All by Myself Album Cover Art

Céline Dion

Cover Art

Céline Dion All by Myself Cover Art


CD 1
  • 1 All by Myself (edited single version)
    composer: Eric Carmen, Сергей Васильевич Рахманинов
    lyricist: Eric Carmen
  • 2 When I Fall in Love
    length: 4:21
    guest: Clive Griffin
    composer: Victor Young, Victor Young
    lyricist: Edward Heyman, Edward Heyman
  • 3 Declaration of Love
    length: 4:21
    producer: John Doelp and Ric Wake
    conductor: Gary Hasse
    lead vocals: Céline Dion
    mixer: Rick Kerr
    engineer: Bob Cadway and Matthew "Boomer" LaMonica
    recording engineer: Humberto Gatica
    arranger: Gary Hasse
    bass: Gary Hasse
    background vocals: Billy Porter, Audrey Wheeler and Sisaundra Lewis
    guitar: Chris Taylor
    keyboard: Steve Skinner and George Whitty
    miscellaneous support: David Barratt
    drums (drum set): Steven Wolf
    executive producer: Vito Luprano
    assistant engineer: DUG, David Shackney, John Genna, Scott Young and Andy Tarr
    brass: George Whitty & The G.W. Horn Machine
    writer: Michael Jay, Claude Gaudette
  • 4. A message from Celine
    length: 0:34