with haters and hoes
Gotta keep your eyes open, man, and stay on your toes
But don't worry 'cause you couldn't be rollin' with a triller crew
Now, could you pass me the Gorilla Glue?

Call it Basquiat
When you beat all the odds, call it Basquiat
When you move bricks or hard, call it Basquiat
Keep Nip in your heart, he's a Basquiat
If you feel this is art, call it Basquiat
When you beat all the odds, call it Basquiat
When you move bricks or hard, call it Basquiat
Keep Nip in your heart, he's a Basquiat


length: 2:45

Ayo, I know some lowhead status stick you for your horse
No remorse, I weigh the MAC-12 out the Porsche
Surely you and me look alike, I sell brick for sport
When you're on the red y'all some Kings stabbed a [one?] in court (Nah)
40 with your **** make the whole crowd scatter
All my *****s rich, from the shooter to the bagger
Balenciaga duffle bag filled with whole slabs
Step on these rings you gettin' toe tag (Boom-boom-boom-boom)
Trillstatik, you know this **** don't write
I swear I been fly my whole life
A ***** be paranoid
I sleep with the pole every night
God is the greatest, looked at my plug like we made it
My style look like Kerry James Marshall painted it (Ah)
I heard your album and I hated it

**** it, you need to stop rappin' ***** and wait a bit
A bulldog with the leash off
Grabbed the gloves and polished the piece off
Yo **** homie, he soft
And I'm concrete, realest ***** on feet
The shotgun is riding shotgun, I'm feeling complete
Don't ride down Bun's street, it won't end good
I'm triple OG ************, I've been good
From the west side to Windwood, haters know
You barkin' up the wrong tree, that ain't the way to go
Pull a big thing with them extras out
That's what that big boy flex about, you *****s up next, I'm out
'Cause I don't really do this sucka ****
For real, you must not know who you ****in' with
It's 100 when you see me
I get jewelry from Mike Jordan, man you *****s couldn't be me
I used to have a pocket full of stones, now I got properties and homes
There ain't no stoppin' me, it's on *****

Uh, hangin' out with Bun & West
Grab my gun and vest
100 percent chance body died, know nothing less
Before the live streams, it was Con scenes
Mercedes Benz with the rims since I was 19
Greatest Puerto-Rican rapper since Joe and Pun
You could line up a hundred and couldn't show me one
Take my time with this verse until I know it's done
My mama had nightmares, they killed the only son
Walked into the store to cop a Limbase
Some kid got shot in this mente, they ended his day
My whip the color of yay, but I don't whip yay
When I did, it was heavy, I had my **** sprayed
Now we streaming on TIDAL, they let this **** play
Made history with my idols, we had a big day
It's Trillstatik 'cause real hip-hop matters
You can bite the idea, but we had it before you had it, facts


length: 2:18


length: 4:08


length: 1:42
Yeah I'm a dynamic duo all by my damn self
I got that fire, the hottest **** on the damn shelf
*****s go right, I'ma pan left for GP
I don't need them *****s to see me, be easy
Runnin' your mouth, but you don't know what you be talkin' 'bout
Soon as we see them **** boys come in, we walk 'em out
That's right, we gotta even up the odds now
Pullin' up the skirts and exposin' all of the frauds now
Because it's later for you snakes in the grass
That's what's wrong with the hood, you let *****s that's fake get a pass
But meanwhile, real *****s die at a high rate
From the west coast to the dirty south to the tri-state
You know we hatin', why wait? Give that ***** the blues
Run up on him, flash the strap, he gon' **** in his shoes
Piss in his pants and pass out
Then we dig in his pockets and take the cash out and leave him *** out

I saw that paperwork, ya homie a rat
How you still hangin' with him, you been knew about that
Huh, but we gon' get back to that later
Malcolm X would be alive if what's-his-name wasn't a hater
I ain't march when them other million *****s did
But I marched in Brooklyn when they had the parade for BIG (Biggie!)
White America on drugs, bet they sniffin' lies
Pull 'em over like they black, watch how many pills you find (Watch)
But they ain't gon' pull 'em over 'cause they ain't black (They not)
I saw that paperwork, you can't tell me you ain't rat
We all did some ****, be wishin' we could take back
But you cooperated with police, I can't relate to that
When you a street *****, certain **** you ain't supposed to do
That paperwork comin' out, *****s gon' be exposing you (You are wack)
Oh, we live on TIDAL right now, come see this real ***** rap
Uncle Murda and Bun B


length: 2:45

Time Flies

length: 3:57
Young Krizzle

Still working on the wheel, pinky ring and grill
Liquid courage chill, country boy for real
Mom and pops, they know what it is
Pull up where we used to live
Hang outside of grammy's spot wishing she was at the crib
Catch up with my partner Black
Hit the table, let the C-Note lose a C-Note, get it back
Too much drank off in my system, me sit down or drive me back
Jammin' on my new attract, on my side
Tell me how she feels about my songs without holding out
Fall through UNKA chairs, argue 'bought LeBron
Catch my TT for a puff, reminisce how far I've come
Karen working, Reggie working, gotta get the paper
Fat Cat chillin', veering at the sight, just dying to wait
Leena and Collin, and their kids, I see them on Thanksgiving
Aunt Linda and Fawn always whipping up on Thanksgiving
Aunt Deborah and Uncle Mike, trillest son that's super bright
Zach Kush, be that kindle, and I love y'all, show you right
Curt my cuz, sup my brothers, Steve-O, Dillard, Dutch another
Got some family, ain't my blood but we ride for each other
I apologize to whoever that I forgot to mention
Just know I haven't changed, my time is up, I still remember
Please listen

Time flies but I stay
Stay the same, stay the same
Time flies but I stay
Stay the same, stay the same

I rep PA as a city, Texas as a zone
The South as a region, always say what I believe in
Ever since I started rapping, tryna spit this game
I look back and see some **** just changed mayne
Nowadays, people just ain't got respect no more
And they do anything just to get a check, oh no
Tell the camera man to please make the effects slow-mo
'Cause what these other dudes is trying to do is just so so
I'm trying to keep this southern thing where it oughta be
Without really giving a damn of what people thought of me
This rap thang in my veins, it's in my arteries
So if I happen to step on your toes, hoes pardon me
I'm just trying to rep the culture, if you don't mind
You might think you want the smoke, but you don't want mine
I tried to tell them but it didn't penetrate the cerebellum
****, I got a bridge in Brooklyn, I could sell 'em mayne

Time flies but I stay
Stay the same, stay the same
Time flies but I stay
Stay the same (Stay the same), stay the same (Ayy, ayy)

Ain't one from day one
Never forget where I came from
You looking for the holes in my plan but there ain't none
To play dumb, the Fertile Crescent is where I get my name from
Moving mountains, while they drinking from fountains
So they can stay young
I slay 'em, the father of dragons, I got the flame tongue
The blast from the past to the future like a ray gun
Rest in peace to Nipsey Hussle
They broke the mold when they made him
From Pimp C to Big Pun to Phife Dawg to Slang Ton
We gotta give our loved ones they flowers while they still with us
'Cause the hours before they rest in the power and they're spirit delivered
Mac Miller who was giving us that feeling
His rap lyrics is giving us that healing
I'm back killing the tracks Statik selected
The ink is the fullest, the pen is the weapon that I selected
My clique is like the mob, never question status of members
The saddest pretenders try to befriend us, just remember

Time flies but I stay
Stay the same, stay the same
Time flies but I stay
Stay the same, stay the same

I Know

length: 2:18
In lifetime
You've gotta live for something (I know)
I know we've been here before
I know, oh

Sometimes I stare at the stars and watch the hours pass
Meditate as the sand falls in the hourglass
I take a moment for the moments I reflect on
Some I got right and some I got dead wrong
But I'm headstrong, so I don't even worry
'Cause it'll all pass, quick, fast, in a hurry
If it's a hereditary, I'ma break the cycle then
I'm hoping for a breakthrough in praying I can win
I'm not giving up, I only got one life
So I'ma live it up on the road to get the bigger bucks
But if I never get the bread that I made me then
At least I fought the good fight, it ain't no shame in that
You never know how far that you can go until you try
You never know how life is gonna go until you die
I send a thanks for all my blessings up into the sky
'Cause I serve a true and living God, the devil is alive

In lifetime
You've gotta live for something (I know)
I know we've been here before
I know, oh

When I'm long gone
Will they listen to the words in this song?
When I'm long gone
Will they listen to the words in this song?

What's the name of the album?
Trillstatik, Bun B
And who's your daddy?
Um, Patrick
What's the other name?
Statik Selektah
Showoff, what studio is this?
Showoff Radio

All Good

length: 3:05

Jon Snow

length: 2:46


length: 2:01

How the Game Go

length: 2:06