The Garden Album

Artist(s): Dan Bull

Cover Art

Dan Bull The Garden Cover Art


Summer Rain

length: 4:27

Open your little door
Step out into the downpour
Listen to the sound your
Listen to the sound your soul makes
as if it's soulmates
with the ground
The rain falls down
The ground
The rain falls down
to the floor

The summer rain has come again
The pavement sizzles like drizzling lemonade
Oh, and the sunlight seems unlikely
to be on my cheeks for one fine evening

There's nobody else around
absence has a powerful sound
blades of grass are fine enough to make a scalpel proud
Alka-seltzer sizzle drizzle pelts the ground
I can't help myself but shout aloud
to tell the crowd
that while they're out, I'm out of bounds
I could flee til my knees hurt
feel the breeze in my t-shirt
but there's so many aesthetically pleasing things here to see first

The summer rain has come again
The pavement sizzles like drizzling lemonade
Oh, and the sunlight seems unlikely
to be on my cheeks for one fine evening

Flowers bob, nod and rattle
under fat drops of rain big as apples
and the street steams like a kettle, singing
each bead a little a nettle, stinging
my skin in a million different places
Precipitation amidst the vegetation
the British air is changing
and sitting under parked cars there are kitties waiting
watching me pace by
I stop and then say hi
The summer rain has come again
The pavement sizzles like drizzling lemonade
Oh, and the sunlight seems unlikely
to be on my cheeks for one fine evening

Could never sing, but I sang though; Dionysius
air rang with the tang of a mango; delicious
living in a fictitious middle English mangrove, that's been kissed
with the liquid sunshine that some find in Orlando
I hang under the jungle canopy
catching an undiluted glimpse of clarity
refracting through the prism imprisoning my sanity
for all the laws we're living in anarchy
causing wars, it's giving me anomy
the rows of windows are frames inside a strange gallery
of apathy
inhabitants happily having tea
Warm water colours reality
washes away the banality
The summer rain has come again
The pavement sizzles like drizzling lemonade
Oh, and the sunlight seems unlikely
to be on my cheeks for one fine evening

My hair is getting wetter
The air is getting fresher
Before the storm I'm sure I could barely bear the pressure out
but it's getting better now
It was one of those horribly hot days
The barometer's ominous clock face
was something Hieronymus Bosch paints
From Shropshire to Gloucester to Warwickshire
forests of conifers congregate like choristers
and praise displays of flowers as a florist does
Knowledge buds and blooms in the soil
Olives crushed producing an oil
to lubricate the mind
illuminate and shine
a human ray of light
right through the rain tonight
It just might quite save a life

The summer rain has come again
The pavement sizzles like drizzling lemonade
Oh, and the sunlight seems unlikely
to be on my cheeks for one fine evening


length: 4:27

[Verse 1]
At eight or ten I wondered why my voice wasn't breaking yet
I was impatient to get from A to Z
So I'd break a sweat, play cassettes in my tape deck
Waiting for the day I could step to a stage
And get paid respect, paid a cheque
Maybe other kids would even play with me then
It's great to pretend the tune was written for you
That's why you sing with the radio while it ignores you
You perform awful but feel a lot better
Boom Boom Boom, Her Come the Hotstepper
Even back then my preference was funky
But less funky house than House in the Country
Syncopation, soul, anybody ill with it
Other kids had Whigfield, I was feeling Bill Withers
And to this day I'm still with him
Because nothing beats a sweet voice on distilled rhythms

I'm digging up my roots for you
Cooking up a little tuneful food
Come to the garden for a barbecue
And chill with me

[Verse 2]
Before I even saw South Park on TV
I know by heart the South Park CD
GTA: 1969 opened a life long affinity for Trojan
Return of Django, Skinhead Moonstomp
Music of Jamaican origin liberating my boom box
Too young for Appetite for Destruction
So The Offspring were my rock introduction
That was all I needed to be free
A CD with some power chords shredding like a power saw
"Fuck me, wow" I thought
How can plucked strings be this powerful?
But then I found another source of auditory debauchery
This naughty teen though was sweet
I bought a CD by an emineMC
Called "Hi! My Name Is Slim Shady"
I played it on my hi-fi daily
It never seemed to cease to amaze me
He'd say some crazy things
That were great for a teenager that needed danger
I'd replay the lyrics amazed
At the way the images would flicker inside my brain so vivdly
An outsider, a country bumpkin
Sitting inside with the Outsidaz bumping
There's something about the rhymes
Nothing else quite does as well, I love it
Cypress Hill: Live at the Fillmore
I'm not going to lie, that film was raw
Each rap I heard, each film I saw
Inspired me to build my skills some more
So I bought more CDs to imitate
Believe me, back in the day it was great


[Verse 3]
I had piano lessons after every school day
But my patience was thinner than an anorexic
I didn't want to play ballads anyway
I had a daydream of breakbeats and a pen and paper
So I said I'd make the make believe real
And make some real reel to reels like B-real
But the magic's made on computers today
So I used Magix Music Maker
Read the instructions, learnt all the book
Taught myself big beats like Norman Cook
Always cooking up a new track
Though with no microphone I couldn't actually do rap
That was too bad, but it wasn't too bad
Cause I'd already forgot and had a new fad
Threw away The Source, bought a new mag
Made new mates, talked in a new slang
I was a punk rocker now, proper loud
Would you believe I grabbed the opportunity to fuck about?
But what about the music? I've gone and lost it now
So I grabbed a guitar and started rocking out
Made a band with my mates called Matrons Apron
We played around, made some tapes it was great fun
Full of belly laughs
Even received a brief mention in the Telegraph
Just a couple of kids, played a couple of gigs
And then my mated moved on but fuck if I did
Obviously too late, got a copy of Cubase
A lot of tunes made, now it's today
I've innovated, took my inspirations in and made them
Into an original addition to you playlist
So now I meditate about how to elevate
Cause Safe was just the safety net to let me levitate

I'm picking my best fruit for you
You're the one, and I'd like tea for two
Come to the garden for a barbecue
And chill with me

Friends with Benefits

length: 2:35


[Dan Bull]
Look, fuck buddies, I want to be fuck buddies
Turn the subwoofer up in the trunk and bump uglies
Give me a hug please, I hold a little too long
I'm coming on a little too strong
You're getting blushed cheeks, so we'd better move on
Get a move on, I'm in above my head like a bouffant
Take too long and I'm afraid you've gone
And I'll have lost another lady, but gained another new song

Yes, let's be friends with benefits
My love life's suffering a deficit
Let's be friends with benefits, friends with benefits

[Dan Bull]
I've never been especially eloquent
I'm as elegant as an eccied elephant
My etiquette is evidently ever in development
But when I'm in bed then I'm in my element
I promise, honest, we'll listen to some Ella
Fitzgerald then we'll get it on with the leather whips
The morning after the night before we caved in
Cavemen and cavewomen craving the fornication
I'm never sure if it's safe but I'd say that it calls for some glorification

Yes, let's be friends with benefits
Because I'm ever such a clever dick
Let's be friends with benefits, friends with benefits
Yes, let's be friends with benefits
My love life's suffering a deficit
Let's be friends with benefits, friends with benefits

There's so much history to tip-toe around
It's hard to keep afloat when the ship's going down
Once we danced at the disco in town, with both our hips going round

[Dan Bull]
I realised through seeing your eyes, it was the genesis
Of the end of friends with benefits
I'd been increasingly feeling affectionate
It seemed that revealing my secret would get a kiss
So I leaned for the hell of it
And you ripped the beating thing
From my chest and then severed it
You're a prejudiced feminine supremacist
Nevertheless you're getting sex from your nemesis

Let's not be friends with benefits
Because I'm ever such a clever dick
Let's not be friends with benefits
Because we'll never hear the end of it


length: 4:03

That's funky

[Verse 1: Dan Bull]
I am a bit of a difficult hypocritical prick
Who'll always get into a pickle, but the sins I commit
Are all above board; this is for everyone I've got love for
Who helped me up through the window by the shut doors
Pulled strings, untangled the web, and cut cords
And if you didn't assist this, then up yours
My business is to give hits to kids
That have been amiss from the industry hit list
This flow's for those who were bullied in school
You'll grow to show those tools that they don't rule
This is for those who are bullies in school
You'll realise you can be nice and fully cool
Some of us look back at that as the worst days
Others still suffer that exact crap in the workplace
From virgins that never had a first date
To unwanted babies that never had a birthday
This is for single moms, working three jobs
To keep your sprog in the Reeboks that he wants
This rap's for single dads, fighting to see their kids
Crying, thinking if they even understand he exists

Here's some acknowledgement

[Verse 2: Dan Bull]
I've set the controls for the heart and the soul
Of those whose woes have hardly been told
Too many hearts of gold are treated like pyrite
So it's high time I tried to set this bias right
Feeling low? My lines'll leave your hopes high as kites
Incite delight like a cherry bright sky at night
This vocal's for locals who are frightened in their neighbourhood
Refrain from leaving home at night; afraid of violent raping muggers
For the same buggers doing crime to pay for drugs
It never meant to end this way, you're stuck; pain sucks
Change looks like something that'll never happen
But if I let that thinking win, I'd never end up rapping
For those in prison, those who did and those who didn't
The victims that they did it to and those who witnessed it
For those who overcome their hopeless bitterness to show forgiveness
Whether you do or don't is no-one's business
For those who wish to string them up until they know their miseries
Life's a winding hillside road and the slope is slippy
For the people upon the picket lines
Miners who down their pick and strike
Strive for a different life
For the silent majority
Tightening your waistline to prop up an economy
You probably hadn't a problem with til the bottom dropped off of it
But now you're picking up the tab and haven't got a tip

[Verse 3: Dan Bull]
This is for the elderly, sitting in their chairs alone
Or bedridden in a bug ridden nursing home
A verse devoted to you, and who you truly are
The same you that you've ever been, I've seen you shoot for the stars
But gravity ravages things savagely
So let my lyrics lift your spirits up from incapacity
Cause I'm the captain of this flagship actually
And you're a VIP invited to fly the galaxy with me
This is for the carers, looking after another
I understand you want to be more than just a mother
How can you have a lover, or any other life
If you couldn't find someone else to come and grab the cover?
Changing a duvet's much easier with two, hey?
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday
For those stuck at home, chronic illness, health problems
A lot of guilt makes you want to kill yourself often
What little help I can offer to soften the blow?
Can't invent anything off of the top of the dome
But you've not been forgotten and I just want you to know
Wherever you are, my flow will boldly go
I swear by the Father, the Son, the Holy Ghost
Jehovah, Allah, Muhammad, whoever holds the most
Control over the souls of the unappreciated
It will keep ebbing away every day that people play this shit

I try to recognise
Those who've been left aside
Come aboard my enterprise, and boldly...
I try to recognise
Those who've been left aside
Come aboard my enterprise, and boldly...

Kelsey Bears

length: 3:16


[Dan Bull]
I got your cards that you bought me, ignored them
Because I thought calling would cause me a boredom
And of course I'm ashamed to admit
That every birthday wished me further away
From your midst 'til I couldn't face taking the risk
I guess I lost my faith a little bit
But then I realised a fundamental basic
More than any other you encouraged me to be creative
So it might quite belated, but I love you, Margaret and David

The Kelsey Bears

[Dan Bull]
You were with me in my first days
But then I shut myself away during the worst days
A half-baked reason why I'm worth cake
But now evelen star birthday is part of my wordplay
And you bought me a calligraphy set
I'm ashamed to say I haven't done calligraphy yet
I was a little perplexed and treated with neglect
And yet now I make my living fiddling with text
Some of your gifts still bring back images
The little set of carve farmyard miniatures
The tree was my favourite piece
And it still is when I play with my niece
So yeah, I've done myself a favour at least
Now I'm back on the rails and I'm taming the beast
In a similar way to how my birthday cake did
It's time for you two to be celebrated
So it might be quit belated, but I love you, Margaret and David


[Dan Bull]
Photography was obviously a hobby each of you wanted me to do
I never got into it properly
But now I love it, kind of like a kid with broccoli
My tastes took time to develop in the dark room
And now I can't do without it, honestly
You offered an option and I made you feel you'd been forgotten
Now the season's hot and Evesham's lost
Some leaves and blossoms but let's speak a little
Let's speak a little more often


Top Down

length: 2:40

[Verse 1: Dan Bull]
I'm basking in the sunlight, hi-hat sizzling
Snare cracking like it's blasting in a gun fight
The pattern of the drum's tight, kick pumping in your stomach
Something like the aftermath of a drunk night
Daft cunt, see I like music that has spunk
Thrash, pop, rap, punk, drazz-wop, jazz, funk
I'm beginning a vinyl collection
Thinking of buying all the decks and equipment then hitting the nightlife with a vengeance
But I've got a penchant for sitting in silence
Headphones hugging my noggin, I'm nodding my head to the said tones
I might be flesh and bones, but when I do a verse
My vibrations disperse through the universe
We can see the frequency, percieve them through the channels
I need a deeper feeling please, leave me with the ammo
White noise, clean my teeth, weaken the enamel
Street life's a squeeze like a needle to a camel
Please, I would leave in peace, retreating with the mammals
While leaves of trees are green at least, creeping in my camo
But a bee could see through these with ease, keys of a piano
Basked in light from black to white, from BC to Anno


[Verse 2: Beit Nun]
There's no questioning Ben as an artist
My musical palette's not like yours
So the same brush I'll never be tarred with
I'm a sucker for a Hendrix guitar lick
But not a purist though, Kendrick Lamar's sick
Mate, head to the bar quick
And fetch me a large drink
I'm ready to get this cigar lit
Beer garden, start a party for the neighbours like
No sympathy, Marley and the Wailers, and Bacardi with a chaser
It's getting late so it's time to slip something a little harder in the shaker
Bit of Marvin on the playlist, then The Temptations
Followed by Smokey Robinson, we marvel at the greatness
I'm Syd Barrett on Interstellar Overdrive
I'm John Bonham in a hotel on a motorbike
I'm Ray Davies on a sunny afternoon
I'm Ian Curtis, I'm John Lennon, Bob Dylan and Keith Moon
Music helped me get through all I've been through
When just me, you, and the beat loop, how can I feel blue?
I've got videos and photographs if you need proof
I've lived, though I gave my plot away in the theme tune
Beit Nun up in your iPod docking station
Feel free to get up and leave if you're not relating
But if you are, take a seat, I'm down for the long awaited conversation
Two bonding strangers have when they're off their faces


Bum Your Shit

length: 3:07

Dan Bull
Seven days of the week my brain's at it's peak
That's the payback you reap from being a blatant geek
Then maybe you'll see why so many people feel it
My speech is lethal, meaning feeble people fear it
But if you fear it maybe you need to re-hear it
I talk about what other lyricists are scared to
I tackle issues you wish you could dare to
And fair do's if you're sticking to the horrorcore
But don't go moaning that nobody's wanting more
Sitting on bean bags listening to weed rap
Bitching that the kids would rather hear Relapse
Don't you see that you're missing the point?
'Cause no-one gives a shit what you stick in your joint
So if you're disappointed then learn a lesson
Convert to better methods and then heads'll yearn for seconds

We don't bum your shit
So come up with something better than it
When you're the only one to bum your shit
Then come up with something better than it

Joey Gzus
Look, mmm, I've got to be real
There's not a lot of rappers out here that I honestly feel
You see me, I'd bite your hand off if you offered a deal
'Cause I've got kids that need warm water and a quality meal
For real, I pride myself on being versatile
Like my hooks Auto-Tuned, still keep the verses wild
So if you don't like me singing on my hooks
Then don't listen - the fact is, I couldn't give a...
Look, they're acting like they're Premier League
Forced multi-syllabics over knock-off Premier beats
In a scene where everybody seems to be next in the scene
And the need to be credible is becoming incredibly weak
Gzus, let's keep it moving
'Cause for people to feel your music you need improvement
Like live shows where you get your respect
They're like trapeze acts 'cause their life depends on the net

We don't bum your shit
So come up with something better than it
When you're the only one to bum your shit
Then come up with something better than it

Dan Bull
Too many rappers just rap about rap
There's a whole world out there, rap about that
What happens now is a matter of fact
So if you want to keep it real, put that on a track
I stand back to back with novelists and poets
Activists, journalists, and those that show it's
An ugly world out there, when it should be beautiful
But if beauty is truth, then I stay true to form
Who'd have thought the class clown would back down
Into the background and lay some fat tracks down?
I stand proud behind what I believe
And what I believe is I can't believe what I've achieved
Every step of the way I get better
But nevertheless I make it my aim to elevate every day
No matter what it takes it's worth paying the price
'Cause the day you stop learning is the day you die

Wisdom Teeth

length: 3:14

The Quiet Viking

length: 3:58

There's a delicate line between a friend
And something else
And I've never been quite sure
How to tell

[Verse 1:]
Heard words that weren't there in your body language
As a buddy I thought I had an advantage
I knew you, you knew me
And I briefly believed in the power of magic
Seeing you smile was the ultimate pleasure
Fishing for compliments, I was hunting for treasure
Summoned to heaven, platonic love becoming untethered
The way you'd comfort me when under the weather
And how we'd cuddle together under your umbrella
You must think I'm such a dumb fellow
I'd have done better leaving it alone
Even if I'd known we were going to grow; be with different folks
I was going to plant a seed and let it grow free
Then an oak tree develops slowly
Now the leaves on my future family tree
Are fruits imaginary
And I'm so lonely
Oh, me...


[Hook 1:]
Tighten up your bowtie
'cause guys in your position don't cry
Do not be frightened - really you won't die
Your deeds and writings reveal you both sides
Lighting up on the roadside
Driving over the strobe light

[Verse 2:]
It's the rise of defiant Dan; I'm a quiet man
But still spent time inside in a riot van
Blindsided without the benefit of hindsight
My eyes were as wide as a frying pan
You might summise I'm devising a higher plan
Redesigning my life with an iron hand
It's now or never
I've got to pull myself together
Can't waste days staying in the house forever
Come out to the desert
Now there's a westerly breeze
Please, I need help with the zephyr
You could knock me down with a feather
But I'll still be grinning with the mouth of a Cheshire
My last album was a hell of an effort
Daniel wrote the manual on how to endeavour
And if ever there was a doubt that I'm clever
It's down to the fact that my talent's without measure
I've found treasure now my business is pleasure
I can infinitely tessellate my lyrics at leisure
And any way you spin it, it just gets fresher
An intricately illustrating MC... Escher

[Hook 2:]
The quiet viking is how I'm known, I
I'm strident in style, although shy
And I don't even know why
So I'm either enlightened or I'm just so high
I can see the lighting upon the roadside
Driving over the strobe light

The quiet viking
The quiet viking
(The quiet viking) (x4)

Last Cigarette

length: 2:35


[Dan Bull]
I'm back in this habit
The tobacconist grabbing a packet of fags
And passing it back as I hand him the cash
The transaction is tragic
A moment of magic, as I open the packet
And go for the wrapping, in only a moment I'll have this fag lit
The sad fact is I'm an addict, I need a hit
Of nicotine just to breathe and it's obscene
Just between us as a kid I disbelieved a brittle leaf
Mixed with heat could leave you feelin' incomplete without it
So blow the smoke out quick, you'll feel terrible
However you will have achieved something incredible

This is my last cigarette
I've done enough that I have to regret
This is my last cigarette
I've done enough that I have to regret

[Dan Bull]
Bringin' a whole different sting
To the thing you hold in your fingers
They're stained since you imitated
The behavior of your favorite singer
I know you stroll to the cinema
And your role model's holding a Marlboro
The image is vivid and so you're sold the whole
Till your soul is a prisoner moulded in miniature rolled in a Rizzla
Held in a wrestling hold 'til the finisher
You're choked out, so blow the smoke out
No doubt : self-control's what's killing you


[Dan Bull]
This is my last cigarette, I've done enough I have to regret
Without gasping for breath, asking for death
In return for the active effects
As many a heroin addict has said
It's addictive as smack, you'd be daft to inject
Skip the needle and the needle skips
As I tap my fag, let the ash hit the deck
Stood on the back step in the rain
And never complain 'til my fag's wet
Splashed out, cashing the cheque
Ash, ground; ground, ash; have you met ?


[Dan Bull]
I stub the nub, enough's enough, I'm good
I would gladly have another fag, see but the fact is I'm done
It's off my chest, and I'm impressed
With my willpower, nothing less
Face my fate at 88 miles an hour, time travelling
As my life expectancy expands and I feel like a younger man
You need to fight the hunger, Dan
You're done, you can (you can) you can
I can (you can) I am



length: 3:11


[Dan Bull]
I bring the beat to life, speak my mind
People take a peek inside, believe I'm nice
Hear me defy thee to even find an MC as deep as I
A decent guy sweet as a piece of pecan pie
When he combines beats and rhymes
Even blind people might see the light
Beaming bright either side, gleaming like streets at night
So seek and ye shall find peace of mind deep inside
No need to read the fine line prints or reason why
Don't even try, ask me and I will be your guide
Lead you by the hand and you will see the sights
Feel a vibe tease your spine and leave you feeling fine
You'll be excited to be alive
From calves, knees and thighs to heartbeats and minds
We can lead a life of peace and kindness or we can fight, just

Rise, until the sun's in your eyes

[Dan Bull]
My eagle eye will read between the lines
And see the lies these deceivers write
They cynically decide the things you need to buy
And then repeat the cycle until the people all believe it's right
We need to realise it's free to be polite
And treat a being like he or she is being equalised
Don't know why we demonise and penalise
Effectively illegalise genotypes
What happened to being nice
To each and every being we see alive ?
Treat them right
That's why me I keep on trying to lead a vegan life
Though cheese is nice, we eat the seasons, spices
Denying the beast beneath has rights
Cause keeping meat inside us is a sign that here lies
A survivor, no need to read the rites, we succeeded quite
Well enough, it's tough enough to put the greed aside
Even I let ego stride in and feed my pride
But if we can rise above conceit and fight
For love, then we can climb the peaks 'til finally goodbye
From our teeth and eyes to hearbeats and minds
You've seen us lead a life of peace and kindness
Get off your seat and...


Tiny Tiny Prayer

length: 1:09