What’s Bin Did and What’s Bin Hid Album Cover Art


Cover Art

Donovan What’s Bin Did and What’s Bin Hid Cover Art


12" Vinyl 1
  • 1 Josie
    length: 3:28
    composer: Donovan
  • 2 Catch the Wind
    length: 2:56
    producer: Terry Kennedy, Geoff Stephens and Peter Eden
    vocal: Donovan
    acoustic guitar: Donovan
    harp: Donovan
    bass: Brian Locking
    strings: London Philharmonic Orchestra
    composer: Donovan
    lyricist: Donovan
  • 3 The Alamo
    length: 3:06
    composer: Jane Bowers
    lyricist: Jane Bowers
  • 4 Cuttin’ Out
    length: 2:19
    composer: Donovan
  • 5 Car Car
    length: 1:32
    composer: Woody Guthrie
    writer: Woody Guthrie
  • 6 Keep On Truckin’
    length: 1:50
    arranger: Donovan
    arranger: Donovan
    composer: [traditional]
  • 7 Gold Watch Blues
    length: 2:33
    composer: Mick Softley
  • 8 To Sing for You
    length: 2:45
    composer: Donovan
  • 9 You’re Gonna Need Somebody on Your Bond
    length: 4:04
    arranger: Donovan
    composer: Blind Willie Johnson
  • 10 Tangerine Puppet
    length: 1:52
    composer: Donovan
  • 11 Donna Donna
    length: 2:57
    composer: Sholom Secunda
    lyricist: Aaron Zeitlin
    translator: Teddi Schwartz, Arthur S. Kevess
  • 12 Ramblin’ Boy
    length: 2:33
    composer: Donovan

    Tangerine Puppet Lyrics

    This is the fairy story of a tangerine puppet.