The King Spits Album

Artist(s): Dan Bull


The King Spits

length: 1:27

I'm going to record your voice
And then play it back to you on the same machine
This is brilliance, lastest thing from America

I-I-I'm a royal who
T-T-T-T-Toils to
B-Be-B-Be the best rapper
To ever have a stammer
These amateur men are just imitators to the throne
But I'm the king of this thing, look at the bling on my dome
Who do you know that can r-rewind selecta
Without the D-D-D-DJ pressing rewind on the decks
I possess a p-p-p-p-p-particular enunciation
Mixed with a p-peculiar pronunciation
M-Make a joke of the way that I say things
I'll p-p-p-p-punch your face in!

I s-s-suffer from a
S-s-stammer, but it
D-Doesn't stop me d-d-doing what I can about it
I s-suffer from a
S-s-stammer but it
Doesn't stop me doing what I bloody well can about it!
Rap's a very good form of therapy for me
Because the r-rhythm provides precision preventing me from stalling
Like a propellor on a f-fighter plane
That's falling from the sky
In blazes, forming tighter phrases
All the time, amazing
All with my displays of
Tongue twisting, lung stretching
Bum clenching greatness I make you stop!
S-Stammer time!

Helpless. Helpless!