Battle for the Planetside Album

Artist(s): Dan Bull

Cover Art

Dan Bull Battle for the Planetside Cover Art


Battle for the Planetside

length: 2:51

[Verse 1]
I’ll nuke the New Conglomerate
I’m a Super-Don with it
Apocalyptic popping clips like Chewing Gum and if
The Vanu Sovereignty obviously got to be cross at me
It’s because I’m possibly one of the
Hottest technology properties
You’ve probably seen
You never can touch this
I’m a fellow to crush gits
With every couplet
So bell up the Terran Republic
And tell them they’re getting their nuts kicked
You’re outnumbered and down for the count
Fumbling around as it is getting louder
The sound of my sunderer
Thunderclouds are coming
So get underground or something
‘Cause I’m the real deal, sealed your fate
Best stay at your warp gate
My method of taking you out’s
In really rather poor taste
I leave you sautéed
NS-60 brought flames
Then I bring it back again
Like this upcoming chord change

Sign up
To the battle for the Planetside
This is a theatre of war
Not a pantomime
Think you can hack it?
Only the baddest can apply
So back up and decide
What kind of man am I?
A brand new kind of interplanetary samurai
The type to ram your mind into a brand new paradigm
And if the damn reply is yes then
Get down to the Planetside
If the damn reply is yes then
Get down to the Planetside

[Verse 2]
I use a flash and flank, shoot your battletank
Boost my battle rank, boot a frag into your ranks
A brutal hacky sack – You losers poo your pants
Nappy rash
This isn’t a hack and slash
You need precision for hacking
Stats seem to indicate the fact you lack panache
Infiltrators: grab the stash
Liberator: have to dash
Back to the harasser fast
Mission failure? Nah, we passed
And smack the actual crap from your candy ass
People get mad at me for repeating
“Do you have any batteries?”
Like Peter Griffin I’ll leave you
Grabbing your knee in agony


Battle for the Planetside (instrumental)

length: 2:52

Battle for the Planetside (a cappella)

length: 2:52