Troop Commander Wales Album

Artist(s): Dan Bull


Troop Commander Wales

length: 2:01

In the past they called me Harry
Tabloid bad boy
The rawkest lad of the royal family
But now I'm on my way to the war in Iraq
No more newspapers all on my back
Calling me a slacker
A right royal embarrassment
I am the son of the heir to all of Britannia
I wanna be there for all of the action
Backin' up my boys on the battlegrounds
And Dad'll be proud
Now his roudy youngest son's grown up
And knows how to hold a gun
I wasn't born as the oldest son
So of course I've become the disposable one
But I'll show you all
I'm cut from the same cloth
As every monarch that's ever fought, gained and lost
I've taken on the job of commanding
The greatest squad on the force and I'm on it
Honest to God, I cross my heart with my sword
And I promise, I wanna assure you all
It's not a task all my advice has made me do
The last royal that saw battle was 1982
I was over the moon when I found
I was chosen to take the troops deployed now
I'm going to make the Blues and royals proud
And if I break this oath, you can shoot me right down
You can put an arrow in my eye
Like the last herald when he died
But this time I'm on the winning side
With the scimitars we'll deliver in Iraq
To the limits of [? 1:33] we win at last
'Cause in the past the last time Britain didn't win a war
Was when we fought our current brothers in arms
I'm doing this for all the others in our country
But most of all for my mother