Ready to Run Album Cover Art

Dixie Chicks

Cover Art

Dixie Chicks Ready to Run Cover Art


CD 1
  • 1 Ready to Run
    length: 3:49
  • 2 You Can't Hurry Love
    length: 3:08
  • 3 Wide Open Spaces
    length: 3:46
    producer: Blake Chancey and Paul Worley
    membranophone: Greg Morrow
    piano: Matt Rollings
    mixer: John Guess
    electric guitar: Paul Worley, George Marinelli and Billy Joe Walker, Jr.
    recording engineer: Eric Legg
    additional producer: Tony Castle, Erik Hellerman, Mark Capps, Jim Burnett, Ed Simonton and Clarke Schleicher
    bass: Michael Rhodes and Joe Chemay
    acoustic guitar: Billy Crain, Billy Joe Walker, Jr., Mark Casstevens, Paul Worley and Emily Robison
    steel guitar: Lloyd Maines
    tambourine: Tom Roady
    editor: Jim Burnett, Carlos Grier and Don Cobb
    assistant mixer: Shawn Simpson and Christopher Rowe
    assistant recording engineer: Chip Matthews and Mike Wruck
    shakers: Tom Roady
    Hammond organ: Matt Rollings
    congas: Tom Roady
    lead vocals: Natalie Maines
    vocal: Martie Maguire and Emily Robison
    dobro: Emily Robison
    banjo: Emily Robison
    fiddle: Martie Maguire
    mandolin: Martie Maguire