Watch Dogs Album

Artist(s): Dan Bull

Cover Art

Dan Bull Watch Dogs Cover Art


Watch Dogs

length: 2:28

I'm smacking a man with a baton in hand
That is the plan
Blasting a gat at a gang
(Quick) Bang (Bang bang)
No matter how fast they ran
I'm packing the baddest of backup plans
Attackers, I hack them and transfer the data then
Crack with the elbow the prat has just fell over
Blast 'til the last man stands
The flick of a switch
The sprinkler spits
An image of somebody nibbling fish using a chick as a dish
This is ridiculous shit
(Haah) Call it tomfoolery
Who's the girl? The one with the jewellery
I'm sneaking up on any fool that be
Foolish enough to believe he's as cool as me
Popping a shot in his noggin and holding a hostage
Who folded and told so I hold off from offing him dead
One shot in the leg and walk off as he begs
Now the coppers have entered the scene
I've left them and fled as I head to the street
Thinking they got me but I'm not backing down
Stop the clock and the city is blacking out
Lagging out
I'll grab you now
You panic as I ram a police man into the ground
And now they've gone and found the human trafficker
The Superman with the computer
Is after you pursuing and hacking you
Wherever you go I own every zone
Heavily loaded with loads of the cleverest pro kit
Wrecking the road with my tech as my phone
#9litcHes# *Glitches*
A second of code into the system
And I'm dressed up as a regular Joe
In regular clothes
And nobody could ever expose it
Oh sh*t
I'm ready to just rev and then go
Ever so slow then wait to accelerate whenever the moment is
(Go) wait...
I'm ready I'm going in
Picking up a ticket for the method of my driving?
Nah, I'm skiving
I am wickeder than wicked
And I take it into hiding
Quicker than a whippet (Where?)
In west riding
Whipping out the whip
It's hide and seek
Quick, let's whip inside and see
If I can divine a unique
Design that'll silently peek
Behind every blind
So I can provide
Any enemy with a violent surprise
Survey the scene it's Aiden Pearce
Don't care who your agency is
You're facing the meanest surveillance genius
Leave an imprint of your face in the street
Just DDoSing
And tossing them in the sea
Cause I'm an MC
Constantly watching and seeking
So watch what you're speaking
Stopping a chopper from dropping a spot
In the spot that I be in
Got to be leaving
Pealing off on my feet like socks on a hot day
Leaping off of the bar
Good evening, officer I just need to see the bars
I've got on my phone and leave you lot in the dark
Now the city's power is ours
And I'm devouring it stopping the heart
I'm on a boat
It's obvious I'm a boss hog
Watch Dog
Watching the watchers I've got to log off

Watch Dogs (instrumental)

length: 2:29

Watch Dogs (a cappella)

length: 2:29