The Old Republic Album

Artist(s): Dan Bull

Cover Art

Dan Bull The Old Republic Cover Art


The Old Republic

length: 1:53

Forget the Rancor, Daniel's in the lion's lair
I'm a starfighter, you're flying Ryanair
I visited BioWare, dined on their chinaware
With a pipe, a pair of slippers and reclinin' chair
I'm aware my rare dialect's more fluent
Than a protocol droid with a rhymin' flair
I'm gettin' quite a strain in my neck
'Cause I've got a bigger brain than a Twi'lek
Yep, I'm called Dan, I'm a Star Wars fan
Far more than you, I'm hardcore, man
From Korriban to Coruscant
Alderaan to Dromund Kaas
I drop the hottest raps
I am the top of the class
I'm a Jedi Knight, led by my skill
To kill whoever I like
I'm a murderer, you're a nerf herder, bruh
I got ya coffin, I don't mean tubercular
I'm an Imperial Agent, you're merely a vagrant
Look, Jabba the Hutt's butt's nearly as fragrant
I can take a track about the Old Republic
And make it so banging it becomes a club hit
I'm a bounty hunter about to plunder
The Senate for 100,000 Credits
So no doubt you wonder just how I get it
Bumping louder than the sound of thunder

You're more annoying than a crowd of Gungans
A bloody Ewok could get you out your bunker
I'm a Sith Inquisitor
You're nothing but a Gullipud Prannock
I'm a Planetary Governor
And I'm a smuggler, you're ugly
Your balls haven't dropped, you must be a juggler
Rub-a-dub, three dugs in a tub
Two of them are being buggered
So you must be the buggerer
Space hustler, straight huffin'
And then puffin' and then blowin'
Your space station up
In a ball of flame, no ball and chain
'Cause I take no prisoners, I'm causin' pain
A devout Sith, straight out the mythology
Taking out colonies easy, you're helpless
I easily leave each of you outlived, yeah
You should have a bad feelin' about this

Dan Bull
I've got a massive collection
Of original Star Wars figutes
Many in the original packaging
I've got a Yak Face
I've got Yak Face
Type in 'Yak Face action figure' on eBay
That's how I roll

The Old Republic (Instrumental)

length: 1:53