Music Speaks Louder Than Words Album Cover Art

Candi Staton

Cover Art

Candi Staton Music Speaks Louder Than Words Cover Art


12" Vinyl 1
  • 1 Nights on Broadway
    length: 3:33
  • 2. You Are
    length: 4:14
  • 3. A Dreamer of a Dream
    length: 3:38
    producer: Bob Monaco
    piano: Ron Stockert
    lead vocals: Candi Staton
    electric guitar: Al Ciner
    Rhodes piano: Ron Stockert
    background vocals: Lisa Roberts and Venetta Fields
    acoustic guitar: Al Ciner
    percussion: Andre Fischer
    congas: Andre Fischer
    strings arranger: Ron Stockert
    drums (drum set): Andre Fischer
    bass guitar: Dennis Belfield
    Clavinet: Ron Stockert
    solo guitar: Al Ciner
    brass arranger: Ron Stockert
    brass: Jeff Deane, L.A. Horns, Rick Kellis and Dennis Farias
  • 4. Music Speaks Louder Than Words
    length: 3:45
  • 5. Cotton Candi
  • 6 Listen to the Music
  • 7. When You Want Love
    length: 3:18
  • 8. One More Chance on Love
    length: 5:40
  • 9. Main Thing
    length: 4:57
  • 10. Before the Next Teardrop Falls
    length: 3:17
  • 11. Music Speaks Louder Than Words
    length: 0:34