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Artist(s): Dan Bull

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Dan Bull Face Cover Art


New Leaf

length: 2:37

I have found a way out
I have found a way out
It's a dark and desolate path
It will take everything that I've got
But I have found a way out
I have found a way out

Oh Daniel Bull
You are such an awkward boy
Why do you do it
Oh Daniel Bull
You might be the death of me
But I love you

I put my life on the line, didn't I?
I pegged it up for prying eyes
It was a fresh CD
A clean sheet leaves me high and dry
But try as I might
I can't find the fight to retire, no
So it's time that I livened up
Took a stride to the light and strut

I got a clean new opportunity
To produce CD two beautifully
Would you believe I'm in a super-human league
I mean, who else can do what I do to beats musically?
As soon as D.A.N. B.U.L.L. spells trouble
Then you can leave
Meanwhile please stay glued to your seats
So you can see the ace up my new sleeve

I didn't decide to pick up a biro, no
Didn't decide to pick up a microphone
Woe betide my open eyes
So I've opened my soul, and lo and behold
Ive broken the mould
Try as I might
I can't find the fight to retire, no
So it's time that I livened up
Took the mic and said "hiya chuck"

If I was a peg (which I'm not)
I'd hold you
But I have found a way out
I have found a way out

Medicine Ball

length: 3:20
Imagine Dan sat in the back of an ambulance
Chatting to Adam and telling him that he's had enough of this madness
Fuck if that actually happened I haven't the faintest clue
The concussion had damaged my grey matter and mushed my brain to goo
But when I unravelled the bandage to see my face anew
My eyes' vacant gaze described what I should aim to do
And that's whatever the fuck it takes to make it through
Enough pussying about, now I'm a sabretooth, and nature's brutal
In the old days I used t
O say I didn't need to pay my dues
Ha - how far was I away from truth?
And in the old days I used to wait for opportunities to happen
Now I make my opportunities and grab them

What doesn't kill will not make you stronger
But at least you're going to live a little longer
So take everything right on the chin
And never ever ever give in

I was nearly a limited edition
Because I could have been swimming with the fishes
But being in critical condition
Would give me the volition
To fulful my mission as a skilled musician, ambition:
Kill competition with my ill compositions
And then build my position up until I'm a religion
Roll up, roll up my shirt sleeves, I see the vision
Turn the key in the ignition
Burn and speed into the distance
Even if it means you're gonna be in a collision
Well at least you've given us a firm reason to listen
Desert the feeble disposition
Learn to feed on criticism
Spurn the media's derision
Earn your keep and keep on living
Hurting people is a piece of piss
But it requires guts to be kind
I don't know why I didn't see this shit
I must have been blind
But even despite that dust in my eye will never settle
I will never bite the dust 'til I die

What doesn't kill will not make you stronger
But at least you're going to live a little longer
So take everything right on the chin
And never ever ever give in

Look - whether you're holding a bunch of roses
Or holding a gun just know this
You've got to soldier on, roll with the punches, throw fists
Keep holding on, lift that boulder on your shoulders strong
Souls are one thing, but the body's been evolving long
Before you ever knew the pain
It's hurting me
Recuperation is a state of elevation
Gave me endless days to meditate and strengthen every failing I had
Being a patient gave me patience and determination
Dedication to bettering Dan
Man, I've taken beatings, taken knees to the face
My bloodstream stained the streets of this place
Where I reside, seeped through the pavement
Making me a piece of the neighbourhood
Could you keep it more real than me right there if you tried?
From the stitches in my elbow to the tears in my side
My scars are badges of honour, I bear them with pride
They stitched my scalp, fixed my split eyebrow
And another time they took out a bit of my bowel
Being a patient gave me patience and determination
Helped me to see a way out of the maze, found an escape
Came out of the daze
How many ways more will I be knocked to the ground, now?
But they named me Danny Boy
Because you're never going to keep me down


The Staircase

length: 2:39
I used to be trapped in the elevator
Waiting for fate to favour me
Then I realised that in real life
Nothing would be handed on a plate to me
Before I deserved dessert
I'd have to taste the savoury
Each and every flavour
Even when it'd make me heave
Remember to say your Ps and Qs
Please may I leave the table reasonably soon?
I'd stay for tea
But I've got faces to see, places to be
Basically I'm dedicated to chasing the dream
I've been making believe for so long
I was unable to see me go wrong

Step up
Step back
Step off
Step to it

I used to be trapped in the elevator
Doors slammed together in my face
But I grabbed them and seperated them
'til my hands had gone red and aching
Then I made plans to elevate manually
Hand me a pen and paper
Now allow me to demonstrate
That even my acapella could make
The whole track collapse like there was a quake
I'm faster than any race car
They tagged me the devastor
It's a fact that I'll never give way
Til I'm dead or at number ten
Replacing David Cameron, Clegg
And named the greatest rapper to ever pave the way
Cos I made this staircase


Step 1:
Learn your lessons and take criticism
It'll enable you to make it bigger
Step 2:
Keep it real, stay true to you
You don't need to be anyone else
Because you are you
Step 3:
Enjoy every syllable you deliver
Whether it's ignorant or lyrical
Whether it's simplistic or difficult
Step 4:
Always remember that everything you do is yours
And that should be the reason you do music for


John Lennon

length: 2:25
Once upon a time there was a working class hero
Who wanted to give power to the people so
He asked us to imagine a world of peace,love and truth
To give peace a chance,
Do you want to know a secret from me to you?
All you need is love so love me do
And whether the music was acoustic or rock and roll
He walked the long and winding road until he wore out his rubber sole
With his old brown shoe
He broke walls and bridges down
Made us come together
'Caused us all to twist and shout
He was the one to tell us what goes on
Number nine, number nine revolution

Oh, john

He was a paperback writer
As well as pen and verse
His best known publication was a spaniard in the works
And in his own right
He would write and write and write
Cause you should do whatever gets you through the night
Every man has a woman who loves him more than any other
But for this boy, who'd compare to john lennon's mother?
She's a woman named yoko
She's something new
So hold on john, because she loves you
This is real love
No more cover versions
Their love was just like starting over,two virgins
He was happier then anybody'd ever seen
But the boys of abbey road, didn't want to let it be


He went to live in new york city, but he lived on borrowed time
Living life with the lines, he was shot by a jealous guy
With a revolver, but don't ask me why
Life's little more then: Hello, goodbye
My, what a souvenir from their visit to america
Now he's going to strawberry fields forever
Hardly instant karma, but
Calm your nerves
Cause this beautiful boy's now as free as a bird

[Hook x2]


length: 3:32
America, America
Here's to your health
America, America

Now tell me
Why's the country that's the most wealthy also amongst the most unhealthy?
There's probably a lot of theories out there
But mine's got to be the lack of national healthcare -
A category of welfare that happens to be well fair
Whether there's wealth there or whether it's elsewhere
Now you can probably tell where this is going from my accent
Or you're thinking "Why's this British guy rapping?"
I like America, the music, the people
That's why I want to see improvements to each of them
There's problems here too, Britain's got its fair share
I'm sure you know about our questionable dental care
But there's one thing that stands better than the rest
And that's the NHS, yes
Where nobody faces rejection
Just because to treat them would be a dangerous investment
Where what the doctor prescribes is what you're given
Instead of having to wait for your insurer's decision
Where prescriptions are a reasonable price
If you need something lifelong you can even subscribe
Where if you're old or young; unemployed;
Then it's free, and the price tag becomes null and void
Where you can go home without paying one penny;
Where you've still got the option of a private company
It's unbelievable the stuff they've done for me before
Months in hospital and I've not paid a fee at all

America, America
Here's to your health
America, America
Here's wishing you good health

Insurance firms are about saving dimes
Before they'll even think about saving lives
So say goodbye to your treatment if there's even
A minor loophole in your legal agreement
Is your system victim free?
There's fifty million Americans who evidently disagree
Fifty million without health insurance
That could die just because they couldn't afford it
You don't have to pay to have a fire extinguished
And you have the police, not private militias
So why should this difference apply to the systems
Providing for victims requiring assistance?
Nothing should be held higher than citizens
Putting wealth over health? I am sick of it
Insurance firms are commercial businesses -
They're not concerned what your physical fitness is
They're only interested in what the interest is;
Over here we have a different incentive
A lot of you are incensed at this
And I don't intned to be insensitive but listen
There's several myths about the terrible British
Medical system that I better dismiss, quick:
1. You can't choose who your doctor is. Not true -
There's a long list of doctors I've gone to
2. One of the most stupid lies is that
Old people are euthanised when they're due to die
Not true - if there was institutionalised
Granny killing don't you think there'd be a public outcry?
You don't have to use the NHS anyway -
There's still plenty of private firms if you want to pay
But the proof's in the pudding, come to Britain for a bit
I bet you can't find anyone who would get rid of it


America, America


length: 2:52
It's been ages since I made a tune this raw
But it's time to draw a line in the music hall
I'm fed up of what's not got in the news reports
Daily slayings, flayings, what do they do this for?
Planes drop bombs on those with no food or water
Ha, even Sun Tzu never knew such war
They changed the rules so this behavior's duly lawful
The human form's morphed to become truly awful
There's apathy from who's not involved but soon we all will
And when it happens to your family, perhaps that's when you'll be thoughtful
A newly orphaned you mourns for the time
You could have given a shit who was led to the slaughter
Mutilated with new forms of brutal torture
Just for living on one side of a stupid border
Who'd have thought the conspiracies of a new world order
Were actually true? Cos me and you are all just

Guilty, guilty
Not caring quite enough

The blame doesn't lay just on governments and militants
The population's got the plague of indifference
And nowadays how can you claim ignorance
When you've got the wide world at your fingertips?
A single click can lead the way to a million hits
But we need to change a Twitter status to a physical thing
Quit the wishful thinking, sitting like an invalid
And stop being a clicktivist, get up and light the tindersticks
Don't just sit through Shoah, Night and Fog and Schindler's List
Things are happening this minute while you reminisce
Ring your politicians, make them say they'll follow wishes
And if they break their promise take away their office quick, they're


Dream Girl

length: 5:04
I assume you've met before
No we haven't actually
Hi, my name's Daniel
And who might you be?
She introduced herself
Then I/he offered her/me a drink
Now we're together
S/he's the one for me

She wants to be a vegan but still eats cheese sandwiches
Holidays in Sweden, speaks three languages
Mandarin Chinese, Norwegian and English
Good girl most of the time but dabbles in cannabis
Which has its advantages for imaginative fantasists
A bit of an anarchist political activist but isn't a twat with it
Has an ambition to make cinema, act in it
In fact, she's already written a manuscript
She's the whole package, gift wrapped in bandages
Ready to be unravelled now she's found the right man to kiss
Sometimes we're out and other lads try and chat her up
But she always has the perfect comeback to back her up
Before I saw her, I thought that I was lacking luck
But my next decision was ditching pessimism, pack it up
How could I hate a world that made this girl how she looks
So if you're asking me my fantasy, that's the stuff

Girl of my dreams
She's the one for me
Girl of my dreams
Certainly the one for me

She's got a soft spot for prog rock, often wears odd socks
Not because she's kooky, but just because she's got lots
Of other things on her mind like what time One Stop's
Open so we can make some late night Quorn hot dogs
Like me, see, she's got a wonky body clock
Sometimes it's tomorrow before she nods off
With her it's non-stop, she makes night brighter than the daytime
Utilises every second on the clock
We've got a lot in common - great minds
So we often say the same lines at the same time
She's the alto counterpoint to my bassline
I knew she had soul when I heard it through the grapevine
Marvin Gaye, Sly Stone, Curtis Mayfield
Bill Withers, Billie Holiday, Dusty Springfield
She'll spin vinyl, and I like the things she plays
I'm acquiring a taste for the the finer things of late
She'll listen to bebop from 1958
Coleman, Coltrane, Tyner, Mingus, Davis
I'd find them in her playlist, that's when I'd begin to say
This is too good to be true; it's like I've been to Vegas
The way that I've hit the jackpot, it's nice to think I've made it
Light of my life, when she's shining, it's amazing
My spine was tingling ages once my eyes had seen her face
Because her smile's an invitatition to a better place
Let us celebrate


With her monogamy is never monotony
She's got lots of opinions which she expresses honestly
She dresses modestly, but knows she's sexy (obviously)
Talks filthy but still says every letter properly
She's got a Monopoly on me, hot property
But she knows well that a posh hotel is not for me
She'll pop an e but never have a pop at me
For being drug free because she's seen me when I'm ugly
Acting abominably and she still loves me phenomenally
When I go wrong, I just follow her lead
Come along with me, she says, because I wanna sleep together
So we throw our overcoats on and leave for heaven


She's into literature, in particular, De Bernières
Firmly aware that living's all about the journey there
She isn't into girly affairs like perming her hair
But it's sweet, she still sleeps with her first teddy bear
And when it's early, she wears no make up, and has puffy eyes
But I find it a great look because she's mine
She looks fine with her hair tied up or even better down
I swear that no-one looks better in a dressing gown
She's so giggly that her nose goes wrinkly
Simply because I've been up to bring her a drink, you see
I'm into coffee, she likes a hot cup of tea
That's one of the few topics on which we do not agree
She watches old films, ticks ones off she hasn't seen
Her guilty pleasure's reading gossip magazines
Now I often have a real problem with what I can believe
But seeing her, there's not a chance I'm dreaming


She's certainly the one for me
Man I really adore her
So I'm perching on my knee
And I'm kneeling before her
Six months' salary
On the ring that I've bought her
I ask her "Will you marry me?"
And she says "Dan, of..."

[Alarm clock going off]
Errr no, for Pete's sake
I had the girl of my dreams and wasn't even awake


length: 2:28
I can't let myself fall in love
Because I fall too hard
And I might break something

That face of yours is nowhere near to perfect
But the way I've been I don't even deserve it
I'm feeling as nervous now as I ever have
And with each glance with which I see you it worsens
Personally I'd be pleased being your servant like Venus in Furs
Just don't leave me in the lurch
There's no reason or working to the feelings, I'm hurting
So please, give me a relief from the burden
The pipe dreams of my being with her
I mean who wants to sleep with a geek with Aspergers
I've seen and I've heard all I've needed to learn
And come to be with the terms that I'm the feeblest nerd
All you need is a skirt and some legs, a turn of the head
A wee little flirt and you're off with the bees and the birds
But I'll never stick my dick six inch deep in a bird
'til I leave in a hearse and I'm six feet deep in the dirt


I can only be creative when I see my failings
And say "this is me, now face it please"
Cos the beat's a piece of paper for me to make a confession
And get the stress off my chest until I meet my maker

I read the signals wrong, hymn book open at the wrong page
But I still tried to sing along
Not long ago I thought bring it on
Then I got re-absorbed into the bitter smog
I've bitten off a piece of my own heart
So don't start on how I've missed an opportunity
Too stupid to see who'd wanna be stuck with such a human as me
I've only got you in my dreams
My balls and my word are all but unheard of
So when I fall from my perch it's all I deserve
Once in a blue moon I fall for a girl
And when I do, I'm betting you I fall and get hurt


I'm Fine

length: 3:06
I've fallen in love with someone unexpected
Spend all of my money on her
Until there's nothing left
And at the end of the day she waits at the corner shop
And lets me pop to fetch her
I guess that it's a ritual now
I'm addicted to how she's got me breathless
Ever since that first cool kiss
It's bliss

I appear to be in love
With someone I never dreamed of

A lot of us have a soft spot for coffee
Well my one stop shop for pop is the offy
Knocking back bottles is my hobby, so what?
What the fuck would I want to be stopping for?
I lock my door, tip the bottle and pour
Finish off all the port, and still I'm wanting more
With a beer put beside me I come alive
I feel that my mind loosens up and thrives
And such delightful stuff that lights up my rubbish life
Is something quite tough to give up imbibing
There's nothing like it, drunken nights in a pub
Or drunken nights in with nine tins
If drinking was a drinking game, I'd win
Then wish to play best of five
Then best of the rest of the night
'til I'm a mess of a sight
But having an excellent time
For the rest of my life I swear

In the loneliest of nights
Yeah I'm alright
In the loneliest of times
I'm fine

Let me see, the bottom of a bottle is the lens
On which I've come to depend to let me see
I look at my friends that are ahead of me
I'm not going to pretend there's no jealousy
I was full of potential for fun and adventures
But somehow the fun's now come to an end, look:
Rewind back - as a lad I saw drunks
And thought that I would never be like that
Now I see people look at me like that
And it seems like we wind the thing right back
I see my past, see my path
And I see the spot where I wandered off life's beaten track
But even that won't sober me up, I'll go to the pub
And swallow my pride til I'm throwing it up
Is it the lowest I've sunk of all time?
I don't know, and I don't give a fuck, look, I'm fine


A Portrait of the Autist

length: 3:18
I'm awkward, can't talk to anyone
I fall at the first hurdle, it hurts to get it wrong
My mind's wired a different way to everyone else
So I might seem strange, and be left on the shelf begging for help
Placed in a position in which I'm desperate now
Ashamed of my condition when I'm meant be be proud
It'd be great to fit in and blend with the crowd
Without a red face, a sense of dread; I'm trembling now
I like things a certain way, a pre-determined order
And it disturbs my thoughts if the certain order's changed
Uncertainty unnerves me, close the curtains over the windows
It's a curse, Asperger Syndrome

We ought to stick around
Be autistic and proud
We ought to stick around
We ought to stick

I don't notice faces in open places
My focus phases out and goes to blazes
And an overloaded brain is no way to be social and say hello to mates, is it?
It's made me feel alone for ages
Because I know there's no hope to change it
To most a face is an open page -to me it's closed, the prose erased
And how am I supposed to behave
When nobody's taken a moment to show me the way? But it's OK
I still hope and pray the status quo can change
And I still scope the skies waiting for blokes in capes
And I'll fly when I know how I'm supposed to behave
So won't you take a moment to show me the way


Autism assisted me in becoming a poet
Because I feel deeply but I just struggle to show it
I care for those around me though I don't know how I'm supposed to tell people
So I wrote it down, prepared my vocal sound
Then shared my opus on open ground
Those with this syndrome are endowed with a determination to succeed
That the non-Asperger brain often fails to achieve
And yet we go off the rails easily, but believe me
I've seen what we can be when we've got dreams to reach that no-one else can
And piece by piece the diagnosed'll find the folks to help them
To aspire to the heights their sights are focused on
I know it's a long fight but we're the type to go the whole hog



length: 2:30
So it's nearly time for me to go
But I want to thank you for being here
It's been a pleasure
I mean that truly
And now I'm going to do a convoluted tune
A composition that I'm particularly proud of

Never been a fellow to be down with the Gs
Hardly ever collect felonies out on the street
My criminal record took minimal effort
To scribble and get all it down on a sheet
Me, I can do without the police
See, I'm a dude renowned to be tedious
No pissing about, I'm serious
I really just sit around on a seat
Read a book, put it down, have a wee
'til I feel I've had enough then I slouch in my PJs
These days when I'm counting my sheep
It takes me ages drowsing to sleep
Feel I'm thousands of feet out of my league
Like a floundering dinghy down in the deep
People shouting at me I'm not allowed on a beat
But there's four times more that'll tell me I'm sweet
I found my release when I bought me a mic
And recorded a tight lyric down on a beat
With the sound so loud that the speakers
Melt with the heat cos I'm Dan to the B

One, two, I'm counting to three
Then I want you, to bounce to the beat
From the North to the West to the South to the East
We can all get well rowdy

I oughtn't lie, I mean demographically
There's a hypothesis I support:
That I am the more priviliged in all of society
Quite unlike the baller I try and be
I was born in a nice region
And brought up politely
So I was taught to mind my Ps and Qs
And make way for OAPs in queues
I'm a decent dude, peaceful too
But on a beat I speak with lethal truth
This sequel to my debut album's
A way to tell them the good news:
That I'm a middle class kid from the Midlands
Less "safe" more like "how you diddling?"
I'm like a Polo without the middle in
More whole than the hole to fill it in
Though I'm a bitter kid, just a little bit
Bringing mint lyrics but no-one's listening
But I'm in the zone and I'm coveting the throne
So I'm not gonna give it in, gloves coming off and I'm boxing until I win
Watch when I'm in the ring
Roundhouse my doubts, bopping them in the chin
Plot thickening along with the smoke
But I'm not gonna choke - I've got ventolin
Like when I kicked my bong and it broke
It allowed me the freedom to breathe the air again
And now that I'm clean and the songs that I wrote then
Are out and they're seen I am proud to be me
You could tell when I'd been chilling out with some weed
I couldn't leave the house, you could smell the Febreze
Now when I'm out on an evening in town I'm a demon
Downing indecent amounts of Ribena
'til I'm down on my knees and in pieces
Weeping shouting "help me, please"
But when I'm having doubts about my belief
I just tell myself that I'm proud to be me



length: 4:41
Sliding doors divide and all
The nightmarish corridors
Will all fall
Behind you

Sliding doorways divide
And all the winding corridors fall away behind
Rays of light serenade my eyes
And wide white clouds parade the skies
After days and nights of grey
It's quite breathtaking in such amazing sights
I've paid the price, stayed inside
And it's been great but I need to say goodbye
The grape is ripe so maybe I should build the bottle
To fill the bottle, taste the wine
Now I've found how to savour life
All thoughts of pain inside fade and die
I take the fight to paper, hibernate and write in waiting
'til it's time to face my fright and take the mic
I've made the right choice in raising my voice
And reclaiming life's joys


If you've ever had a dream then chase it
Cos it's dreams that make us more than meat for grave diggers
Do you really want to remain faceless
Cos you dated aspirations but became faithless?
Be safe, stay put, each day's painless
Or regain faith, though we face dangers
Be brave, courageous, behave audaciously
My teenage daydreams made me famous
But being flavour of the week
Leaves a taint on the tastebuds, so I need to shape up
I tighten the laces in each of my trainers
Then retrace my steps to when I believed I could get
To each place I set my aim on
Not accepted fate, and reshaped my destination
I've not reached places yet that truly take my breath away
I'll never til the day of my death


[Khaya Dlanga:]
We've had a really lovely time
But I ought to make a move
I've things to do
And I'm kind of assuming that you do too

The end is almost here
Here we go