Don't Shoot Album

Artist(s): Chamillionaire


Don't Shoot

length: 4:52

[Verse 1]
I know the governments working
You ain't never seen them in person
Do you really think that you're the only person that sees the sites that you're searching
See I'm flicking channels just surfing
Because I heard we about to start merking
I change the channel to the news channel, what the hell they talking 'bout twerking
I'm American, my folks African
My mom say she about to back again
Cause ya'll chasing Ye's and Kardashian's
And not even seeing what's happening
Police is known for drug trafficking, will put a package on ya in traffic and
It's little kids that known to keep straps with them and these grown adults are still acting ten
I'm like hype beasts, we know about ya
Miley twerked on one show and got ya
Even type like you bout that life and you'd bring a knife to a show wit Flocka
Your PDA is just so improper
Panties show in your open locker
I'm so Ibaka, I'm gonna block ya
So bad you'll have to ask for a doctor, that's truth
Youngin' in the streets trying to move a brick
He don't really care if your crew can spit
He got the hammer on his hip feeling too legit
Trapping on fire they like it they copy
And they all they want is Versace Versace
He's after that cream and he's only 16, but his choppy is cocky and stocky as rocky
Don't shoot

No need to tell me who's popping
Can't you see the drones in the sky, I'm like do you think that they watching
I really try to keep to myself but keep getting caught up in all the hype
I hope the verses y'all made for Kendrick bring our economy back to life
If they do
Don't shoot, really that'd be great
Don't shoot, really that'd be great
Don't shoot, don't shoot, don't shoot
Cause missiles only say kaboom

[Verse 2]
He graduated up to moving packs
His homie showed him how to package right
Ironically he's never grabbed a mic, but they be calling everybody rappers right
His family rich but he be acting like he wanna leave it all to live the ratchet life
You acting like they wanna sacrifice they whole life cause you believe the rapper hype
Impressin' who
Does this even equal Success to you, if it do
Are you a vegetable, are you an idiot or intellectual
I seen many people and many G's that's did plenty crimes that they would never do
And your favorite rapper ain't streets he at a nice hotel or at a festival
Stop watching WCW, cause real life is something like MMA
See they complain about NSA but they snitching on themselves every day
You got YouFools, Snitchagrams, you got Crimelines and FaceCrooks
Posting pictures from the trap house to show they hustle harder than an Ace Hood
And that's truth

[Hook 2]
C'mon can't you see the Feds watching
Do you think that your call logs are the only thing that they're clocking
I really try to keep to myself but keep getting caught up in all the hype
I hope the Feds don't kick down ya door with them weapons out have y'all sounding like don't shoot
Don't shoot, don't get blown away
Don't shoot, don't get blown away (don't shoot)
Don't shoot, don't shoot, don't shoot
Cause missiles only say kaboom

Hope ya favorite trapper drops a CD that'll save ya
Hope ya favorite rapper isn't still on tour in Asia
Hope your favorite actor turns into the Terminator
Better hide right now when they shoot

[Verse 3]
I could've been the one I could'a been Trayvon, I stay hungry plus I got an appetite
He had some Skittles and a Snapple, right
Well really that's what's made me wanna snap tonight
An angry rapper I'm acting like
You know I'm really ain't the actin' type
I'm really like if that was one of mine he'd be apologizing in the afterlife
It isn't black or white it's really wack or right, I know the raps I write be sounding so hypocritical
But the candy's really soaked in a mineral so you can tell a critic he can choke on a genital
I wasn't taking it from no individual
Kept the convo with 5-0 to minimal
They try to tell him that they know he a criminal but I'm the one to tell him let them know you a general
Hard to say they can't stay armed
With George Zimmermans that got their guns
Kinda hard to tell them just pray son
When he feeling like he getting preyed on, so I think we need a liaison
They all saw what happened to Trayvon
And if you bomb and then they bomb
Who the hell are we to say they wrong
Don't shoot

Mr President were all watching
Can't you you see they got army guns and these windy city kids dropping
I really try keep to myself but keep getting caught up in all the hype
You really think a new law for guns gonna erase the ones that they got the night that they shoot

Don't shoot don't shoot
Don't shoot don't shoot
Don't shoot
Cause missiles only say kaboom, kaboom

[Verse 4]
Nothing really giving me a new feeling
Nothing really giving me a new feeling
Wikileaks in the roof, we don't need a damn fix, we just need new ceiling
Ooh kill 'em, Ooh kill 'em
Yeah, I said it but I didn't mean it, I ain't think the government would try to turn us to the new villains
The other day, I heard my mother say, she had a dream that the president would take us to a world war
I heard somebody else say when it does happen then hopefully they'll put it up on World Star
Murda Zimmerman hopped in his car a served off
Murda crazy how the world will hit you with a curve ball