V.II R. VI Album

Artist(s): Epicurean


Deviance of Horror

Channeling Divine Creations

Blow flows from the hands of the crucified
Time succumbs to failure
What exists in the minds of the dignified
Whilst shattering your saviour
Less blessed are the dreams of eternal life
Inequities of the lustmord
Uprising of the ignorant masses
Facade of divine behavior
Father of the winds, mangled and tortured
Cries in consternation
Faith buried with the lord of all desires
Era bathed in conflagration now
Generation lost in chaos
(of) shadows, light, depth, dimension
Foretold, yet fatally ignored
Morose is the human inflection
Blasphemy in the name of evolution
Brought down with the deviance of horror
Ill-fated needless execution
Irreverent futile exaltion
Master of the ages mended through wisdom
Their glory has departed
Restless bane of tyranny rising
Shadows marred in esoteric rage
For he has been reborn
Channeling Divine Creations
Back from oblivion to eradicate the faithless
Instill in hearts of men: fear of retribution
Fire sears away the mortal flesh
Blistered and torn by wrath
Expedite their release from the earthly coil
Deny existence through unearthly detriment
Bring for thy shadow, bring forth thy key
Unveil thy mystery
Channeling Divine Creations

Demise, the Shattered Soul

Diluted in Animosity-A war grows within
Engulfing every clean and pure memory
It instills a dream, revealing a struggle
My voice is no longer mine
Psyche and logics are ripped from inside
An ocean of galling memories
A heart to display, beckoning delusions
My path to guidance
My palace awaits
Dreams bound by a song of silence
Forever caress bitterness
Alluring nights have unveiled
The pertinent rain
An ounce of pain...
Twisted mental portrayal of my thoughts-Short time
The repercussions of solitude
And the war rages on...
The demons have taken control
My will wanes slower still
I feel the nothingness shadow my soul
Forever I'll wander hell
An ocean of galling memories
A heart to display, beckoning delusions
My path to guidance
My palace awaits
Dreams bound by a song of silence
Forever caress bitterness
Alluring nights have unveiled
The pertinent rain
Dying inside....
The war is over
For I'm no longer...
What has bled will sow
For I am mesmerized
Prophetic visions of a long awaited self-demise
Still a willingness
To gain imperial might
The final candle flickers showing never-ending light....
An ocean of galling memories
A heart to display, beckoning delusions
My path to guidance
My palace awaits
Dreams bound by a song of silence
Forever caress bitterness
Alluring nights have unveiled
The pertinent rain
Blur the desolate mindset
Scintillation fades as contingency reigns
Relentless still the stigma burnt into my lore
Overthrow the past ardent retention awaits

The Dying of the Light

Behold, a majestic cycle
When lustre fades
A bitter sunset, celestial blaze
Placid silence, eternal dusk
An alluring bestowal
All for the ones who shun the light
Rejoice, regain your strength through essence
Foretell, reveal this twilight presence
Extol, affirm the summoning of winter
Grandeur, yet shunned this once
Forsaken myth
Bleed, our crimson season
Immaculate purge
Binding malice through treason
Divinity blurred
Delusions are shattered
This course is clear
Unparalleled masses, corrupted by fear
Our centuries pass with remorseful lies
The dying of the light
A scenery changed by nocturnal rites
The dying of the light
These mysteries are banished to protect my eyes
The dying of the light
Finally I journey through the dismal skies
The dying of the light

Hypnotic Descent

These journey's live in demon's eyes, a fall from grace ensues
Victimized in lies, too blind to see the truth
Eyes deceiving my mindless soul
Though carved in fire the ashes burn
Sins awaken now heed their toll
My life has taken a twisted turn
Unearth the madness from where evil lies
This is the epoch my dreams had died
Damned in chaos like falling leaves
Through twilight wonders lie memories
The past awakens, our lives been spent
Hypnotic cycle the world descends
A breathing shadow appears in the night
To defile this haven in blind reverence
As the great storm enraptures the beast
The servants of darkness emerge
Symbolic cantations pierce the frozen sky
The covetous ones, ardent yet desolate
Are disguised to man as the gods of second chance
Starlight erodes the mystery unfolds
The blessed and the cursed have transpired
The serpent of sin eludes prophetic lies
Through chasms and ruins I wander alone
Abhorrent dementia possesses my frail mind
Does light exist forlorn in the mist
My eyes have assured me of nothing
Reality? Deception? Serenity fails to rise!
The shape of a frozen child lies bleeding in bliss
Withered, he speaks of a thousand nightmares
"All that you've seen is only a dream
A sign of what could befall
The world shall cease to find eternal salvation
I dreamed this winter of worlds unknown
Beyond the ages of lunacy
Screams formed terror, cold and alone
My life had passed me slowly by

The Irreparable Loss of Sons

Gemini, brought down in flames
To serve the lords of terror
Irreparable, the loss of sons
Our kin destroyed for nothing
Retribution, the only way
We shall have our vengeance
Suffering, like none before
Your villages are burning
Like the Ravens of the North
We know your every movement
From the North we come for you
Our knowledge is your ruin
The fire of terror
Has burned up my son
Hatefully ravaged
From our world
Free forever
From the threat of shame
Never touch him
The taint of disgrace
How could I beget
Another boy
Who should be held
The equal of his brother
What can make amends
For the loss of sons?
What compensation
Pays for such a death?


Nocturnal Deity

Luminous, a reverie disguised
Fleeting winds sear upon the horizon
Prophecies remain obscured
Pitiless and torn by tranquility
Recollections elicit these fears
Subsided by the viligence of sorcery
Challenging, yet unabridged
Enthralled by this manifest of elegance
Dreams of solemn winds embrace
Deny the sun to soar, repent prevalence
Mystic wisdom bounds in passive glory
Ravish nightfall, accede eternal bliss
Attain euphonious winds, archaic and viligant
Dreams of solemn winds embrace
Transcending to a serene abyss
A gateway to the paramount of suffering
Eminating with a sense of wonder
Transformed to the conqueror of nightmares
Thy will is a terminus of vengeance
Obliterating those engulfed in virtue
Paralyze the impeccable with wizardry
Haggard minds will comprehend my victory
Expel convictions of the sculpted lie
Invoked by the powers of darkness
Fate enraptures in this moonlit symphony
Bewitching eyes conjured in nocturnal deity
Dreams of solemn winds embrace
A symbol of energy restored
Nocturnal, a deity shall arise!

Talent of the Gods

Exploring the Night
Reveals Blackened light
Confronting the energies from Gods below
Respect Divine
Refute the Blind
Godly seeds which can't be sown
Summon the Blaze
Of Ancestral Haze
Destroy the seed of time unborn
Birth of Flesh
And forced to Mesh
Diluting all Creed and Sanctity
A sign from the ones who have chosen me
Destiny unknown
Nova to Ice
Mortality Sufficed
Destiny lies within the sky
Pain and Joy
Build to Destroy
Mere mortals live the lie
The Earth will quake
As the Tide awakes
Enveloping the Storm Serene
Enlist the Rain
For our will to feign
Absorb the callous and abhorrent scene
A sign from the ones who have chosen me
Destiny Unknown
I have seen the Talent Of The Gods
Reaching for mystic Domain
Weaving spells extend my mind;
This is a goal;
It's not in vain

Ceremonies of the Moon

A cold, emotionless existence
Sordid perception
Oblivious to common fear
Confined to embrace darkness
An epitaph of emptiness
Spellbound, lightless reflection
Tedious, sightless, carnivorous
Born in the un-world drowning in lightning
Entranced by the moon
I seek to be alone in serenity
Led by the cold, thy life that's been
My time awaits to dream again
Exiled to solitude, forever
Impermeable consciousness
Irreverent, blacklisted apostasy
Life through darkness
Defiant fortitude, projected on others
Reason: sacrifice sentiment
Preaching logic falls on deaf ears
Frozen is the river of a thousand lies
Betrayed by tradition
Captive, are the blinded, by their own words
Enslaved to conformity
Rapture, the emotions of a hallowed mind
Suffocating acerbity
Illusion, fallacy of reverential thought
Sequestered to infamy
Solitude lies, solace denied
Why must I be always alone
Leaving behind all I have known
Ceremonies of the moon

The Third Moon of Tragedy

Prophetic Damnation

A putrid scent of desolation and chaos
Disrupts my journey for supremacy
The path I have wandered appears so far away
From my forthcoming ecstasy
The dawn of a new age transcends
Furiously into the night
As a warrior destined to dream in the
Rage from the angels that cower in moonlight
A lonely Knight
Crossing the lands
The fate of his world
Will rest in their hands
Temptation comes
Love is disguised
The world shall burn
With the lust in his eyes
I plea not to drain elegance from my power
Searching for immortality
A shadow of doubt never lies while
Aspiring to revel in victory
My soul ascends further as time marches
Into oblique sanctity
The world shall suffer a grand revelation
As my spirit strives for certainty
At dawn my rage
Finds a new life
I am the One
Besieged by the lies
For all that's known
And all that dwells
Inhuman persona
Blinded by hell
The clerics of truth have withered away
The signs were ignored that foretold of this day
The victor of solitude ventured through time
A journey soon ending now feels so sublime
The night hath arose brings a vision (of) collecting the dead
Eternal visions of this night shall run through their heads
Petrified people, their gods hate him all for his acts
The master of time has now ended his unholy pact
A fiery mountain is dropped from the sky
A third moon reflects on all who have died
The tempest is sinking deep into the sea
An exquisite relic of his tragedy

De Natura Decorum