Vuvuzela! Album

Artist(s): Dan Bull



length: 1:25

Who developed the vuvuzela, what a stupid fella
I'm sure musically that you and me could do it better
By amassing the the larynxes of a thousand
Japanese pornstars and attaching that to an extractor fan
I know that's a clumsy example but damn
It's absurd trying to put in words a clamor this bad
I don't intend to offend the south african fans
But I'd be more than happy for this crappy toy to be banned
It's gotta be one of the most annoying of fads
I wonder what'll be the next annoying noise from the stands
Can we expect a cat strangling boy band
Or perhaps a pack of orangutans enjoying a shag
They say it's atmosphere but it doesn't sound like that to me
It's like a massive accident happened in a brass instrument factory
Actually, look if I had to be honest
I'd probly prefer somone to stamp on my bollocks
Than listen to this infinite din, I'm finding it hard to stay calm
I think I'd rather listen to a rape alarm and amputate an arm
I'd even maybe go as far as to say that I would rather
Be serenaded by John Barnes

Up yours, Vuvuzela
Or uh Voovoozeyla, Vuvoozela
Voovusela, Vuvoozela
Voovoozela, Vuvuzeela
I don't mean to be culturally intolerant
I've got just a headache