Christina Aguilera Album Cover Art

Christina Aguilera

Cover Art

Christina Aguilera Christina Aguilera Cover Art


CD 1
  • 1 Genie in a Bottle
    length: 3:38
    producer: David Frank, Guy Roche and Steve Kipner
    mixer: Dave Way
    recording engineer: Steve Kipner, David Frank and Mario Luccy
    arranger: Steve Kipner, Laura Blake, Guy Roche and David Frank
    guitar family: John Goux and Bruce Watson
    background vocals: Shelly Peiken and Christina Aguilera
    programming: Guy Roche
    additional mixer: Michael Huff
    tambourine: Matt Laug
  • 2 What a Girl Wants
    length: 3:54
  • 3 I Turn to You
    length: 4:35
    producer: Guy Roche
    mixer: Mick Guzauski
    recording engineer: Mario Luccy
    arranger: Guy Roche
    guitar family: Michael Thompson and Tim Pierce
    background vocals: Sue Ann Carwell and Christina Aguilera
    programming: Guy Roche
    Moog: Jon Glaser
  • 4 So Emotional
    length: 4:01
    performer: Ron Harris
    mixer: Rob Chiarelli
    engineer: Mike Hatzinger
    guitar: Anthony Mazza
    assistant mixer: Michael Huff
  • 5 Come On Over (All I Want Is You)
    length: 3:10
  • 6 Reflection
    length: 3:35
    producer: Matthew Wilder
    vocal: Christina Aguilera
    mixer: Peter Mokran
    recording engineer: Phil Kaffel
    arranger: Matthew Wilder
  • 7 Love for All Seasons
  • 8 Somebody's Somebody
    length: 5:04
  • 9 When You Put Your Hands on Me
    length: 3:36
  • 10 Blessed
    length: 3:07
  • 11 Love Will Find a Way
    length: 3:57
  • 12 Obvious
    length: 3:59