Till I Die Album

Artist(s): Chris Brown feat. Big Sean & Wiz Khalifa

Cover Art

Chris Brown feat. Big Sean & Wiz Khalifa Till I Die Cover Art


Till I Die

length: 3:57
writer: Chris Brown, Danja, Marcella Araica, Big Sean, Wiz Khalifa

Yeah, this Virginia
Straight from the country, right there wit my kinfolk
Golds and my mouth and they put twenty-sixes on Benzo's
Dirt roads, back woods
They got weed but I've been dope
Ratchet, n**** we act hood
But I'm getting money with these white folk
Sippin' and I'm faded, super medicated
Said she wanna check the pole
I said OK Sarah Palin, so I lay down and lay in
A n**** gon' be faded, all the way to the A-M

More drink, pour it up
More weed, roll it up
Whoa there ho, you know wassup
Quit hoggin' the blunt b****, slow down
Pimps up, hoes down
A** up, nose down
Damn b**** I do it
And this the live we chose
Workin' all night
Swear I'm never going broke
And I'ma do this till I die
And I ain't talking s*** just 'cause I'm, just 'cause I'm
(I'm high)

Oh God, oh God

Okay, wow, bow
Look at me now, chief like a Indian
Talkin' in clouds, I'm high as a b****
I'm talking to clouds
Off tree every night like I roam with the owls
I super soak that ho, show 'em no love just throw 'em a towel
Still rocking Louis Vuitton condoms, 'cause I'm so f***ing in style, wow
New crib, crash that, drove here, cab back
Now knock that p**** out, yeah that's just a little cat nap
Hold up, hold up whoa
Don't be smoking my s***, I be smoking that fire
And she be smoking my ****


Smoking, choking, always rollin' something
I don't need a key to start my car
B**** I just push a button and theater showing
Got a half a mill and spent it like it's nothing
Money flowing, never sober
Smoking till I got concussions, no discussions
Man I got a condo and got a big crib
Pounds all over my kitchen is
If I ain't on the road gettin' it
Then I'm in the hood where my n****s live
Did a tour, sold it out, just bought a pound 'bout to finish it
Now all my pasta got shrimp in it
You talk about and I'm living it
F***ing little b****


Real n**** never frontin'
'Cause when you got it all
Everybody want somethin'
Middle finger in the air no fist pump
And me, Sean and Wiz got this b**** jumping
Huh, finally got this b**** jumping
Got this b**** jumpin'
Fly, that's me