Fingertips and Mountaintops Album

Artist(s): Darren Hanlon


Hold On

length: 3:53

One thing about all this clock punching
Brings back meaning to the weekend
The heat gets shut off at midnight
Noises seem louder with the lights off

You eat and sleep and dream
And ride your bike through the slipstream
On footpaths that weren't built for bikes
Let alone people
They're full of trucks and cars
And dotted with topless bars
This land that once was promised ours
Treats you like a stranger

Hold on, my love
Hold on

If only for that cloud
That burst its skin and cried out loud
And sent us running with the crowd
The concert ruined
The cute smiles of young boys beckon
If only for 9 seconds
I know you're lonely
So if only for the 'if only'

Hold on, my love
Hold on

Oh please try to rest those peepers
You're jealous of easy sleepers
Try not to think too hard
You might break something
Sometimes my biggest fear is
A dressing room between two mirrors
Watching myself disappear
Forever and ever and ever and ever and ever

Hold on, my love
Hold on

Hold on

The People Who Wave at Trains

length: 5:27
But humans should be allowed to know as well
I've some friends in the ground but the rest are in the sky
But we'll all meet again in the sweet bye and bye

I want to start again
I'm envious of them
How they glide through every moment with nothing on their brains
Like the people who wave at trains

Try to build a dream to call my own
Like playing solitaire in a cyclone
But can i save the world, can I please them all
Yeah, you can rob peter to pay Paul

I want to start again
I'm envious of them
The way they move through every morning and go outside when it rains
The people who wave at trains

A chorus heard throughout the suburbs
Open up your mouth and fake the words
Suddenly they reawaken, snow domes shaken
A kiss on the shoulder

Happiness Is a Chemical

length: 5:13
On the glass that wraps the telephone box
An impatient bystander knocks
Put the receiver back down in it's place
In the some things should be said to the face
I'm a believer

You're stripped of all your worldly powers
And starring at the opposite apartment block for hours
You say that each window is just a TV channel
And you'd surrender all your so-called friends for flowers

And you'd rather be sleeping in the paddock with the horses
While the stars cross the sky's on their prescribed courses
Can you take me with you when you go?

Because love is just a lazy generalisation that we use for 100 different

feelings and as many situations going through each others pockets is not like

us and flattery will get you somewhere and your happiness is just a chemical

A constant feeling you're being watched
All your good intentions so clumsily botched
A kiss sent down the telephone line can come out sounding like a bug getting


And grasshoppers fling erratic parabolas
While you're drowning ants with your can of cola
Can you take me with you when you go?

Separate the parts and give them titles
Lungs are for songs and eyes are for feasting
And butter's for a bee sting
Can somebody please check my vitals?


length: 4:21
On a warm night in March on a dark disco floor
I danced up a storm like I'd never before
Every step in the book and then some that weren't listed
For a song or two I felt nothing else existed

Now if a dream curled at your feet
You'd take it home and name it
I'm struggling now to find something to blame it on strobing effects
r perhaps it was that dress
But my eye was captured by a beautiful actress

Now the minutiae is still in my memory writ large
As she danced nearer me with her coy entourage
She tugged at the scarf round her neck it came loose
She flung it and hung it from the disc jockey's booth

But before I continue one moment's reprieve
I grant you dear audience a chance to leave
For my tale never ends in that it never started
When the house lights came on I'd already departed

No not one word was spoken nor a glance exchanged
When the sun rose next morning the world hadn't changed
See we only touched elbows was the plain naked truth
And I can't even backup my story with proof

We only touched elbows
I felt our bones clunk together
Then the moment was over in a falling feather
An accident sure, but it happened I'll wrangle!
Our elbows did touch our arms at right angles

Now there's naught the nosey observer could've guessed
But the rock and roll drummer inside of my chest
Everyone's seen her films and now whisper her name
That we only touched elbows is not such a shame

Because the world's getting crowded and I can't see a lapse
It's not about leaving spaces but filling the gaps
We're all knocking and bumping strangers all the time
Sometimes we don't notice, mostly we don't mind

A foot brushes your ankle on a peak hour bus
Someone's hand on the small of your back as they pass
A shopkeepers fingers while handing your change
Can lightly brush yours without feeling too strange

But why I felt so alive I can't quite determine
There could be a world to explain it in German
Some take others home, waking up to regret it
We only touched elbows and I'll never forget it

Now the innocent DJ still spins his black moons
And keeps us all moving with his faithful tunes
The lights nod in sync they're mechanically powered
We only touched elbows and I still haven't showered

Manilla NSW

length: 4:03
That I happened to a town once
Is of no consequence to my story
But i burned all of my diaries
The day a town happened to me

I guess I should've called you
But payphones there were just so hungry
I was busy writing headlines
Like 'postbox eats the hand of lady'
Who fixes stamps to cutout competitions
She kisses each letter she mails
This is how i found Manilla, Manilla New South Wales

Cold beer for welcome stranger
Choose to refuse and so politely
Is to risk the danger
That they'll raise the kind of hell known only by the New South Welsh
To be heard along the Namoi banks
And out across the distant ranges

You've had so many lovers
Your brothers would be so proud of thee
But one way of another they've drifted to be beside a sea
While the information clock has tied a knot
With both it's hands and holds us by our tails
We're all bound by time to Manilla, Manilla New South Wales

Can you pick a grave for me in the ruins of cordial factories
Where flavoured flowers grow pirouetting in cul-de-sacs
Miss the sound of clickety clacks on tracks that trains won't go
And out through windows....

The shop keepers gape out over the landscape
They're praying for sales
Religion makes more sense in Manilla, Manilla New South Wales

Here's to the folk behind fences
Furtively readjusting denches
A chorus of corellas
Form clouds over saturday benches
Where old men sit and lick tobacco papers
They look like a harmonica band
As the sun tiptoes down Manilla St
And slowly comes to land

I may make me a home in Manilla, Manilla New South Wales

Romance Is Deafening

length: 4:53
Which led me to believe he wasn't listening in the first place
My distracted beholder looked over my shoulder to his sweet beheld

All the church bells are competing with the birds
Their hearts are bleeding
Their sweet songs they dance round my head
They sounded a warming each night
And each morning from the edge of my bed

And so call on me soon
The city's so fun
If you can't find the sun
Just turn on a lamp and pretend that it's one

We kissed in a cafe, held hands on a escalator
Made out at a bus stop then on the bus
For what time has erased
I still know how it tasted
If a memory is a thing you can trust

Now all the sweethearts in between us can spin around like ballerinas
They can go get a room with a don't disturb door
It's like money or fame if it eludes you again
Makes you hate those who have it even more

A man was astounded on entering heaven
All the money he'd lost in his life equaled exactly what he'd found down the

cracks of seats of trains
Even reached into drains just to hold the cold coin in his hand

The Ostracism of Vinny Lalor

length: 3:25
All around the room in a whirl
You saw dancers catch fire when you were still a girl
In a town that's built on the whispers of tattlers
But yet to inspire a single a single dot in the Commonwealth atlas

God only knows how these things ever start
An empty plate in the place of a heart
That finds it's way on a trail of crumbs
And stains windowpanes on the prints of thumbs

So go take rest
Pull the blankets up tightly with your knees to your chest
A far off sound
But to such delicate ears it must seem like there's a zoo burning down

A nagging ache there must be some place better
Searched through every library book down to the last letter
Even Thornfield Manor sounds enticing
With echoes down the hall and on the walls the heads of bison

So go take rest
Pull the blankets up tightly with your knees to your chest
A schoolyard song
And no one can blame you for getting it so horribly wrong

The old saddlers breath that always smells of leather
The cafe sign letters been faded forever
Irrelevant facts from the history tester
Snowed under the chalk dust of last semester

Can't you see
What it's done to your mother, what it's done to me?
All their words
Will shatter into pieces when I lock you in my arms again

Fire Engine

length: 2:45
Ripples round the bar they don't know what to think
For prince of the pen has himself a new favourite drink
To blow on bruised skin takes away the sting
I've half a mind to take him for a fling

The most uncouth of colours that you have ever seen
30mls of vodka lemonade and grenadine
The smoke makes me sick and i don't know where to look
There's a church mouse in the corner with her nose stuck in a book

And he says the flavour's flambouyant
Each sip sweetly poignant with a wave of the hand and a flick of the fringe
It baffles the quibblers, nit-pickers, nut-nibblers and unusual weapon to

choose for a binge

Would these words sound the same on high street in broad daylight
But nothing escapes the ears of a playwright
He listens intently from the backseat of a Bentley
Let this feeling of change take hold of me gently

Now there's fog on the Isis and the poets all blush
This scene is straight from the stroke of an impressionists brush
And now his glass is sat there next to mine
30mls of vodka lemonade and grenadine

Fingertips and Mountaintops

length: 3:27
On the Town hall stairs
They're sunbaking in pairs
You try not to look suspicious
But there's always someone
Happy to remind you
It snuck up behind you
Everything slowed sown
And then you came undone
And first you hands don't work
They're babies waiting to be born
And then your lips don't work
And someone's leaning on your horn>br>
I came as fast as I could
The street spun under my feet
If it doesn't rain then it's a beautiful fountain
And if you place a finger in front of your face
And close one eye you can block out a mountain
And then your mind takes flight
Like it received a glancing blow
And then your legs don't feel right
You're sprouting roots where once were toes
You wish to burn up the whole night
And wake up in the same clothes

All by itself magically the day begins
And all across the world that costs nothing

Past silent cars single filed up the street
Thought they're all gone now they sure really took a beating
It could make you depressed but maybe it's for the best
That all we ever came to know for real was fleeting
Like fire and wood
A hairless chest
Most electrical goods
And pop starlets
I'll tear the house down board by board
So you might believe it yet

Without our help magically the day begins
And all across that costs nothing

Couch Surfing

length: 3:26
Well I haven't paid rent for a month or more
I'm couch surfing
And I don't have a key cause I don't have a door
I'm couch surfing
I'm not answering questions
I'm between houses

Of my material possessions I've lost track
I didn't need them
Everything I need fits in my backpack
I call it freedom
A pair of jeans some shirts and a guitar lead
A toothbrush, socks and a paperback reader
All the rest is what's hanging off of me

And I'm not taking calls
I'm between houses

Outside the night is dark and stormy
And you blew up the air mattress for me
We'll talk all night like an open book
And I'll sleep on every breath you took
Before you leave I'll sneak a look up at you

But there's an old saying that could bare retelling
When you're couch surfing:
'the guest should leave before the fish starts smelling'
When your couch surfing

It's romantically existential
To reduce your life to the bare essential
All that which is inconsequential guides me

But this whole theory really depends
On weather or not you've got good friends
And all this weightlessness the philosopher preach
Reduces you to societies leach
But tonight I've landed on my feet
I'm still one friend away from the bum on the street
And I've used up all my good will vouchers
On every single friend with couches
It won't be long before they'll ask me to leave
It's time I cut myself some keys
Give me a pen I'll sign a lease and go get me a home

Don't Bogart My Heart

length: 3:51
Car wheels, high heels
I like how it feels out at night in the city

The wonder that your face is
could really take you places you never thought possible
so why lie awake a-listening for my key?

I know you have your friends keep tabs whenever we're apart
You can shower in my money but don't Bogart my heart

Eye spy wandering eye
And you're looking my way
Something starting with the letter 'J'

Some yield, play the field
Invite trouble home but time is something we don't own
When each day we're drifting closer to the sun

I look behind my door to find my photo hacked apart
You can Brando my belongings but don't Bogart my heart

So just up and down and hop round if it makes you feel good
Our love needs to breath
You need to leave it be for it to start
Tattoo your name on my shoulder
But don't Bogart my heart

Old Dream

length: 5:41
The stray it came followed us home
It brushed around our four legs and looked past them to the door
We just laughed and shook our heads
And secretly hoped it'd come back the next day...
It didn't
You even went back to the place we first saw it just in case
While i was glad to stay at home
Searching for money in old birthday cards

John Milton himself would've felt these things too I read somewhere
Even blindness couldn't keep him down
I can see him now fumbling through the dark
To find a pen and anything for paper

Mark the page
Take the car
Pass the building
And wonder where you are
And which storey?

You were in my dream again
I would tell you but it don't mean anything
It's just my old dream

There's no yellow fields
Of sunflower farms
If I have to show you I can do it with my arms

No bunches of balloons
Or mariachi bands
If you need to see then I can show you with my hands

Tie the shoe
Take the car
Unfold the road because it goes to where you are
And your story

You were in my dream again
I could tell you but it don't mean anything
It's just my old dream