E3 2010 Album

Artist(s): Dan Bull


E3 2010

length: 1:05

Hmm, so
Another E3
Another hard year
Less about games
This time about hardware
Sony announce PlayStation Move
Which is apparently some kind of luminous spoon
And it wasn't inspired
Or had anything to do
With the Wiimote
Remotely, I promise you
Then Kinect got shown off on the Xbox
Yet another extra add-on at an extra cost
Nintendo announced 3DS
That lets you see 3D without 3D specs
Who wants the reason for all this E3 tech
When there hasn't even been a decent game released yet?
Remember when gaming was about, well, gaming?
Not jumpin' up and down in your lounge and waving
It's like every year we see the same things
"Aliens seize earth and face off against space marines!"
Well, the whole gamin' scene yawns and waits to see
Whether any of the developers have any innovation up their sleeves
But it seems not
And that's a shame to me
Maybe I should just shut up
And wave at my TV

Let's see somethin' better at next year's E3