Generation Gaming V Album

Artist(s): Dan Bull



length: 5:14

We learned to band together and endeavor
Clasp our hands together
Man developed language, letters
An incredible advantage, getting plans together
But would we stand the test of time
Against the planet's reckless climate
And its angry weather?

[Verse 1]
Spread the sails
And head west against the gales
And storms aboard Norse longboats
With decks as dense as nails
Our aim was riding waves
And finding, claiming strange horizons
Invading islands
Native populations slain with violence
Enslaved and made to aim skyward
Think of bigger things - sphinxes, pyramids
Raise them high in the name of different kings
The different things we've held sacred, divine
Through places and times
The range of supplications and rites
Through ages we find
Nations arise
As old civilizations crumble to dust
Becoming strangers in time, waiting to die
Replaced in the night
The day breaks and the light changes
Illuminating newer human faces as fights rage
The human race is facing the might
Of righteous states who would write
The history books even if it took a knife's blade
To find the right page
Sengoku Jidai
Men offered to die
For the honor of a warrior's life

[Verse 2]
The sun's coming and we're watching it rise
As a new era's here, it's as solid as iron
Pull the tongs from the fire
Strike the hammer to the anvil
Craft a weapon to bring an enemy to a standstill
The blacksmith is the wizard that gives us
These powers - devour enemies
Leaping down from the siege towers
The better the tech is
The lesser the effort to wreck it
The less time to see their eyes
And feel sympathetic
Never regret it
A true knight never stays a true blade
Never says touché
But would forever lay in blue rays of weathered glades
To demonstrate his never-ending dedication
To the crusade
Reformation through flame
And after the cremation is a new age
Time's quill is quick to spill its ink onto a new page

[Verse 3]
The faces are the same as when in days gone
But brains are cultivated thus creating
The Renaissance
We're still using steel tools to stay strong
Replacing blades with greater trades
Pen and paper, song
Faith in God is tested, hiding in the desert
Men excited, then enlightened by the scientific method
Tried describing its expression
By inscribing his impression
When applying it to heavenly bodies
That everybody reckoned
Must have been made by a creator or a greater force
Nature's author faced examination never faced before
The grace of horse and rider
Replaced by wars and violence
Debased the laws of science
Made the case for all the pious
Why is it progress always leads to loads of mess
The western region spread across the globe and coalesced
Settlers spread disease with effortless ease
Was it reckless or did it just happen inevitably?
While evidently we never can see
Through the lens of this century
But there's no retreating now
Whether or not it was meant to be

[Verse 4]
The seven seas were sailed
Navies prevailed
Leaving trails of devastation in their wake
As people wailed
A world of wonder plundered traded in the name of progress
But human nature's way shows we should expect no less
Oh yes, struck by the realisation this is just civilisation
In the natal stages of industrialisation, trust me when I say
That previous achievements are just child's play
Compared to this colossal school of thought
We set the world ablaze with fossil fuel we bought
It's an epiphany
Giving us pretty much infinite energy
It's electricity
Edison, Nikola Tesla - different inventors
Giving us everything we depend on
Whether it's engines, cinema, television or telecoms
Sending a message and spreading it on
These unreal frontier channels
We develop the tech and then sell it on
The reel travels round
With the speed of a machine gun's barrels
Machinery's a meaner beast and we're still in the saddle
No need for cavalry - battle superseded that with ease
Allies and Axis
Charging each other like batteries
A power vacuum allowing the superstates to flourish
Redistribute the food even if it means people are malnourished
Propaganda is the only view that you're allowed to publish
Cause totalitarians are well aware of how to punish
Gunning down numbers countless
For doubtless nothings that they've done
But that won't stop subversive insurgents
From coming out with courage
Using their power to the fullest
Whether creativity or demonstrating general relativity
Evidently when we find time to be efficient
Einsteinian clear vision can reveal the precision behind the blinds
Nuclear fission
Despite derision
Physicists decide the mission is dividing, splitting atoms
'Till a blinding light is given, quite efficient
The divine right to mankind's plight is christened
A minor decision hijacked by politicians
But as long as they listen to the will of the people
Treat all as brilliant equals, we can achieve more
Than we've ever conceived before

Leave this poor place
Please explore space
Earth, she's a small base
Even more awaits
I implore great leaders
To lead with all the grace
Of which we're capable
And be the author of your fate
Band together and endeavour
Clasp our hands together
As our ancestors have
And stand the test of time forever


length: 3:34

Counter Strike Porch

length: 1:52

Smash through the gates of the nuclear plant
Not just some dudes in a van, we're goin' through with a plan
Maximum impact's the thing that we're after
We're gonna bring back the Big Bang Disaster
These guys are contriving a crime of the violentest type
We'll find them inside, we must deny them this crisis in time
Christ, there are five, so be quiet and hide
Because silence is vital when tryin' to surprise
You want to die or survive in the prime of your life?
'Cause this moment your time to decide
Get ready to open fire and fight
But not till you spy the whites of their eyes
Got him right in the side with a sawed-off
He well nigh blew my balls off
There's a sniper up high and we might be too late
I'll provide cover fire
You tryin' to escape

Yo, lock and then load
You're about to die
Stop the bomb from explodin' in Counter-Strike
I said, lock and then load
You're about to die
Stop the bomb from explodin' in Counter-Strike

Boom! Headshot
Fock your mom
Aagh, you dropped the bomb!
Mate what, come on?
Make your move
Wait too long
Too late, you lose
Not so fast, man
Watch when I throw this
Holy crap! It's a flashbang!
Oh shit!

I'll be laughin' when you all die
Your number's up, M249
He's got the aforementioned gun!
Take cover, aim another grenade
What the-?
I set us up the bomb
Several seconds and it's gone
We'd better bloody run
They're wrecking it, come on
Fancy a cocktail?
I can make a molotov
This is gonna burn the hair on my bollock off!

Yo, lock and then load
You're about to die
Stop the bomb from explodin' in Counter-Strike
I said, lock and then load
You're about to die
Stop the bomb from explodin' in Counter-Strike


length: 2:02

Dungeon Keeper

length: 1:39

Me? I'm horny, short for the Horned Reaper
I'm chums with the Dungeon Keeper
Unbelievers better take a step back
Because I set traps till they leave your necks snapped
Forget a pimp slap switch up the syntax
Take away the P, see I deliver Imp Slaps
There's a slim chance that you've ever seen an enemy
With melanin as red as this; the menacingest skin rash
Better bring your shin pads
Cause when I swing axes
There's an equal need for medicine and bin bags

I'm horny, short for the Horned Reaper
I'm chums with the Dungeon Keeper (x2)

(Verse 2)
You ought to have taken a tad more care
With your fortification cause that wall there's
Gonna fall and then cave in, I'll nab your lair
You'll be sore as the day when I stabbed your bare bottom
And in case you've forgotten
I hail from a place that is fatally rotten
So debased I can make even Satan pee off
And I must say that is painfully often
Your safe, I'm unlockin', knicking your millions
Sticking your minions straight in a coffin
I plunge in to your dungeon, lungin' through your little buggers
Like I'm cuttin' through an onion
Under ye' foot, plunder ye' loot
Funneling your funds to me, can you compute?
The heart of your dungeons the dungeon heart
I'm taking pleasure, breaking it and pulling it apart
Then take your treasure, claiming it, as bullion in carts
Now you see red, I'm the bully in the dark

I'm horny, short for the Horned Reaper
I'm chums with the Dungeon Keeper (x2)

The hand of evil strikes again!

Gone Home

length: 2:09

[Verse 1]
My name's Kaitlin
I've been away since this time last year
Ages and ages
I've been abroad
I't been a long road
But I'm getting bored
So I've got aboard and gone home
Get through the door
I don't really know
Where anybody is
As if there's nobody home
Hopefully though
I'll find a clue
It better be a joke they're trying to do

I've gone home
And I'm on my own
I've gone home
And I'm all alone

[Verse 2]
I've been around everywhere
Nothing found yet
I've looked outside
I've looked downstairs
I've looked upstairs
Tell me now where?
I'm well scared
This is getting pretty out there
Where's Mom and Dad
Where's Samantha
Somewhere in the mansion
There's an answer
Have they left?
Are they dead from cancer?
Kidnapped by the Feds or gangsters?
I'm wracked with a sense of dread
So deep i could believe it was a necromancer
There's an atmosphere that's noxious
Something bleak and evil watches
But there's nothing here but sheets and boxes
Nobody's holding people hostage
I just need the key
To reveal each secret
Like a seasoned locksmith

[Hook] X2
I've gone home
And I'm on my own
I've gone home
And I'm all alone

[Verse 3]
I'm losing my mind in a psycho house
So I pray no lights go out
It's just me, my lone self
No family, no life, no sound
No clues so I know nought
And I'm bloody terrified on my own, HELP
All I have is letters and scraps
No weapons except for this map
I'm desperate for something better than that
If I have any chance to defend from attacks
Not there is a hatch
To enter the attic
It's the place that I've left to the last bit
Now I've got the key
I'm prepared to get past it
I need to know either way whether it's tragic
Or whether my head has gone mad
And so I hold on to my breath
And then grab it

[Hook] X2
I've gone home
And I'm on my own
I've gone home
And I'm all alone


length: 2:24


length: 2:24

[Verse 1]
I'm a dastardly master thief
The chance of you actually catching me
Is but minimal I've maximum mastery
Mastered each of my skills to the max, you see
That's the key
I treat combat as last and least
Because I vastly prefer sneaking past with ease
But if I have to, I'll attack from the back, crack
Snatch your key and stash that in my knapsack
This isn't the way the planet has to be
Handcrafted skills killed by factories
Fat cats are treating talent nastily
Somebody has to redress the balance and it's me

I'm a thief, a man upon a mission
I'm a shadow in the corner of your vision
Taking all your things with no need for permission
I'm a man upon a mission, I'm a thief

[Verse 2]
Freedom lies where I hide in the shadows
I desire to strike into the light
Like the flight of an arrow
I creep through the narrow streets
And the breeze sends a shiver through my marrow, see
I haven't much left in the war chest
So I best make a quick trip, visit Baron Northcrest
There's a right tyrant
So I might have to end my silence
And get a mite violent
Cause if I don't
Then Orion'll be vying for a fight
And his style and aggressiveness
In Rhetoric are quite diametrical to mine
He'd rather break a window
I tend to pull the blinds


[Verse 3]
I lived in a realm that I doubt was jocund
But this new town's nought but rotten
Greed and disease and the sound of coughing
Drowned out by the crowd in the House of Blossoms
We could recrown it in the House of Sodom
There's a sea of people out need help but sod them
Leave it long enough it'll be no doubt forgotten
Like the time Xiao Xiao said I felt her bottom
I hear the tick tock of the tower clock and
It means I better nip off out for shopping
Prowl atop inns, the crippled burrick pub
Down I drop into the city that I love
The pinnacle of criminals; I slip in from above
A night owl with the philosophic mission of a dove
When there's no one left to police the streets
And keep the peace
You best leave it to me
The thief


The Stick of Truth

length: 2:09

The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot

length: 2:43


length: 2:45
Hop in the Titan
With the aim of stopping them strikin'
I'm not going to lie
It'll probably get properly violent
You should eat your greens
Because you're lackin' in iron, man
I don't mean to talk beanstalks
But I'm jackin' your giant
I've seen gore beyond belief
War machines torn up like magazines
Fragged to smithereens with C4
Rock you like a see-saw
Rucking's what I breath for
Drop you into free fall
And pop you when you respawn
Free runnin' and free gunnin'
Among the debris, becoming elite
Keep runnin' your mouth
I'll separate your gum and your teeth
I find it funny you keep
Comin' back for more
Like Oliver Twist did
When he risked it
'Cause he really wanted something to eat

Are you big enough?
Tell me are you big enough to ruck with me?
Reckon you're big enough?
Tell me are you big enough to ruck with me?

You're talkin' all that
While I'm ignorin', walkin' tall
While I'm takin' great strides
You were barely taught to crawl
I'm a fighter personified
Warts and all
You've never fought a war
In all your life
Why, we all can brawl
You've not got the balls
To drop and fall
Hop from wall to wall
Adrenaline is setting in
A veritable smorgasbord
Of fluids runnin' through you
Like a sewer or a waterfall
You're short of all the gall you need
And so you're sure to fall
Check my vortex blocker
It could more or less stop a chopper
While I take a break to make a mocha
Make a mockery of you
You can't refuse
I made an offer
Leave you shakin', quakin'
Mate, you need to take your beta blockers

Are you big enough?
Tell me are you big enough to ruck with me?
Reckon you're big enough?
Tell me are you big enough to ruck with me?

Yeah, I think you're rather justified
In feelin' mugged off
Every attack you tactically attacked with
Atlas Shrugged off
So spray me with de-Ogre-ant
That stuff just rubs off
I stride up in my Stryder
And tear your lugs off
My smart pistol is rippin'
And pullin' apart gristle
Leave a dark ripple in your chest
You need kevlar nipples
I blast missiles at trolls
For laughs, giggles and lulz
So I wouldn't advise gettin' involved
If you're not MLG
A shower of empty shells
As everyone around me's
Shredded into bits
And sent to hell
No one's ever started somethin' with me
That ever ended well
Whatever pilot or Titan tried it
In the end they fell

Are you big enough?
Tell me are you big enough to ruck with me?
Reckon you're big enough?
Tell me are you big enough to ruck with me?

Are you big enough?
Tell me are you big enough to ruck with me?
Reckon you're big enough?
Come and have a go, I'll knock you off your feet

Surgeon Simulator

length: 2:21

Hi, I'm Nigel Burt
You might know me as the guy that lurked
In the hospital pulling back the final curtains
Savin' lives is my line of work
I'm overworked
And I'm overpaid
Nobody else gets home as late
No time to poo
No time to wee
To go on a date
No time to sleep
But regardless
Of what they're payin' me
I'm the hardest in the A.N.E
A couple o' whiskeys
A couple o' Baileys
I'm ready for my shift
Gimme the blade, please
This is an emergency
Third degree burns
Leave the patient
Waiting in purgatory operating with urgency
We can't take an eternity
Blood loss rate is discernably worse
Than the state of my purse
On my late anniversary
That's why I stay here so late
Just to earn a fee
That's why the patient is lay
His tag is lay on display(?)
To this infirmary
Yeah, I may have made a mistake
There may be stains on my apron
But baby hey, I'm just sayin' that when the table is shakin'
In the back of an ambulance
It's a little difficult to keep on track what your hands
Are doin'
Oh Golly
When you're on a trolly
Tryin' to find the right tools like where's Wally
If I was you I'd be crying for my mummy
I'd give you a tissue but I've got not one on me
I'm a little unprepared
But luckily you're not in a position to be runnin' scared
Caught you unawares
Unsheath the ties(?)
Now you asleep give me a pizza knife
What are you worried about
Too scary?
I'm just the new tooth fairy
I'm coming for your calcium
Like a loon let loose in a dairy
When I said I'm not a dentist
What I meant is
Of all my skills it's just a percentage
My qualifications might be invented
But I won't get better without trying to attend to you
Dentally demented
I tend to need apprentices
Because a tendancy
To comprehend
More than me I generally pretend it
And so far I've never been suspended
Kid theatre?
I'm territorial
Less surgical more gladiatorial
If this gets any more gory I'll put it on YouTube as a tutorial
I've been awake on call for days
My eyes are redder than when I went to UltraLaze'
Not a qualified eye surgeon
But I can't help but help when your eye's hurtin'
See I'm a nice person
Chris Martin
I'll try to fix you
Quick stick a heart in
And I start to weave
Hit an artery
Make a chest cavity
Big enough to park in
Demographically set in the present(?)
Increasing the speed
That you'll get an inheritance
I never get dumped for medical negligence
Not because I'm good
But 'cuz I bury the evidence
Demographically set in the present(?)
Increasing the speed
That you'll get an inheritance
I never get dumped for medical negligence
Not because I'm good
But 'cuz I bury the evidence
Chop chop
(Ha ha)
Your life
In my hands