Generation Gaming IV Album

Artist(s): Dan Bull

Cover Art

Dan Bull Generation Gaming IV Cover Art


E3 2013

length: 1:52

[Dan Bull]
We're on a plane to L.A
And we're never gonna stop
Beatboxing with my ear
When the drum goes pop

Horrible zombies
And hurtful plants
So we're gonna need a World of Tanks

As you can see
I'm not quite as tall
As this robot from Titanfall

If you don't like The Witcher
You can probably dismiss this
But I just got a lolly from witches

We're about to get onto the escalator
You haven't got a pass
So I'll check you later

People in queues?
Flipping sod those
Get out of my way
Like fish in CoD: Ghosts

They've been queueing for t-shirts
Since yesterday
Looks like it's gonna be their Destiny

What's in the next M.G.S.?
Only Snake'll know
Castlevania looks like
A Game of Thrones

Elder Scrolls is amazing
No lag at all
I'm holding the mace of Molag Bal

Bethesda is repping Elder Scrolls Online
But don't forget about Wolfenstein

Activision are back to back with Blizzard
Dat Division

[Toby Turner]
I'm freestyling
My style is free
Actually, I...
Paid a fee
For the clothes that you see
I'm here at E3 2013
You know what I mean
'Cause I said it in English
Sometimes I sing-lish
Woo hoo hoo hoo ho
For no reason
Singing singing for no reason, it's the season
For the re... a... r... r... ra...
That rhymes, mother...

[Dan Bull]
Man, my rhymes are tighter than Busta's
Standing side to side with Tobuscus

Sonic at the top
Like a boss hog
Everybody's getting watched
Like in Watch Dogs

Xbox privacy?
That is a delusion
Fake, Mickey Mouse
Castle of Illusion

I burnt my forehead
It's pink as hell
I should have kept under cover
Splinter Cell

Diablo three'll make me crazy and scared
Like I've just seen an alien

I've been bitten by a zombie
That'll feel raw
So what am I still on the Battlefield for?

Soon it's gonna be a dark night
Let's go, I'm hungry

Scourge: Outbreak

length: 2:04

[Verse 1]
Ramiro Cortez
A hero caught
In the middle of an era of war
Or a dark assassin
With a darker past
Who will start to blast
Before you’re part of the action
Try to match your reaction to him
Don’t make me laugh
You’ll be trash in the bin
How are you going to handle a man
With the stamina to run
From the west of Alaska through Canada?
Who’s up next?
Let’s flip the damn switch
And it’s Victor Dantrix
Using military skill to his advantage
Putting a finish
To your tricks and antics
You’re in a bit of a pickle
Fix a sandwich
As I rap so fast
It’s a different language
Vocals roaming the globe when I say
That Stonewall’s only a phone call away
So when

There’s an outbreak
A scourge
Get your weapon drawn
It’s not a metaphor
Better call Echo Squad
There’s an outbreak
A scourge
Get your weapon drawn
It’s not a metaphor
Better call Echo Squad

[Verse 2]
James Lang
If he asks for a hand
Then you best say yes
Scotland is the land that he’s from
And as a result
He can toss you with one hand
I’m referring to cabers
Not glands
The only thing he’s wacking off
Is a shotgun
Solid as a rock man
With a dangerous secret
So you better pray that he keeps it
Tarn’s not the NSA
But if you leak it
Your face’ll need a re-fit
Slapping you
Smack in the face so hard
That the glass of your mask
It’d crack and then shatter
And make those shards
The slow-mo part of the trailer
Your brain’s going to know by heart
Don’t try this at home in a scuffle
You’ll damage the bone in your knuckle
She’s a Russian-American emigrant
Burnt by chemicals
The depression is evident
Mind messed up
Like the pallor of her melanin
Never mind feminine
Never mind heroine
Her enemies better be clever
Whenever they get her
‘cause she’ll end the five
Six, seven, eight, nine, ten of them
You’ll have to find another set
Of hired guys
With the Firefly
It’s like
“bye bye!”

There’s an outbreak
A scourge
Get your weapon drawn
It’s not a metaphor
Better call Echo Squad
There’s an outbreak
A scourge
Get your weapon drawn
It’s not a metaphor
Better call Echo Squad

Failure is not an option

The Crew

length: 2:34

Watch Dogs

length: 2:28

I'm smacking a man with a baton in hand
That is the plan
Blasting a gat at a gang
(Quick) Bang (Bang bang)
No matter how fast they ran
I'm packing the baddest of backup plans
Attackers, I hack them and transfer the data then
Crack with the elbow the prat has just fell over
Blast 'til the last man stands
The flick of a switch
The sprinkler spits
An image of somebody nibbling fish using a chick as a dish
This is ridiculous shit
(Haah) Call it tomfoolery
Who's the girl? The one with the jewellery
I'm sneaking up on any fool that be
Foolish enough to believe he's as cool as me
Popping a shot in his noggin and holding a hostage
Who folded and told so I hold off from offing him dead
One shot in the leg and walk off as he begs
Now the coppers have entered the scene
I've left them and fled as I head to the street
Thinking they got me but I'm not backing down
Stop the clock and the city is blacking out
Lagging out
I'll grab you now
You panic as I ram a police man into the ground
And now they've gone and found the human trafficker
The Superman with the computer
Is after you pursuing and hacking you
Wherever you go I own every zone
Heavily loaded with loads of the cleverest pro kit
Wrecking the road with my tech as my phone
#9litcHes# *Glitches*
A second of code into the system
And I'm dressed up as a regular Joe
In regular clothes
And nobody could ever expose it
Oh sh*t
I'm ready to just rev and then go
Ever so slow then wait to accelerate whenever the moment is
(Go) wait...
I'm ready I'm going in
Picking up a ticket for the method of my driving?
Nah, I'm skiving
I am wickeder than wicked
And I take it into hiding
Quicker than a whippet (Where?)
In west riding
Whipping out the whip
It's hide and seek
Quick, let's whip inside and see
If I can divine a unique
Design that'll silently peek
Behind every blind
So I can provide
Any enemy with a violent surprise
Survey the scene it's Aiden Pearce
Don't care who your agency is
You're facing the meanest surveillance genius
Leave an imprint of your face in the street
Just DDoSing
And tossing them in the sea
Cause I'm an MC
Constantly watching and seeking
So watch what you're speaking
Stopping a chopper from dropping a spot
In the spot that I be in
Got to be leaving
Pealing off on my feet like socks on a hot day
Leaping off of the bar
Good evening, officer I just need to see the bars
I've got on my phone and leave you lot in the dark
Now the city's power is ours
And I'm devouring it stopping the heart
I'm on a boat
It's obvious I'm a boss hog
Watch Dog
Watching the watchers I've got to log off

Battle for the Planetside

length: 2:51

[Verse 1]
I’ll nuke the New Conglomerate
I’m a Super-Don with it
Apocalyptic popping clips like Chewing Gum and if
The Vanu Sovereignty obviously got to be cross at me
It’s because I’m possibly one of the
Hottest technology properties
You’ve probably seen
You never can touch this
I’m a fellow to crush gits
With every couplet
So bell up the Terran Republic
And tell them they’re getting their nuts kicked
You’re outnumbered and down for the count
Fumbling around as it is getting louder
The sound of my sunderer
Thunderclouds are coming
So get underground or something
‘Cause I’m the real deal, sealed your fate
Best stay at your warp gate
My method of taking you out’s
In really rather poor taste
I leave you sautéed
NS-60 brought flames
Then I bring it back again
Like this upcoming chord change

Sign up
To the battle for the Planetside
This is a theatre of war
Not a pantomime
Think you can hack it?
Only the baddest can apply
So back up and decide
What kind of man am I?
A brand new kind of interplanetary samurai
The type to ram your mind into a brand new paradigm
And if the damn reply is yes then
Get down to the Planetside
If the damn reply is yes then
Get down to the Planetside

[Verse 2]
I use a flash and flank, shoot your battletank
Boost my battle rank, boot a frag into your ranks
A brutal hacky sack – You losers poo your pants
Nappy rash
This isn’t a hack and slash
You need precision for hacking
Stats seem to indicate the fact you lack panache
Infiltrators: grab the stash
Liberator: have to dash
Back to the harasser fast
Mission failure? Nah, we passed
And smack the actual crap from your candy ass
People get mad at me for repeating
“Do you have any batteries?”
Like Peter Griffin I’ll leave you
Grabbing your knee in agony



length: 1:57

The Glade of Dreams is in danger, my friend, so…
Wake your mates, preparate for adventure
The tension and the suspense is getting immense
A set of events that doesn't make any sense
Enter the dream team
We've got the teensies
A little blue big nosed load of wee beings
Then we've got Globox
My best chum
Whose refreshingest of beverages
Is a cup of plum juice
Barbara the Aryan Barbarian
There is barely a woman wearing fierier hair
And then there is nobody on Earth who so rarely
Frowns as infrequently as Murfy the Fairy
And now for the star of the show me, Rayman
Slightly insane, man
I might need a brain scan
Hey man! Ha! Hoo!
It's Rayman! Ho! Ha!
Hooray, man! Ha! Hoo!
It's Rayman! Ho! Ha!
The Bubble Dreamer is deep asleep
And he seems to be
Struggling with a heap of trouble
In his dreams and this means
For us that there is going to be
The meanest of repercussions
Just look at these stacks of paintings, they're captivating
We took a little peek and they snapped us straight in
Racing all over the world with my good chums
Taking out all the horrid little hoodlums
I hope you've got good thumb reflexes
To get enough good lums to afford a Lexus
It'll cost you an arm and a leg
‘Til you're looking like me
Just some garms and a head
But I don't consider it a disability
Having no limbs gives ridiculous agility
Hey man! Ha! Hoo!
It's Rayman! Ho! Ha!
Hooray, man! Ha! Hoo!
It's Rayman! Ho! Ha!
I'm an acrobatic combatant compatible with rapping
Because my reactions are faster than actual magic is
A manic man with detachable hands and his gang
That's all that stands up to battle these anarchists
Running around, I jump on the ground
Up and then down, look what I found
Strumming it loud in front of a crowd
A wonderful sound
Hey man! Ha! Hoo!
It's Rayman! Ho! Ha!
Hooray, man! Ha! Hoo!
It's Rayman! Ho! Ha! Hee!
My name's Rayman
And I'm the main man
My name's Rayman
And I'm the main man
My name's Rayman
And I'm the main man
My name's Rayman
And I'm the main man
Hey, man! Ha!

Grand Theft Auto V: The Mighty American Dollar

length: 4:17


length: 2:16

[Verse 1]
I am Aiden and I reside inside of the mind
Or right by the side of the life that I have been tied with
I’m a violent type of vibrant light
That scientists have tried to describe
Since I was thrown along with Jodie
The only one to know me
Disowned by her folks to a zone so lonely
Caged for precaution, strange little orphan
She has a knack for actions, replacing the talking
We give a demonstration to Nathan Dawkins
But all it takes is for Clayton to walk in
The situation changes
I may need a forfeit

The truth’s twofold
Seek what the truth holds
Peek through the view to beyond
Two souls

[Verse 2]
Hark, I’m the noise that you hear after dark
The cold chill feeling that you fear with half your heart
There’s no need to train me in martial arts
A supernatural human, that’s all
Imagine you in that form
Picture what you would do
If you could choose the platform
Traverse the universe, moving through the back door
Schrödinger's H4XOR, what did you kill that cat for?
Is it Jodie or Ellen Page? Deity or David Cage
Reality’s a game we play, grab a seat and save the day
I saw a snail crawling straight across a razor blade
And it escaped unscathed, no sign of violence
There’s no use, it’s futile trying hiding
I am Aiden


Life of a Trucka

length: 2:28

Metal Gear Solid

length: 2:26

Warrior filled with metal gears
Walking the size of a metal gear
Refer to me as Raiden
Feel the wrath of my blade
And view my metal gear
Slick as a gray fox
With the telekinetic ability
Of a psycho mantis
With the moves of an ocelot
I'mma show the whole world
What my plan is
In a metal gear rex
Or a metal gear ray
Launching a rocket
Predicting your moves
Plug into a whole new socket
Why? Cause I'm watching
I'll sever your arms
While reading the data
On your memory card
You're never as hard
I'm solid like Pliskin
When rhyming my mission
Snipe from the distance
A lyrical depiction of greatness
A son of liberty with Guns of the Patriots
On a substance where I need water
Or I'll trip out and won't be a peace walker
King Cobra, Snake Eater
When I start rising I'll blaze speakers
'Till the day that 6 is a massive name
Making rappers go ghost
Bringing phantoms pain
A master swordsman that you can't handle
Solid Shizzy with liquid Dan Bull
You spit sick gamble lose your profits
You'll be crying wolf with no way to stop it
I'm a big boss turning artists purple
Bringing all the sorrow best call the colonel
Raw for sure, yo
You ain't on my level
Hence why I posses your woman like Meryl
Never gonna settle
I'm never gonna be suffering
Waving a finger right at the government
Weapons at the ready from my head to my socks
Like Snake's trademark I'll put you in a box
Sneaking around, not a peep or a sound
From my feet on the ground, but if people have found
Me then I down these with a leap and a bound
Then leave like a thief in a crowd
I'm the lead lethal elite
Look at me, can you see the physique? Sweet
I need it for griefing and breaching the peace
When I'm breaching a keep, but I keep it discrete
You will see what I mean when I creep knee-deep
In the evil and leave with not even a squeak
To me, people seem inane
And when they see my name it doesn't mean the same thing
Me? I've got the meanest aim, think
I was a Green Beret, I never squeeze and pray
You better leave in haste, believe you may
Never see the day or breath again
(A snake in the grass
I lay awake in your path
And they are making a massive
Mistake if they ask if
I've faith in the task - their face
I'm taking it fast, and breaking
It past the point their next
Of kin could name it from snaps)
You're not up to the skilled task
Your style's like me, it gets old real fast
Genetically modified, what a guy
So I often wonder why I have only got one eye
I'm a clone, so I'm not alone
Grown in a test tube, I'm the best dude that I know
I'm a son of Big Boss, but I don't give a toss
Because I'm a bigger boss, pick a sod and flip them off
I'm a raw dude, cutting all through you waves
Like the blade of a sawtooth through a raw fruit
But call me Snake Plissken and you're risking
A major plagiaristic lawsuit

The Wolf Among Us

length: 2:02

The Battlefield 4 Rap! Yay!

length: 3:16

[Verse 1]
Oi, my name, is Daniel Recker
Join my game, and Dan'll wreck ya
Do me a nice favour
Get out of my face or
I might take a whole skyscraper
And even more later maybe three to four acres
Plus every map from Paracel Storm, Resort to Dawnbreaker
Sneak into my Flood Zone, you're cover's soon blown
I'll turn your dog tag into a little tombstone
Is this a revolutionary game or just a new clone?
Who knows?
Judging by the sales figures, you don't
Man, I could stand here and shoot for hours
'Till I've taken out everyone of the three global superpowers
A vision of the future, 2020
My vision's super duper, 20/20
I'm equiped with many shooters, plenty, plenty
Big Bang, Sheldon Cooper, Penny, Penny

Battlefield 4, Battlefield 4
The best Battlefield since the Battlefield before
Battlefield 4, Battlefield 4
Is it Battlefield 3?
No, it's Battlefield 4

[Verse 2]
You know Dan's mission is make a Rogue Transmission
Set the dial on your radio and listen
What happens when you open a platinum battlepack?
You get a single track CD, this battle rap
You're the PC, to my Apple Mac
Fundamentally opposed, so get out my habitat
I'll blast mags, even more than Jackfrags
Point at all the things with the same finger with which I snatch tags
It doesen't matter what I see these fools toting
I just double it up, dual scoping
One for each of your prepubecent balls, grow some
School's open, and I leave every rule broken

Battlefield 4, Battlefield 4
The best Battlefield since the Battlefield before
Battlefield 4, Battlefield 4
Is it Battlefield 3?
No, it's Battlefield 4

[Verse 3]
I've got a bull's head, I think I'm a minotaur
I shot you fools dead, extinct, like a dinosaur
Look at you crying now, what you whining for?
You can either leave through the window or by the door
There's a pile of corpses by your fortress
Who left that there?
Well, I'd have thought it was me
'Cos I'm the type to counter-knife y'all
Wipe the blood off my brow and say "wow, how delightful"
A knife in a gunfight, this is how it's done, right?
If I didn't give you a chance, it'd be unpolite
There's panic in the streets, Humberside
You are not safe here, Honey Pie
Ask Bonnie Tyler what I did to her heart
I more than eclipsed it, I ripped it apart
I'd rather play Battlefield than with her tits and her arse
Regarding military ditties, I turned it to an art

Battlefield 4, Battlefield 4
The best Battlefield since the Battlefield before
Battlefield 4, Battlefield 4
Is it Battlefield 3?
No, it's Battlefield 4

Hip-hop-ha, clippity-clap
This is the Battlefield Rap, yay!