Generation Gaming Album

Artist(s): Dan Bull

Cover Art

Dan Bull Generation Gaming Cover Art


Generation Gaming

length: 3:59

Monopoly was not for me
Chess made me stressed out
So the only way I could get down was with
Pocket electronics and bleeps
Ever since my Game Boy made toys obsolete
I've been a well behaved boy
That played inside and stayed off the streets
Yes, so I got my electric shocks
From Tetris blocks and Mario Land
But there wasn't much room for much for mushrooms
I was the man, man
With the pad in my hand
Hammerin' at it while eating my breakfast
Bein' the best
That was the plan
Beatin' the rest
And leavin' them breathless
Please believe me
Nobody could beat me at Tetris
I fuckin' rock
Droppin' blocks like heads
I'm choppin' blocks
I was on some Next shit
And I still got a flame
For puzzle games
Like HD Hexic
But when the PC came
My gaming taste became eclectic

This day's grim (It's raining)
It's raining
What wonderful weather for gaming
The sun's blazing (The sun's blazing)
So let's stay in
It's wonderful weather for gaming

I was the geeky one
I really wanted a PC CD-ROM
And got it
8-mega RAM
A CRT screen
She was some top kit
Free moments were devoted
To keystrokes
And the odd click
Far more into dark forces then
Even the Star Wars kid
And Civilization II is a brilliant game
That you really should play and I still do today
Computer games improve your brain
It's proven, mate
So if you behave in stupid ways
Then please refrain from blaming GTA
I really hate excuses
I may just shoot my teacher's face
Nah, I'm already embroiled
In getting these Tesla coils
Ready in my base
The Russians are comin'
With trucks full of gunmen
I need to be safe
But maybe the green beret
Could lead the way
And see us through
At least till we replace
The PC games
With PS2

This day's grim (It's raining)
It's raining
What wonderful weather for gaming
The sun's blazing (The sun's blazing)
So let's stay in
It's wonderful weather for gaming

Takin' control of
Somebody else's console
With no remorse
I was so debauched
My only thoughts
Were total scores on Tony Hawk's
Or runnin' amok
In Smuggler's Run
Smugglin' guns and drugs
For fun
And pullin' a gun on
Any NPC I see or stumble upon
GTA III made me inclined
To kill repeatedly
The spinal chills of Silent Hill
Are still on my mind and
Creepin' me the fuck out
Look out, pull out your sawn-off shotgun
'Cause there's a hot zombie nurse
That wants to hurt you
And cut off your oxygen
But as much as asphyxiation
May be lots of fun
I've got a crush, a fixation
With PlayStation
I'm in love
So I said to the PS2
"Me and you need a breather"
Then in 3 clicks
I ordered an Xbox 360 off eBay

This day's grim (It's raining)
It's raining
What wonderful weather for gaming
The sun's blazing (The sun's blazing)
So let's stay in
It's wonderful weather for gaming

So we switched teams to the 360
Glitch free
Lots of slick features
HD, HDD, I don't miss leads
Gears is my gear
But I gets my hits from Hitman
The BioShock has Mass Effect
As I sink into Oblivion
Splinter Cell's mint as well
And Rainbow Six takes no prisoners
It's the business
And the cover system's fuckin' wicked
Duckin' and chuckin' a frag
Blind fire from behind
Piles of rubble and zippin' them up in a bag
I'm lovin' the lack of health packs
Puttin' a plaster on a fracture
Or a shrapnel gash
What the hell's that?
In the new generation
of computer gamin'
You hold the left trigger half way down
Or let the computer do the aiming
So what are you complainin' for
"The Forza scoreboard's been reset"
Shut up and improve your Gamerscore
Before you get the dreaded Red Ring of Death

This day's grim (It's raining)
It's raining
What wonderful weather for gaming
The sun's blazing (The sun's blazing)
David's raiding
It's wonderful weather for gaming

E3 2010

length: 1:04
Hmm, so
Another E3
Another hard year
Less about games
This time about hardware
Sony announce PlayStation Move
Which is apparently some kind of luminous spoon
And it wasn't inspired
Or had anything to do
With the Wiimote
Remotely, I promise you
Then Kinect got shown off on the Xbox
Yet another extra add-on at an extra cost
Nintendo announced 3DS
That lets you see 3D without 3D specs
Who wants the reason for all this E3 tech
When there hasn't even been a decent game released yet?
Remember when gaming was about, well, gaming?
Not jumpin' up and down in your lounge and waving
It's like every year we see the same things
"Aliens seize earth and face off against space marines!"
Well, the whole gamin' scene yawns and waits to see
Whether any of the developers have any innovation up their sleeves
But it seems not
And that's a shame to me
Maybe I should just shut up
And wave at my TV

Let's see somethin' better at next year's E3

Take Me to Oblivion

length: 1:53

This is a letter to Bethesda
In which I beg you to stick together
For the new elder scrolls and you flipping better
Other wise I'm going to pester you forever
Except when I'm playing fallout new vegas this November
But please we need another elder scrolls
If I don't get another one I'll go out of control
Sure fallout was a hole different level and it was incredible
But it didn't have the visual elegance and mistic mythic elements
That lifted it through excellence and into sheer perfectionism
Transcendence isn't something I'd expect sitting next to computers
But what you presented to us is beauteous
Playing oblivion made me oblivious to my surroundings
How could a game be this intricate
But after a thousand hours of play
I'm inthralled with it all now to this day
I've found an escape from the imperial prison of everyday living
So take me to oblivion again
Take me to oblivion again
Take me to oblivion

Thanks dan I couldn't have put it better
Get it together Bethesda or we'll keep penning you letters
Being a vault dweller was special but wet was forgettable
So I'll never settle for anything less than an elder scrolls
Consumed by blood moon swallowed by morrowind
When I step into oblivion I'm instantly lost in it
Escape the modern concrete office monotony
But not only when I pop the DVD rom in the slot and unlock my dreams
Grab my magic hat daggers and a wabbajack
Pack them in the saddle bag and travel through these savage lands
Is quite depressing how obsessed I was getting
With checking out every chest to collect every set of weapons
I sand on the planets edge and gaze at the Hazy sea
It's crazy how ones and zeros behave so amazingly
Take me from these rainy streets
Please take me to oblivion again
Please Take me to oblivion again
Please Take me to oblivion

Fallout 3

length: 2:25
Never mind a Rolex, I got my Pip-Boy
And I'm ready to make some
Capital in the capital

Look, ever since they dropped
The atomic bomb
You've been hold up in Vault 101
And since your momma's gone
You focused on abilities
Perception, endurance, intelligence, agility
Your skill in these categories is clear
And apparently you'll be needed
And since your daddy's disappeared
Now you're a big boy
Got your own Pip-Boy
What you need to succeed
Is a pistol to destroy
Anyone who's dumb enough
To look for trouble over here
I've had it up to here
With the fuckin' Overseer
Kill him or go with stealth
Don't let nobody see it
Now you're overground and out
And the coast is clear

Here, a wild frontier
Is what we see
A post-apocalyptic Washington D.C.
You should be headin' on whatever the direction
If you're a clever one you'll be visitin' Megaton
You'll meet the residents
And the Sheriff Lucas Simms
Now you can help him out or end up shootin' him
This sort of drama can cause your karma to diminish
But you do what you need to
When you choose to win
It's law of the Wasteland
So all of you wastemans oughtta stay back
And get a tool face abd when I pull out my strap
and activate the V.A.T.S.
There's no way that
I'll let these twats escape the blast
I'll blaze away but the way my
Rants are raising fast
A super mutant high on Psycho couldn't take my ass!

I've never seen a blade of grass, this place is shit
So I need to locate the Garden of Eden Creation Kit
But before I do that, man
It's time for action I have got to find the balance
In between the rival fractions
The battle's gettin' hyperactive
Radioactive, Reilly's Rangers, Talons and the savage Raiders
Packed in conflict with the Enclave
Crushin' Us under the heel
But I keep it bloody real
With the Brotherhood of Steel
We're heading for the war to end all wars
Not to mention all the sentry bots
Centaurs and deathclaws
You best pack a deadly force
Or you'll end up gettin' in more
If you think that just a stimpak is plenty for
Level up, get better heavy weapons and perks
'Cause no matter hard you are there's an enemy worse

It's the motherfuckin' D.A.W.G.
Three Dog!
I'm on the radio in Fallout 3
You better make your way to Rivet City
And speak to Doctor Li
About Project Purity
When you installed John Henry's FEV
Or will you connect the GECK and set the people free?

I Wanna Put My Willy in GTA V

length: 1:15
I hopped onto the net today
Saw a link to the trailer for GTA
So straight away I pressed play
In wait to be blown away
I saw a couple walk
Through the mist on the beach
The pink light blissfully sweet
You could instantly see
The emission of heat
The sand on your feet
And wind from the sea
Joggers run past on the promenade
Then the camera pans up long and hard
There's no mistakin' it
From the palms in the valley
We're in L.A.

GTA: San Andreas
A familiar name to the badass players
But as beautiful as it is
It could use a couple of clips
Of gore galore
A smorgasbord of footage
Of Bloods and Crips
Popping some clips
That was one of the best things
Hey, is that Carlton
From The Fresh Prince?
Loads of peeps on the hard streets
But no sign of a car thief
My God, I hope I get to actually
Drive a wind turbine

I couldn't give a fuck for a crop duster
I want to hit a cop
With a knuckle duster
Don't psychoanalyze me
In real life, I'm quite nice, see?
I see Tai Chi and exterminators
Have replaced Hot Coffee like a percolator
Not rock climbing and a driving range
Let's see more signs of guys in pain
I want an overload of action shots
Those moments happen lots
And are why we play GTA
Everyday and simply cannot stop

Grand Theft Auto V
Grand Theft Auto V
Oh, isn't it exciting?


length: 1:25
Who's rapping
I'm not over keen
I'll dice 'em like a knife
Slicin' right through an aubergine
My dragon shout flow
Is sweeter than a soda stream
You won't believe your eyes
I'm like an overload of dopamine
A broadsword in one hand
And a magic spell in the other
I'm the last of the Dragonborn
There's no other my brother
So run for cover

If you got scales
Then I'm on your tail
And I will not fail
Like a free-roaming
Sandbox game
I'm of the rails
I'll walk the trails
Through awful gales
And storms of hail
Till all the nails
Are knocked into your coffin
I'm not stoppin'
Till you're impaled
And I've prevailed

In the name of the Nords
I pray to the Lords
You'll all get a taste of the blade of my sword
I'm taking on hordes of enemies
I face them with hordes of weaponry
They're draining my force
So chemistry comes into play with retorts and recipes
Alchemixing like a DJ
Restoration restore my energy
My legacy
Odyssey, elegy, prophecy's-
Written in heavenly bodies
And buried with every body
That ever did bother to mess with me
Deadin' them terribly
I'm a celebrity
You're a wannabe
I'm a prodigy
The suggestion that you're better than me
At being a warrior?

It's a gift to me
I don't just spit flames lyrically
But literally
And the Elder Scrolls are scripts in which I've written your obituary
I am the Dragonborn
Wearing a hat with badass horns
I'm Dovahkiin
Known globally
You're nobody at all

One More Block

length: 2:48
So, alot of people want to know what "MC" stands for
"Is it, uh, 'microphone controller'?"
"Is it 'Master of Ceremony'?"
Nope, certainly not
It's Minecraft!
And I am Dan Bull

I've got to admit
I rather like playing Minecraft
Even though the graphic style's
Older than an iron bath
Creative's great but on survival
I am crap
It's like the beginning of Oblivion
With the giant rats
Swingin' my fists around
And all I hit's the ground
This shit's tricky
And I'm not spittin' about the Bristol sound
Wish I could be whipping out
A pixelated pistol, pow!
Pigman down
Now let's hit the town
Before I got this game I promise you
I did go out
But I've given it up for bricks
I'm clinically addicted now
I need my fix
Or else I'll never leave my little house
Until I make it bigger
When my finger simply clicks the mouse
It fills me with a sensation of power
That's why I'm building me a sensational tower
To compensate for the shame
When I gaze down in the shower
I've played for hours
I need to wee, so later
I'll have to change my trousers

Just one more block
And I swear I'll stop (Swear I'll stop)
Just one more block
And I swear I'll stop (Shush)

Never mind beta blockers
I'm playing beta
And the blocks keep dropping
Like SEGA's stocks lately
I'm taking mobs down
Like a crazy cop
It'll take a hand amputation
To make me stop
Go figure
My axe and crafting table made me lots
Gold digger
Bigger than Kanye and Jamie Foxx
Behaving like an 80's b-boy
Breaking rocks
Remaking the Museum of Buildings
At Avoncroft
It's like a Lego set
With infinite bricks
And no chance of your vacuum cleaner
Pickin' up the bits
When I feel philosophical
I sit and look at it
And think I'd rather dig
Than touch Vanessa Hudgens' tits
It's like a game of Jenga
Without your friends beside
And there's a side
I'm quite eager to emphasize
Of course it's a geeky venture
Are you then surprised
Someone made a life-size model
Of the Enterprise?
I went and tried that myself
But I got bored quick
Although I still managed to replicate
The Borg ship
And all it took
Was one brick
And one click
I know what you're thinking
No need to say it
I'm sick

Just one more block
And I swear I'll stop
Just one more block
And I swear I'll stop

"You play Minecraft?
Oh my God
You're such a square"
"Yeah, I like Minecraft
It's positively delicious
Dan Bull
Do you dig?
I do"


length: 1:16
Call it parkour, but hardcore
I make killing an art form
Death's cold taste, sweet as Carte D'Or

No need to start wars for a difference of opinion
Gimme the name of your antagonist, I'll stick 'em in the ribs
Because I'm an assassin, one with a passion for innovative rapping
Droppin' so fast you're probably havin' a problem to follow the captions
I'm so ahead of my time, I'm probably rappin' backwards
I'm a scholar of Latin with a masters in dispatchin'

Anybody that's hasslin' one of my customers
I cuts them up and shuts them up in a casket
What you've got to do is ask
And I'll have grabbed and then stabbed them in the abdomen that minute
And be finished with the killin' before you've finished with askin'

A bird of prey with Terminator's murder rate
I'm servin' plates of pain up like a perverse buffet
Take you to the pearly gates
I'll impersonate a passerby
You wouldn't bat an eye until your circulations pacified

So practiced, I couldn't count the crimes I've perpetrated
How many spines of vertebrates I've snapped
My raps travel through sound and time
Reverberate through generations, permeate
My serenade regurgitated through a nerd rapper's recitation to your earthly playlist

So I'd say this was a revelation
(Was a revelation)
A revelation
(A revelation)
A revelation
(A revelation
A revelation)

Skyrim Accident Helpline

length: 0:45
Are you a Skyrim resident?
Had an accident that wasn't you're fault?
Then call the Skyrim Accident Helpline now

"I used to be an adventurer
But I took an arrow to the knee"
"I was right in a dungeon, with my companion
When he carelessly stepped on a pressure plate
And I was smashed in the face
With a spiky metal grid
I had to spend two weeks off work
Recoverin' in the Temple of Kynareth"
"I was in the middle of an epic battle
With a frost dragon
When I slipped on an icy patch it had made
And grazed my shin"

When restoration spells just aren't enough
Skyrim Accident Helpline can help you
Claim the compensation you deserve
There's no Fus
If you don't win
You won't pay a single Septim
So give us a shout on
No lollygagging!

The Old Republic

length: 1:52
Forget the Rancor, Daniel's in the lion's lair
I'm a starfighter, you're flying Ryanair
I visited BioWare, dined on their chinaware
With a pipe, a pair of slippers and reclinin' chair
I'm aware my rare dialect's more fluent
Than a protocol droid with a rhymin' flair
I'm gettin' quite a strain in my neck
'Cause I've got a bigger brain than a Twi'lek
Yep, I'm called Dan, I'm a Star Wars fan
Far more than you, I'm hardcore, man
From Korriban to Coruscant
Alderaan to Dromund Kaas
I drop the hottest raps
I am the top of the class
I'm a Jedi Knight, led by my skill
To kill whoever I like
I'm a murderer, you're a nerf herder, bruh
I got ya coffin, I don't mean tubercular
I'm an Imperial Agent, you're merely a vagrant
Look, Jabba the Hutt's butt's nearly as fragrant
I can take a track about the Old Republic
And make it so banging it becomes a club hit
I'm a bounty hunter about to plunder
The Senate for 100,000 Credits
So no doubt you wonder just how I get it
Bumping louder than the sound of thunder

You're more annoying than a crowd of Gungans
A bloody Ewok could get you out your bunker
I'm a Sith Inquisitor
You're nothing but a Gullipud Prannock
I'm a Planetary Governor
And I'm a smuggler, you're ugly
Your balls haven't dropped, you must be a juggler
Rub-a-dub, three dugs in a tub
Two of them are being buggered
So you must be the buggerer
Space hustler, straight huffin'
And then puffin' and then blowin'
Your space station up
In a ball of flame, no ball and chain
'Cause I take no prisoners, I'm causin' pain
A devout Sith, straight out the mythology
Taking out colonies easy, you're helpless
I easily leave each of you outlived, yeah
You should have a bad feelin' about this

Dan Bull
I've got a massive collection
Of original Star Wars figutes
Many in the original packaging
I've got a Yak Face
I've got Yak Face
Type in 'Yak Face action figure' on eBay
That's how I roll

Modern Warfare

length: 2:15
This is for my cousin Alex
Yo, I'm John "Soap" MacTavish
Done loads of damage with my gun
Blown up baddies
And then totally vanished
So keep your eyes peeled
And your lips tight sealed
Or you might feel
The might of my riot sheild
Forget Battlefield
And feck the Batmobile
You might as well be playing blackjack
Or Track & Field
Dragon slaying's aggrivating
And it lacks appeal
Button bashin'
Cuttin', slashin'
Nothin' that is real
I've got the knack to wield
A plethora of weapons
Level up again
Collect the set
And come for seconds
I'll kick your RSASS with an MP7
Then I'll kick your arse (Ass)
Send you to the heavens
Yes, I'm quite divine with a Type 95
I bet you couldn't even type "95"
I'm not pulling your leg
I'm putting you to bed
With a bullet in your head
So goodbye, nighty night

Ayo, I'm dropping tons of songs
In Cluster bombs
A Tuff Gong
So If I'm not your #1
Then there's something wrong
Suck your mom
I've done a ton of run and gun
You've done a runner, son
I run amok amongst these other
Motherfuckin' chumps
I'm a son of a gun
You're the son of your mum
There's not another that's as good
Under the sun
More than the sum of my parts
Pull you apart for fun
I'll serve a server full of nerds
As I'm the hardest one
Between you and me
I'm a UMP
You're a pea shooter
Doing stupid to a T
I'm sure Yuri can do a free beautifully
And Captain Price's tracks are nice
But they lack the
To satisfy my appetite
If any prat'll mess with me
Then he dies
So blast this MP3
Like an MP5

You don't need a statistician
To see I smack the rhythm
With a degree of accuracy
That's needed for atom splittin'
That's precision
When I'm rappin' about matter, fission
Having a laugh with physics
And still bringing cracking lyrics
To challenge MacTavish to a battle
Is a bad decision
I'll kick your ass on any map you pick
And have you wishing that you didn't
Little lad, you lack the jism
To come back and tackle Britain
And in fact this is an actual acquisition
Of Activision's rap division
And Daniel's mission
Is to kick the ass of competition
I'm a handy mix of Andy McNab and Biggie
And when I smoke a fag
I don't mean that I have a ciggie
Sorry for the homophobic slang
But that's what happens
Idiots'll thrown a frag
And blow up faster
Than my rapping videos
Although I love kittens
I'm a great softie
But don't tell anybody
Stay frosty

Mass Effect

length: 2:33
Mass Effect
I'm Commander Shepard
The man with the method
To brandish a weapon
And then handle the geth with it
I'm an effortless hero
My rhymes shines brighter than Element Zero
Bringing more fire than Emperor Nero
It's the end of an era, yo!
There's something mysterious with Saren Arterius
Committing violence against Nihlus
I'm furious
I'll chase him from place to place
Base to base
Until we're face to face
I'm serious
From the Sirius Relay to Artemis Tau
I'll tighten the net, I'm not far from him now
I'll fight all the geth till that bastard is found
And leave his heart in the ground
I'm the southpaw outlaw scoundrel
Bringing down more tools than a whole ground force
Listen out now, fool
It's pretty damn doubtful
That I'll be sitting down with the Citadel Council
The Reapers are keen to bring about your downfall
So me and my team are about to flout laws
I'll introduce to the whole of my party
Garrus, Liara T'Soni and Tali
Wrex, Kaiden, Ashley, Joker, the Army
You roll with an asari
Older than Atari
A krogan that'll leave you cold within a heartbeat
My team's hotter than a stolen Ferrari
Can a volus go shoulder to shoulder with me?
My ship's seen off more foes than a Somali's
So we're going on safari
To the far reaches, it'll be gnarly
Seeing stranger creations than DalĂ­
And breaking more faces than Arnie

Mass Effect 2
Blown to pieces
And reassembled
I don't believe this
It's bleeding mental
But then again, with these credentials
Can they be blamed for believin' me essential
I don't want to be nervously lunchin' with Cerberus
I'd prefer to be punchin' a journalist
Soupin' up all my guns for the skirmishes
In which I'll puncture the firmament
I'm bringin' a lyrical Mass Effect
My skill it'd kill a million billion massive geth
Commander Shepard's formidable syllables
Hitting the pinnacle, it's a miracle
That commands mass respect
Incontestable, I'm a professional
But my new boss is less than respectable
So you better cover up your testicles
'Cause my next method's something of a spectacle
More fresh and raw
Than a vegetable
Coming from the underground
With the hunger of a Thresher Maw
I leave the rachni with a black eye
Slap pyjaks with a backhand
Never act nice
Rap lines sharper than cacti
Or the bite of a varren on a barren planet
Baptized in flame
Rise again
In fact, I'm insane
Providing pain, back from the afterlife
Packin' an appetite to invade
This ain't a drivin' range
But I'll leave you with eighteen holes
Inside of your brain
Like a Swiss cheese
Bitch, please
You'll disbelieve the manner in which I kick frees
Bringing Sci-Fi to your Hi-Fi
Is the highlight of your lifetime
With ease
This is just the beginning