Generation Gaming III Album

Artist(s): Dan Bull

Cover Art

Dan Bull Generation Gaming III Cover Art


Black Opsing It

length: 2:02

American Assassin

length: 2:14

An eagle soars as the people fall
However, he ignores
All your feeble wars
He will steal a horse
Speed the steed across
Clean between your forces
And beat them all
In a free-for-all
These scenes of gore
Are nothing but another bit of heathen lore
From Florentine streets to Venetian waters
The whispers persist of a secret order
And whether or not you believe, it's all good
Either way I'll proceed; keep wreaking trauma
You're never making Connor fall
I never honour laws
When I'm on a warpath
My tomahawk's
Always responsible
For an onslaught
Of monstrous proportions
You're a goner, fool
Done for
Humans I hunt for
Dropping through the roof
Never knocking on the front door
What, you want more?
Or do you want war?
I've been around for longer
Than Rob Faulkner
And now I'm gonna
Run up on a futhamucking armed gunner
Pull a Stone Cold Stunner
And I've done a runner
Quicker than a bullet from a gun
And once again I'm under cover
Repping for the Brotherhood
Stepping like no other could
Uppercutting any threats
I never take another look
I'm an assassin
One with a passion
For innovative rapping
Dropping so fast
You're probably having
A problem to follow the captions
Said I'm an assassin
One with a passion
For innovative rapping
Dropping so fast
You're probably having
A problem to follow the captions
I combat colonialism
While owning a rhythm
I know the world doesn't owe me a living
So throw me a bone
And I'll cause pandemonium with it
Ignoring Newtonian physics
Forget opprobrium
Critics'll go with baloney below
To the same place I take fakes
Phoneys and mimics
No need for gimmicks
Cynics only need a mo with my lyrics
Do you need me to explain that
I'm lyrically spraying it
Sharper than the tip of any bayonet
I pack a hidden blade and I make you lay on it
Whether minutemen or redcoats
It'll only take a minute at the very most
'til they're both dead, ghosts
I dead both
Behead foes
'til stocks and shares in lead rose
From Boston to New York
Soul of an eagle
Aloft in a true hawk
And as I move through the frontier
The truth becomes clear
The future calls, I'm done here
I've just got another little task
And I won't tell
If you don't ask
I'm an assassin
One with a passion
For innovative rapping
Dropping so fast
You're probably having
A problem to follow the captions
Said I'm an assassin
One with a passion
For innovative rapping
Dropping so fast
You're probably having
A problem to follow the captions

Dead Space 3

length: 1:38

In space, nobody can hear you scream... This is a transmission from Amanda Ripley McLaren
I'm stranded in a ship that is barren
But it is apparent
That there's a visitor with the viciousest plan
And I'm a fish in a barrel
This isn't a Christmas Carol
But if you could tell me
Just what the dickens was happening
And what this is that I'm tackling
I'd be pretty thankful
Lights flickering
Life trickling
Through the cracks in the corridor floors
Is quite sickening
No time for dithering, babbling
Impotent panicking
The impetus will drag us kicking and scrabbling
Into the blackness
I need my wits about me
This bleeding bitch has found me!
Come to think of it
I really shouldn't spit so loudly

This is survival of the fittest
Survival of the vicious
Survival of the wickedest and sickest! This is survival of the fittest
Survival of the vicious
Survival of the WICKEDEST...

Continued transmission from Amanda Ripley Mclaren
The more I witness the madness
The more that it is apparent
What evil hazardous demon hell is this?
Is it a lucid dream of a weak, cardaverous human being
With sleep paralysis?
I'm none too keen to feed the ravenous beastly savages
With creepy phalluses
Creeping round the ship
'Til my radar's beeping vanishes
Nothing seems as loud as my breathing pattern is
The teeniest sound could be the catalyst
For the last battle of wills
Between me and evil manifest
As I wander through the corridor
The horrid gore conjures all the awful thing I've done I'm sorry for
I'm not an omnivore
But I was one before the food chain collapsed
I saw my colleagues' innards on the floor!
But bring it if this ugly motherfucker wants some more!
You're just one deformed ponce with a pompadour!

This is survival of the fittest
Survival of the vicious
Survival of the wickedest and sickest! This is survival of the fittest
Survival of the vicious
Survival of the WICKEDEST...

In space, nobody can hear you scream... In space... Scream all you like...

Hoist the Black Flag

length: 2:07

Alright, Lads
I'm one of the only people who have heard Edward Kenway rap
And live to tell the tale
And now
I'm going to tell you exactly what he said
He said:

[Verse 1]
These aren't the high seas
They're my seas
It's likely you'll find me inciting some maritime crises
Plunder all the prizes
From the skies to under water
Thunderballing, then I'm back aboard in time for my tea
Tides are dicey
You're dicing with death
Like a diver fighting
To rise for a breath
I'm a tycoon
Taking lives like a typhoon
Hypothesising that you're probably dying quite soon
But at least in the meantime
You can enjoy listening to my tune
It's an assassin sea shanty
So pass the neat brandy
And raise a glass to my sea-faring vigilantes


[Verse 2]
I'm a canny one
Scourge of the Seven Seas
Sink anyone's galleon
To murder my enemies
Whether he's been stabbed in a back street
Or a vast sea attack by the Black Flag fleet
Kicking people in the ribs
I leap from ship to ship
And clean the deck of crew as if I'm sweeping
Never miss a bit
No need for cruise missiles
I wield dual pistols
And rule this world from Kingston to Bristol
So you better make headway
For Edward Kenway
Or I'll hit you hard enough to send you to next Wednesday
I make the hardest seafaring men say:
"Get away from this fellow if you treasure your gems"
They say that he ranks amongst the most clever
Of the gentleman adventurers
Without measure
He spends half his time looking for exotic treasure
And the other half lusting for erotic pleasure


From England
To Kingston
To New Holland
He's a looting
Henry fooking Rollins

Tomb Raider

length: 1:55

[Verse ])
Her name's Lara Croft and this
Is the way that she started off
She hits land, stranded
In the wreck of the Endurance
She probably should have got better insurance
The challenges ahead are gonna test her performance
So endurance is of the utmost importance
Limited ordnance, She'll really have to use her wits
Now the developers appear to have reduced her tits
Dragon's Triangle, Here's a house of lunatics
Darker than the night sky during a lunar eclipse
No clips to put into the gun, you know and
No gun, so it's a good job she brung her bow
Unarmed, not locked, loaded
Going hard with a longbow, depart you with one blow
Prognosis: a disarmament pronto
Shots popping off as if there was a lock-in
In the bar with the Cointreau, top row combo
From the coast of the Arctic to the heart of the Congo
Lara's banging heads harder than Bongo's
And angering her enemies, like a mom joke

Tomb Raider's a tune that'll invade your brain
Get in her way and she'll make you taste the pain

[Verse 2]
Shh. This is the bit of the track
In which I kill it with triplet raps
It doesn't particularly add to the narrative
But it's a blast
There isn't a faster Brit on the map
Who's spitting as wicked as that
So I suggest you give it a clap
Or I'll give you a slap
An aristocrat whose bars are hotter than ovens
Did I tell you the fact that Lara Croft is my cousin?
I'm dropping a dozen hip-hoppy productions a week
To leave you properly buzzing, and it's costing you nothing
I'm pretty sure than Nishimura should be hitting the record button
Soon as I walk up and talk upon Tomb Raider
Like a doomsdaying saber-toothed soothsayer
'Til then I'll see you dudes later
Touché, huh?


While Lara's raiding tombs
I'm sitting on my arse and making tunes

Heart of the Swarm

length: 1:27


length: 2:06
(When I was a young boy, I wanted to be a film star! I wanted to star in my own action film called, "Motorbike Man 12"! I don't know why specifically 12 it just sounded cool. But anyway, needless to say Motorbike Man 12 never actually materialized, but uh, instead, I have this.)

Check out my motorbike
I hope you like it
I'm a mix of a fighter pilot and a cyclist
Never mind physics
Because I find it a little inapplicable
Right when I fly
Limits never apply
And it's evident I'm
Not going to be the first
Daredevil to die

My hell is a temperate climate
So I'm revvin' on the engine
Just to get the fricking temperatue rising
Never mind driving
I get my high riding
Spinning my tyres
As I'm descending and climbing
Living the high life
I'm literally high
Pour me a mai tai
With a little lemon and lime in

All I need to eat is three square meals
And all I need to move is two round wheels
And when I nail a perfect landing
I can't find the words
To descride dem feels
I lack an equal
A mix of man and eagle
Savagely ravaging people
Leave them wobbling like a weeble
I take a track and leave a battle scene
Hasn't been
Something that's particularly hassled me
People are chatting
Well I imagine he's been to NASA's astronaut academy,
Hasn't he?"
You're lagging
Keep up
All but forgotten
Stand like a man
Or you'll be falling on your bottom
Rolling on the floor
Your performance is really rather poor
If you're struggling to keep up anymore
I'd really like for you to tell me
What the hell you're here for
I wield more b****
Than tournaments in snooker
A super duper loop-the-looper
The manner in which I'm shooting through the hoops
Is moving you into a stupor
Face full of smoke
Like the user of a hookah
I'll leave ya newbies
Trying to reach the new bit
Finding each solution
And can finally be moving
From motorcycle riding
To writing decent music
My old style's miles higher
It's Trials Evolution!

(Motorbike Man 12 in very, very very select cinemas soon, I say selected I mean it doesn't even exist... I still want to be in a film called Motorbike Man 12...

And the Songbird Sings

length: 2:54
And the Songbird sings...
(It's Infinite)

This is for the voices who are unheard
Who never back-talked one word to the Songbird
This is for the second class citizens, and prisoners locked alone
I bring a list of things the prophet wants you not to know
I've got to blow the propaganda out the box and so
Open up the rift and put this disc into your Voxophone
I'll take your brain to places it doesn't often go
So brace yourself for take off and watch the show
I'm properly known as Booker DeWitt
And I've had enough of this shit
Fed up of being stuck in a rut
So I'm looking to rough up a couple of pricks
And accomplish a mission to look for a woman imprisoned and stuck in a city where something's amiss
Like the rhythm the government's drumming to whip the anger of the people
Daily handling the stress
While I've just ambled in from gambling and landed in a mess
And I'm telling ya, Elizabeth isn't a damsel in distress
She's the damn best wingman to ever don a dress
To be honest, we've loads of things
In common, we both can bring an opening
We're probably closer twins
Than Robert and Rosalind
I throw my grapple and aim
To blow the back of your brain out
And contemplate on why we play those irrational games
My main foe is Zachary Hale Comstock
The day his reign begun, a fundamental bomb dropped
Columbia's on lockdown
Every day they're destroying somebody, so what now?
Send for Daisy Fitzroy
The rich get fatter, while the slums are getting hungrier
It's a matter of time before they pull the rug from under you
We'll make your money disappear from you like a conjurer
And overthrow the fundies that are plundering Columbia


So, I know this is absurd and sounds bananas
But have you observed the way they worship founding fathers?
That's why the Vox Populi have hurtled out the darkness
Emerged, about to start to turn around and clout this heartlessness
If this disc is flying, you'll be dying like you're Hyacinth
Hirelings or higher things
Vox Populi's guys or Jeremiah Fink's
If they pile in on me, then they're receive undying violence
I'll lynch the pious kings with the silent wire strings
From the tiny violins that won't be crying when they're lying singed
Ignite the tinder, set the sky alight in flights of cinders
And let freedom ring inside your cries like the singer
That's like trying to hide your violent injuries, as if they're minor things, by keeping just a tiny thimble on your finger
One hand holds Vigors
The other pulls triggers
I'm a multi-tasking action man with a glass full of malt liquor
Salt licker
Rapture's contraptions are fantastic
But don't exist yet, so that is how we pack Plasmids
No need to hack gadgets
The manner in which I battle a Handyman is akin to black magic
My life's a play where every act's tragic



length: 2:32

Listen up, brother
Got a little rhyme for you
But I gotta tell you
I ain't no durn singer
I'm a gunslinger

[Verse 1]
Who's a better gunslinger?
That's a humdinger
Blood blister on my one finger from triggers
And I don't hunt deer
So chump, here's something I'd like to advise
Better run for your life if you'd like to survive in the frontier
It's like you drunk beer, brain ain't configured
A word to the wise and your mind will become clear
Bright as the lights on the rides of a fun fair
So come bring your Jesse James and Billy the Kid
I'll make a mess of their brains and fill 'em with lead
And I will until every damn villain is dead
Then I'm bringin' the sheriff a bag full of their heads
Handlin' any man that is plannin' to stand in my path
Because I'm heavy-handed with every bandit I wrangle with
And we're in a century that hasn't any ambulances
So best pack your best brandy and bandages
When I'm rat-a-tat-tattin' on my gatling guns
The blast attacks faster than my battlin' puns
A lemat in my one hand and another in my other
So get runnin' for cover, you would you rather be buggered?
Shots, I'm lickin' off like the sugar on my cherry strudel
I'm quick on the draw, call me Mary Doodles
I'm gettin' reward money to bury people
And as a result, I never need to be very frugal
'Less you want your tooth pulled, pay the dentist
I make rackets as if it's an angry game of tennis
Don't hate the player, no, hate the business
I make a livin' from wanted posters: Jay McGuiness

Forget a hook
I ain't no durn singer
Brother, look
I'm just a gunslinger
So forget a hook
I ain't no durn singer
Brother, look

[Verse 2]
I'm just gonna get some dynamite and then I'll light my pipe
And when the timing's right, I'll set the skies alight
Kind of like Juarez calls for Silas Greaves to make you fall like a pile of leaves
Shootin' line after line after line of thieves
And I've touched more gold than a miner's sleeves
When I wield dual revolvers, you'll feel the coldness
Once in a blue moon, I'm using my holsters
Shootin' my Colt, I'm too skilled to falter
Is it any wonder saloons here are closed?
When you bring a whole platoon filled with soldiers
I barbecue fools, a new meal for vultures
High noon, we're overdue for elevenses
I left the saloon, it was strewn with your severed limbs
Bringin' just a shoe to a shootout
To kick your booty so brutally, you'll never get my boot out

Forget a hook
I ain't no durn singer
Brother, look
I'm just a gunslinger
So forget a hook
I ain't no durn singer
Brother, look
I'm just a gunslinger

I'm just a mean-ass gunslinger
And I guess that's all I'll ever be
But lemme tell you
That's all I ever wanna be
A mean-ass gunslinger, pardner
Beg your pardon, ma'am

Gay Gay Games

length: 1:50

EA (huh)
More like GA

[Verse 1]
The Family Research Council are doubtful
Of anything but conventional spousal arousal
The downfall of society is gay gay games
It's like the KKK came at gays
In the lamest of ways, laying the blame on EA
Aiming their flames in their face, but they have made a mistake
The very basic aim that makes a game a game is choice
So if you take the choice away, then what's the flaming point?

[Chorus 1]
It is okay to go gayming
Whatever pushes your buttons
It is okay to go gayming
Hey, it's just co-operative play

[Verse 2]
There's gays in cinema, there's gays in literature
There's gays in nature, even gay general practitioners
Folks go for ovaries or are testicular particular
So isn't prohibiting it a little bit ridiculous?
To get your knickers in a twist over someone else's
Thinking too much about whose bum they're pals with
You waste your days away complaining about trousers
And who pulls them down, is there something you should tell us?

[Chorus 2]
It's okay to go gayming
Whatever pushes your buttons
It is okay to go gayming

[Verse 3]
If Jesus was a gamer, he'd play Mass Effect
And the fact that there was gayness wouldn't make him that upset
See, he'd be more inclined to deplore the kind of bigotry
That enforces "don't ask, don't tell" inside the military
And that's the thing, I see you righteously fight for guidance
But on gratuitous violence then you are silent
But unlike the Rebel Alliance your petty defiance
And whether it's pious will die under the light of science (ah)

[Chorus 3]
Because it is okay to go gayming
Whatever pushes your buttons
It is okay to go gayming

It's okay

The Last of Us

length: 2:02

[Verse 1]

The fungus' hunger
Has plundered and plummeted us
From the humdrum to the hunted
As the county crumbles to dust
The life of a surviver's living in quarantine
This isn't a holiday
This is military policy
There's a rift, as emboldened
We shift the balance of power
I'm just a citizen: Joel
Unwilling man of the hour
Cause all I want to do is end it
But my solitude depends
On whether I fulfill
An old promise to a friend
I've smuggled guns
I've smuggled diamonds and pearls
But I've never been entrusted
With the life of a girl
I must ride beside her to the Fireflies
Mind's in a whirl
They might as well reside
The other side of the world

It's a new definition
Of the term "urban jungle"
Shit hasn't gone viral
Its gone fungal

[Verse 2]

Infected detected
Tote the pistol, load clips
These filthy clothes show
That it's a twisted road trip
I'm ragged and smelly
Might as well act like a scally
And smack a chap's scalp in
With a bat in an alley
How many's that we've capped then
Captain O'Malley
It'd take an honor student graduate
Of math for the tally
In the past me and Ellie
For having massacred many
Would have made a prime time
Newscast on the telly
You bastards are jelly
You're just going to have to get ready
For us to blast brain matter
On the map like confetti
I school undead with tools
Combust them up efficiently
Like fuel unleaded
Leave the fools unheaded
And if they're dumb enough
To come up wrangling with me
Then I leave cadavers mangled
As they dangle from a tree
And on a planet this unglamorously bleak
You should probably be thankful to be free


Devil May Cry

length: 1:59

Devil May Cry, Never Say Die
End any enemy whenever they try
Body count rising every time

[Verse 1]
My character balances devil and dalliance
They should give me a medal for arrogance
Cause I believe that either Ivory or Ebony
Can annihilate at a higher rate
Than any enemy cannon
And I'm an adolescent Nephilim
Packing weapons and stepping in
I'm in my element
A bit of rebellion's good for development
I came as an angel, left as a devil
I'm raping the layers of hell, every level
Bellview Pier Resident, A nuclear weapon
Live on red alert, so never press
Do you hear, President?
I guess you learnt the hard way
Not to dance with Dante
Partake in a date with me
I'll leave you with a heartache, heart rate:
Irregular beating like a hard break, heartbreak
Your bars are archaic
I'd pray you never parley with me
For God's sake I can't take it
I live in the middle of Limbo City
Broken windows, it's so pretty
Life of grime, shit's so gritty
Got to kill time so I writ this ditty


[Verse 2]
I'm the Sword of the Order
That all of the forces are falling for
Psycho borderline
I'm sure that I was born with enormous balls
I got them from my father
Cause I'm a son of Sparda
My God, my tongue is sharper
Than katanas in the barber's
You're the bluntest in the genre
Should have done it harder
Now the best you're going to get
Is to become a martyr
Barbas is a lardass, couldn't spar fast
With a hardass, I'll smack his chops
Leave him looking like a car crash
Black and blue
I rap to bruise Raptor news
Blast your propaganda back to you
Get Kat to tag the facts across your camera view
Man, my music's maxed out
So what's a chap to do
Come back for the next track
You'll find out after Chapter II

Thanking you
Good afternoon! x3