Dear Benny Album

Artist(s): Dan Bull

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Dan Bull Dear Benny Cover Art


Dear Benny

length: 2:27

[Intro: Dan Bull]
Dear Joseph Alois Ratzinger, Pope Benedict the 16th, Bishop of Rome, Sovereign of the State of the Vatican City and formerly Archbishop of Munich and Freising, Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and Dean of the College of Cardinals

[Verse 1 : Dan Bull]
I'm not a Catholic
But I'm a chap that thinks
Some of your actions stink
And want to ask some things
Will mister Ratzinger listen to a rap singer?
Maybe - in the past he listened to that chap Hitler
Sorry, I couldn't resist, back to buisness;
Back in te habit like Lauryn Hill in Sister act is
Did you ever see that flick? It's fantastic
I can lend you the VHS if you fancy it
Damn, I'm rambling
Damn I didn't meen to say "damn"
Damn, I just said "damn" again
I'm a bit anxious I'll be tagged as discriminatory
Similarily to your religion's history
I know what it's like to have a stigma stick to you
You were in the hitler youth
I was in the local scout troop
'til the parent found out that Baloo
Liked bare Cubs a little more than he should do

[Verse 2 : Dan Bull]
And that's what I'd like to discuss with you
The sick stuff some kiddy fiddlers are into
It's like sometimes you're less inclined to find the truth
Than to hide the abuse under your roof
You're quick to stick it in when other people sin
So why are you so unwilling to take this one on the chin?
You might think that it isn't my business
But you're into forgiveness, so forgive this:
Your hollow apology bothered me horribly
It'd probably be better if you'd not said a fucking thing
My God, I just swore at the Pope, I'm so sorry, honestly
Now that's an apology
Not just promising to modify your policy
Moderately to smother the controversy you've often seen
It's sick, depraved system failure
It isn't just as if it's "misbehaviour"

You find out you're hiring a kiddie rapist and you don't even make a criminal complaint, it's insane
If this was any other organisation
You'd be taken straight down the station to make a statement
Now not all papists are rapists
And the clergy isn't permanently pervy but face it:
There's a disproportionate amount of cases;
It's almost as if they happen on a daily basis
You're the Holy See's head of state and
Loads of people want to see your head on a plate
Now I won't go that far,but it's fair to say
That from this day
Things better change

[Outro : Dan Bull]
Jesus preached: love one another
But it seems some priests just want to bugger
Jesus preached: love one another
But it seems some priests just want to bugger
Some priests just want to bugger
Some priests just want to bugger