American Pie Album Cover Art

Don McLean

Cover Art

Don McLean American Pie Cover Art


7" Vinyl 1
  • 1 American Pie, Part One
    length: 4:08
    engineer: Tom Flye
    vocal: Don McLean and Rob Rothstein
    acoustic guitar: Don McLean
    banjo: Don McLean
    bass: Rob Rothstein
    choir vocals: West 44th Street Rhythm and Noise Choir
    membranophone: Roy Markowitz
    electric guitar: David Spinozza
    electric piano: Ray Colcord
    marimba: Mike Mainieri
    percussion: Roy Markowitz
    piano: Paul Griffin
    vibraphone: Mike Mainieri
    composer: Don McLean
    lyricist: Don McLean
  • 2. American Pie, Part Two
    length: 4:31
    composer: Don McLean
    lyricist: Don McLean