Izitso Album Cover Art

Cat Stevens

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Cat Stevens Izitso Cover Art


12" Vinyl 1
  • 1 (Remember the Days of the) Old Schoolyard
    length: 2:45
    producer: David Kershenbaum and Cat Stevens
    vocal: Elkie Brooks
    bass: Bruce Lynch
    organ: Jean-Alain Roussel
    strings arranger: Jean-Alain Roussel and Cat Stevens
    drums (drum set): Andy Newmark
    choir vocals: Suzanne Donaldson-Lynch
    piano & Moog & celesta & percussion: Cat Stevens
  • 2 Life
    length: 4:56
    vocal: Suzanne Donaldson-Lynch
    bass: Bruce Lynch
    drums (drum set): Bill Berg
    additional drums (drum set): Barry Morgan
    Moog & percussion & synthesizer & harpsichord & guitar & classical guitar & bouzouki: Cat Stevens
    electric piano & electronic organ & glockenspiel & synthesizer: Jean-Alain Roussel
  • 3 Killin' Time
    length: 3:31
    bass: David Hood
    organ: Barry Beckett
    guitar: Pete Carr and Jimmy Johnson
    drums (drum set): Roger Hawkins
    bass arranger: David Campbell and Cat Stevens
    piano: Tim Henson
    Moog: Cat Stevens
  • 4 Kypros
    length: 3:11
    bouzouki & synthesizer & grand piano & Rhodes piano & Moog & electronic organ: Cat Stevens
  • 5 Bonfire
    length: 4:09
    bass: Bruce Lynch
    drums (drum set): Andy Newmark
    electric piano & Hammond organ: Jean-Alain Roussel
    bass arranger: Gene Page and Cat Stevens
    solo electric piano: Chick Corea
    Moog & electric guitar & percussion & synthesizer: Cat Stevens
  • 6 (I Never Wanted) to Be a Star
    length: 3:03
    producer: David Kershenbaum and Cat Stevens
    electric guitar: Reggie Young
    bass: Bruce Lynch
    steel guitar: Weldon Myrick
    drums (drum set): Bill Berg
    harpsichord & grand piano & Wurlitzer electric piano: Cat Stevens
    vibraphone & synthesizer: Jean-Alain Roussel
  • 7 Crazy
    length: 3:33
    bass: Bruce Lynch
    drums (drum set): Bill Berg
    Moog & electric guitar & synthesizer & harpsichord: Cat Stevens
    organ & piano & synthesizer: Jean-Alain Roussel
  • 8 Sweet Jamaica
    length: 3:30
    vocal: Carla Benson, Barbara Ingram and Evette Benton
    bass: Bruce Lynch
    grand piano: Jean-Alain Roussel
    harmonica: Broderick Smith
    harp: Marjorie Lagerwall
    strings arranger: Gene Page
    drums (drum set): Andy Newmark
    percussion & electric piano: Cat Stevens
  • 9 Was Dog a Doughnut?
    length: 4:17
    electric guitar: Ray Gomez
    drums (drum set): Cat Stevens
    electric piano: Chick Corea
    synthesizer: Jean-Alain Roussel
  • 10 Child for a Day
    length: 4:21
    bass: David Hood
    organ: Tim Henson
    guitar: Pete Carr
    acoustic guitar: Cat Stevens
    drums (drum set): Roger Hawkins
    piano & electric piano: Barry Beckett

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