Megaupload Album

Artist(s): Dan Bull

Cover Art

Dan Bull Megaupload Cover Art



length: 1:27

Oh bugger noes
Megauploads cover's blown
Even without SOPA, theyre never coming home
Although, its good to see Americas priority
Is fostering a trustworthy realtionship overseas
Make money giving away things for free?(Ah!)
Why can the Majors do similarly?
It seems silly to me
Not to persecute the perpetraitor
But the method of delivery(Wee!)
And if the deed is true
Then we need to shoot
The postman for evil deeds we do(Uh!)
And should you receive a nasty letter
Then Bang!
I hope Postman Pat gets better
Seize his red van, vivisect his cat
Burn all the letters in his sack you'll never get 'em back
If ever that did happen there'd be revolution in Greendale
Retribution and we'd fail
Unless we take a stand
And for legal reasons I better clarify I'm not inciting any illegal activity just merely civil protest to show that I'm just rather annoyed that I use Megaupload to host my own album
And now the majors have taken it down - what?
How is this supposed to help independent artists grow to be healthily self sufficient?
Well - it isn't
Given that your only future cell is in a prison
I could tell you now there's a million similar sites
You could shut one down every night and never (?)
So with regards to megaupload
I suggest we get a truckload
Of (?)
So we can prove the internet isn't a place for disrespect
And if we stick together, they'll never disconnect
From it

Megaupload (Instrumental By Benny Aves)

length: 1:27