Gears of War Album

Artist(s): Dan Bull

Cover Art

Dan Bull Gears of War Cover Art


Gears of War

length: 7:03

Emergence Day Emergency
Thunder sounded
And a hundred thousand locust rose up from underground
The invasion managed to create a manic state of panic they did damage and it made a devastated planet
Today was savage, the latest in a spate of clashes, between invader and remains of man that came from ashes
See Marcus Fenix in Jacinto Penitentiary, Domonic Santiago enters then he sets him free
To defend against the horde he brought all sorts of awesome weaponry
Bring all your forces foward
Your Corpser's dead to me
Him and Dom find Kim and Carmine
And together they took
A look around for Alpha squad
To get the resonator
A sniper snipes Carmine right in the head then later
They catch the Cole Train and press on the accelerator
Seeders block the transmission
Nearly stop the damn mission
Is that the Hammer of Dawn that Dom is brandishing?
Every soldiers ambition is to fire one
A line of lightening striking right in from the sky
There's Baird and a couple of red shirts
I wonder which one of em will be dead first?
It can't be Kim can it, that man's put in the legwork
OOH freakin eck
I bet his bloody head hurt
Now Fenix has seen this and he's pissed in extremis
But needs to just retreat quick
Lest he gets in deep shit
It's certainly evident he is ready to burn an effigy
But there is a mercenary bezerker lurking in the murk of every turn you step in
One of the perks of military is getting to murder every enemy ever so cleverly
With the heaviest weaponry
We are the Gears Of War
Come on and ask us what the MotherFuck we're here for
We are the Gears Of War
Come on and ask us what the MotherFuck we're here for

Gears of War (instrumental)

length: 7:04

Gears of War (a cappella)

length: 7:04