Mad Haven Album Cover Art


Cover Art

Canon Mad Haven Cover Art


Digital Media 1
  • 1 Mad Haven
    producer: GROC, Kurt Denmark and Wit
    mixer: Wit
    guest: SPZRKT
  • 2 How We Do It
    length: 3:51
    producer: GROC
    mixer: Wit
    guest: Thi'sl and Lecrae
  • 3 Walk With Me
    length: 2:42
    producer: Heat Academy
    mixer: Wit
  • 4 Different
    length: 3:24
    producer: Dirty Rice
    guest performer: T.Jay
    mixer: Wit
    guest: Tony Tillman
  • 5 Relations
    length: 4:50
    producer: Wit
    guest performer: Sean C. Johnson
    mixer: Wit
  • 6 Lotto
    length: 3:44
    producer: Derek Minor
    mixer: Derek Minor
    guest: Derek Minor
  • 7 What It Sounds Like
    length: 4:20
    producer: Canon
    guest performer: Kerwin Richards
    mixer: Wit
  • 8 Special
    length: 3:39
    producer: Kurt Denmark and Swade Beatz
    mixer: Wit
    guest: J.R.
  • 9 Full Plates
    length: 4:34
    producer: Canon
    mixer: Wit
  • 10 Out of Tune
    length: 3:32
    producer: Derek Minor, Dirty Rice, Canon and Joseph Prielozny
    mixer: Wit
    guest: Deraj and Derek Minor
  • 11 The Road
    length: 4:06
    producer: Kurt Denmark, Canon and Thurston Lopes
    guest performer: Thurston Lopes
    mixer: Wit
  • 12 Grow Up
    length: 4:43
    producer: Wit, Dirty Rice and Yung 'n' Fly
    guest performer: Tragic Hero
    mixer: Wit
  • 13 Mind Vomit
    length: 4:04
    producer: Kurt Denmark and Canon
    mixer: Wit
  • 14 My City
    length: 3:50
    producer: Supe
    mixer: Wit