Generation Gaming XIX Album

Artist(s): Dan Bull

Cover Art

Dan Bull Generation Gaming XIX Cover Art


Call Me Mei, Bae (Overwatch Rap)

length: 4:20

One Shot [Explicit]

length: 3:03

Wynona's Big Brown D.Va

Trials Rising Theme Song

length: 3:22

Crystal Maidens [Explicit]

length: 4:11

Pimp My Rig

length: 3:51

Freedom Cry

length: 2:12

Steamworld Quest (The Epic Rap of Gilgamech)

length: 3:05

Apex Twink

length: 4:26

10 Years of Borderlands [Explicit]

length: 6:43

The Sinking City

length: 2:30

Magic: The Swaggering

length: 3:16