Thief Album

Artist(s): Dan Bull

Cover Art

Dan Bull Thief Cover Art



length: 2:24

[Verse 1]
I'm a dastardly master thief
The chance of you actually catching me
Is but minimal I've maximum mastery
Mastered each of my skills to the max, you see
That's the key
I treat combat as last and least
Because I vastly prefer sneaking past with ease
But if I have to, I'll attack from the back, crack
Snatch your key and stash that in my knapsack
This isn't the way the planet has to be
Handcrafted skills killed by factories
Fat cats are treating talent nastily
Somebody has to redress the balance and it's me

I'm a thief, a man upon a mission
I'm a shadow in the corner of your vision
Taking all your things with no need for permission
I'm a man upon a mission, I'm a thief

[Verse 2]
Freedom lies where I hide in the shadows
I desire to strike into the light
Like the flight of an arrow
I creep through the narrow streets
And the breeze sends a shiver through my marrow, see
I haven't much left in the war chest
So I best make a quick trip, visit Baron Northcrest
There's a right tyrant
So I might have to end my silence
And get a mite violent
Cause if I don't
Then Orion'll be vying for a fight
And his style and aggressiveness
In Rhetoric are quite diametrical to mine
He'd rather break a window
I tend to pull the blinds


[Verse 3]
I lived in a realm that I doubt was jocund
But this new town's nought but rotten
Greed and disease and the sound of coughing
Drowned out by the crowd in the House of Blossoms
We could recrown it in the House of Sodom
There's a sea of people out need help but sod them
Leave it long enough it'll be no doubt forgotten
Like the time Xiao Xiao said I felt her bottom
I hear the tick tock of the tower clock and
It means I better nip off out for shopping
Prowl atop inns, the crippled burrick pub
Down I drop into the city that I love
The pinnacle of criminals; I slip in from above
A night owl with the philosophic mission of a dove
When there's no one left to police the streets
And keep the peace
You best leave it to me
The thief


Thief (instrumental)

length: 2:25

Thief (a cappella)

length: 2:25