Falling Into You Album Cover Art

Céline Dion

Cover Art

Céline Dion Falling Into You Cover Art


CD 1
  • 1 Falling Into You
    length: 4:19
    producer: Billy Steinberg and Rick Nowels
    conductor: Paul Buckmaster
    lead vocals: Céline Dion
    mixer: Steve MacMillan
    bass: Paul Bushnell
    background vocals: Marie-Claire D’Ubaldo, Maria Vidal and Céline Dion
    keyboard: Jamie Muhoberac
    percussion: Sheila E.
    saxophone: David Boruff
    miscellaneous support: Laura Harding and Camille Henry
    guitar & keyboard: Rick Nowels
    drum machine programming: Christopher Garcia, Peter Lorimer and Charlie Clauser
    cymbal: Curt Bisquera
    electric guitar & cavaquinho: Steve Farris
    writer: Billy Steinberg, Marie-Claire D’Ubaldo, Rick Nowels, Billy Steinberg, Marie-Claire D’Ubaldo, Rick Nowels
  • 2 If That's What It Takes
    length: 4:13
    producer: Humberto Gatica and Jean-Jacques Goldman
    piano: Arnaud Dunoyer De Ségonzac
    lead vocals: Céline Dion
    trumpet: Tony Russo and Christian Martinez
    mixer: Humberto Gatica, Chris Brooke and Paul Boutin
    recording engineer: Erick Benzi and Humberto Gatica
    bass: Yannick Hardouin and Neil Jason
    background vocals: Yvonne Jones, Beckie Bell and Carole Fredericks
    guitar: Basile Leroux and Patrice Tison
    saxophone: Christophe Nègre and Sylvain Beuf
    trombone: Denis Leloup
    drums (drum set): Christophe Deschamps
    assistant engineer: Glen Marchese and Chris Brooke
    lyricist: Phil Galdston, Jean-Jacques Goldman
    composer: Jean-Jacques Goldman
  • 3 The Colour of My Love
    length: 3:26
    producer: David Foster
    writer: David Foster, Arthur Janov