Breathe Album Cover Art

Faith Hill

Cover Art

Faith Hill Breathe Cover Art


  • 1 What's in It for Me
    length: 5:34
    writer: Bekka Bramlett, Billy Burnette, Annie Roboff
  • 2 I Got My Baby
    length: 3:33
    writer: Annie Roboff, Bob DiPiero
  • 3 Love Is a Sweet Thing
    length: 3:56
    writer: Brett James, Troy Verges
  • 4 Breathe
    length: 4:10
    writer: Stephanie Bentley, Holly Lamar
  • 5 Let's Make Love
    length: 4:13
    vocal: Tim McGraw and Faith Hill
    writer: Aimee Mayo, Bill Luther, Chris Lindsey, Marv Green
    translator: Victorio Pezzolla
  • 6 It Will Be Me
    length: 3:47
    writer: Gordon Kennedy, Wayne Kirkpatrick
  • 7 The Way You Love Me
    length: 3:08
    writer: Michael Delaney, Keith Follesé
  • 8 If I'm Not in Love
    length: 4:05
    lyricist: Dawn Thomas, Dawn Thomas
    composer: Dawn Thomas, Dawn Thomas
  • 9 Bringing Out the Elvis
    length: 3:35
    composer: Louise Hoffsten
    lyricist: Louise Hoffsten
  • 10 If My Heart Had Wings
    length: 3:37
    writer: Annie Roboff, J. Fred Knobloch
  • 11 If I Should Fall Behind
    length: 4:33
    composer: Bruce Springsteen
    lyricist: Bruce Springsteen
  • 12 That's How Love Moves
    length: 4:15
    writer: Jennifer Kimball, Ty Lacy, Fitzgerald Scott
  • 13 There Will Come a Day
    length: 4:14
    writer: Chris Lindsey, Bill Luther, Aimee Mayo
  • 14 It All Comes Down to Love
    length: 4:12