Washed Up! Album Cover Art

Catch 22

Cover Art

Catch 22 Washed Up! Cover Art


CD 1
  • 1 Leaving
    length: 2:18
  • 2 Hard to Impress
    length: 2:08
    producer: Catch 22 and Eric Rachel
    membranophone: Chris Greer
    vocal: Jeff Davidson, Kevin Gunther and Ryan Eldred
    trumpet: Kevin Gunther
    mixer: Catch 22 and Eric Rachel
    guitar: Pat Calpin
    saxophone: Ryan Eldred
    trombone: Mike Soprano
    publisher: Catch 22
    bass guitar: Pat Kays
    assistant engineer: Erin Farley
  • 3 American Pie
    length: 2:13
  • 4. The Death of My Blood Is Your Indulgence
    length: 24:56