I Wanna Put My Willy In GTA V Album

Artist(s): Dan Bull

Cover Art

Dan Bull I Wanna Put My Willy In GTA V Cover Art


I Wanna Put My Willy In GTA V

length: 1:16

I hopped onto the net today
Saw a link to the trailer for GTA
So straight away I pressed play
In wait to be blown away
I saw a couple walk
Through the mist on the beach
The pink light blissfully sweet
You could instantly see
The emission of heat
The sand on your feet
And wind from the sea
Joggers run past on the promenade
Then the camera pans up long and hard
There's no mistakin' it
From the palms in the valley
We're in L.A.

GTA: San Andreas
A familiar name to the badass players
But as beautiful as it is
It could use a couple of clips
Of gore galore
A smorgasbord of footage
Of Bloods and Crips
Popping some clips
That was one of the best things
Hey, is that Carlton
From The Fresh Prince?
Loads of peeps on the hard streets
But no sign of a car thief
My God, I hope I get to actually
Drive a wind turbine

I couldn't give a fuck for a crop duster
I want to hit a cop
With a knuckle duster
Don't psychoanalyze me
In real life, I'm quite nice, see?
I see Tai Chi and exterminators
Have replaced Hot Coffee like a percolator
Not rock climbing and a driving range
Let's see more signs of guys in pain
I want an overload of action shots
Those moments happen lots
And are why we play GTA
Everyday and simply cannot stop

Grand Theft Auto V
Grand Theft Auto V
Oh, isn't it exciting?