Chim Chim's Badass Revenge Album

Artist(s): Fishbone

Cover Art

Fishbone Chim Chim's Badass Revenge Cover Art



length: 1:42

Language is on fire that are launched, start here
The warning of the word goes out to all the
Above all the below and all who have been cast aside
For everyone who is re-energized, criticized or disguised
From the roof of the powerhouses
To the ground floor of your soul
To all who can fathom a subsidiary atmosphere
And to all who can listen to the sound of cyber fear

Chim Chim's Badass Revenge...
Equals the imaginative mind that enables us
To resist the strategies of containment brought on to us
By political thunder whores from on high
It`s the coming of the digital freak swing Vs. ape kills master
If you try you will catch on...

Inhospitable cellular chain gangs
And the slaves speak of consumerism
And in the monsters of plastic that await
Behind the hidden corners of the new hype
The surrender of our dignities
And the disintegrate of the Wamo Frisbee
Within us all of the side effects of the emerging techno psychology

The push button landscape of the coming millenia
And it intellectual discriminations can`t be avoided
They can only be down graded repudiated
And Afthroplacentrically renovated

The history distorting legislative heartbeat of the coming century
Aligns itself with weakness and over indulgence
Chim Chim's Badass Revenge
Suggests that you structure your acceptance of the frequencies
According to hope and man and a kick *** outlook
If you try you will catch on

The reinvention accelerates from this point
For it is with these words and the spirit of
Chim Chim's Badass theory of religiosity that we bring
you the only antidote that humanity will ever know


Chim Chim's Badass Revenge

length: 4:28
writer: Dallas Austin, Fishbone
The ultimate in flip script deliverin' many blows
All that primate thinkin' broke off leg and elbow
A fruit bowl delight of power knockin' down any door
Chim Chim's laughin' at you and he's slammin' you to the floor
Chim Chim's badass revenge...

Wit one mega nut bomb you got blowin' up and away
With a bounty full of Kaboom terrorizin'
Keep yo' hair arizin' and the sunshine reflects off ah dah moon,
When you think it's over, Chim Chim's scarface in the room
Chim Chim's badass revenge...

Takin' 'em hostage, holdin' up the bank, blockin' the sewer
Drainin' yo gas tank, breakin' the rules, ignorin' the signal
Runnin' the stop sign to get your peace of mind.

Takin' 'em hostage...

In the Cube

length: 8:33
writer: Fishbone
That I'm in. It's liberating for a little while But living in shit
with shit And bein' all about shit ain't my style
So up to the front I go Past the ass rim where the sun and
the snow melt into a river of sprinkly clear water

Deep in the toilet
Doo Deep Doo
I'm in the cube, in the cube
[Repeat 2x]
Deep Doo Doo

Numb to the cold that I'm swimmin' in
I imagine a world without sin Where there's
mutual respect for every soul
With no question And no testin' of no one's
wits or individuality.



I'm in the cube And I'm deep in the toilet
Way down deep Where no good scent can
spoil it where I can get respect from all
the shit around me As far a what comes
down from above me I'm in the cube
And I'm deep in the toilet Way down deep
Where no good scent can spoil it
It eventually turns into a degree of a flea
Down here I see the future of life to be
It's too crowded up here Everybody's
greedy and they just Won't calm down
Their intentions are good But they always
get drowned by the ego overthrown
And the know-it-all hard-heads that insist
on running the show. The devil dookey that
threatens my friends and me

[Chant 2x]

Some get so caught up within the
Whirlpool of bad that while trying
to reach the good they still end
up bein' sad from trying to rush into
Helping God's plan

[Chant & Chorus]

Back down I go to the toilet bowl roll
Where no one is and are Afraid to go.
I can find peace and tranquility amongst
the peanuts and shit The smell is only a
bluff Just to make me leave from
In the cube this fuckin' cube In the toilet
Where no good scent can spoil it.
Let's be real with ourselves Let's be real
with ourselves From the dirt we came And
from the dirt we shall return This is a
lesson in life We should all learn
I'm in the cube And I'm deep in the toilet
Way down deep Where no good scent can
spoil it It eventually turns into a degree of a
flea Down here I see the future of life to be.
Cuzz no matter how much you
Stack it up high, it always goes down
To the dirt where the shit fertilizes
Some don't realize we come from this dirt
Shit. The mineral pit. God made the devil
But the devil makes us weak sometimes
So are we fighting against a part of God
Or is a part of God's creation lying?
Let some woman or man deem himself
special Cuzz when your label is gone
Your road is long Back to the minerals and
vitamins Where you belong

[Chant 4x]


length: 3:40
writer: Fishbone, Dallas Austin
My friend yousta be thin
He’s get all the women
We’d go kick it at the bar
But his drinkin’ went too far
He could see over his belt
The brotha was slim and svelte
But the gut snuck up while he wasn’t lookin’
And the beer stood firm within

Beergut - gettin’ in the way of things
Beergut - no longer can he see his nuts
Beergut - he will keep drinkin’ till he throws up

He’s got the dunlap disease
His gut is troubled trapped
When his gut lap over his belt buckle
When he chuckle it pinch the belt buckle
My hommie’s arms and legs are thin
His gut is filled with heineken
40 ounce chug-a-lugs of old english saint ides budweiser

Beergut - gettin’ in the way of things
Beergut - no longer can he see his nuts
Beergut - he will keep drinkin’ till he throws up

Then we leave from the bar
We go to the homestead
Get a six pack and turn on the tv
Roll a joint and toke it to the head
Then when the munchies take over
We will raid the convenience store
Grubbin’ and scarfin’ and fucked up
And the beergut grows some more

Beergut - gettin’ in the way of things
Beergut - no longer can he see his nuts
Beergut - he will keep drinkin’ till he throws up

Interlude 1

length: 1:58

Psychologically Overcast

length: 5:07
additional guest: Busta Rhymes
writer: Fishbone

Verse One: Fishbone

You ask me if I'm unhappy
Well, no I'm not fine
I ask you the same question
And now it's trivia time
Well I just turned in my players card Girl
So here's my parting line
Good-bye, good-bye, good-bye, good-bye, good-bye...


We've travelled some rough seas to get to the shore of sunshine
But the sun shines a brief time, cause the clouds are in your mind

Verse Two:

You got your own concepts
Well, baby I got mine
It's okay not seein eye to eye
But we have trouble bein kind
Just like pourin cool water in a hot grease
Ya see we can't combine
You had your good man
But you've taken for granted your rare find


Psychologically overcast (4x)

Verse Three:

You got a selfish way
That seems to be in your design
Well I'm too experienced
To take kicks in my behind
Next time you find love
Adhere to the warning sign
Good-bye, good-bye, good-bye, good-bye, good-bye...


Psychologically overcast (4X)

Verse Four: Busta Rhymes

Yo, what you gonna do when situations gets thick
And you ain't got a plan B and you gotta move quick?
Of course you got a nigga mentally sick
Always stressin over different types of bullshit!
With your back comma act that's about to make you pass out
Quick to knock you psychologically overcast out
Pre-meditating drama with your fucked up persona
Always bring and see with your bad drama
If your mindframe is thinkin on, you about to be-a
Ha, ha
Yo, you better get along, or we gonna kill some sad song
God-body mindframe a mental too strong
Now, the reason why your mindframe be on the wrong song
Conditioned by your parents when you livin at your home
Understand yourself, diggin on some concious
Control your situation and rid yourself of nonsense!

Ha, psychologically overcast
Quick to get your ass bust real fast
Yeah yeah, stick out my bone
With Fishbone


Psychologically overcast (16X)


length: 4:44
writer: John Norwood Fisher, Angelo Moore, David Kahne, Kendall Jones
Ohh alcoholic
Ohh real good liquor
Ohh make you throw up
Ohh make you clumsy

My pop had a party at the house one night
On the last day of school and the food is all right
We had a speaker on the roof and a speaker on the hill
With four turntables and a reel to reel
All the pretty women came, no ugly chicks
All the stars came from the ritz
The people eat the chicken and they drink up all the liquor
And they turn into a big screwdriver

My uncle is a ’holic’ and he down a pound of whiskey !
With an eight for a chaser
Spit it on the bouncer
Bouncer kicked his ass
And he lost a girlfriend with a big soul kitchen
Now he’s layin’ in the gutter like a skid row bum
Skid row bum style...

Ohh alcoholic
Ohh scotch and 800
Ohh make you scratch the record
Ohh burn the spaghetti

I came home from school on a monday
I missed the radio reggae show
I felt like a rude boy
I could have slammed me a poseur

My uncle called me a punk rocker in the doorway
As he dribbled on the table when he started to say
"you’re not a rude boy, you’re a lazy boy
You should make like a tree and leave
Make like a library and book
Make like a roach and bug off"

Ohh alcoholic you can’t drive
Before you crash and go to jail


length: 6:45
writer: Fishbone
struck with fire to the touch Hate is when
you can't relate in a different state to hate
Revenge execute pain to the thief of Love
filled with Hate I won't mistake

Inside out pin Love is grand Outside in
pain Hate awaits Ain't love grand it saves
the human Sometimes Love is never
finished Some times Hate is never ending
Love & Hate too close for most but
Revenge can make it even

Love, Hate...Love to Hate To Love to Kill by
the will of loving Hate

Kill the Love with your fear and then the
Revenge will set in.

Revenge...Quench the Hate in the mean
time but in the end your soul will end.
Revenge...Like a junkie that needs his
shott, Hate Revenge the brotha's twins.

Love is solid and won't go nowhere
Love will stay as sure as Life lives
Love will stay it's crept in everywhere
Love, Hate, too close for most but revenge
can make it even [Repeat]

Revenge: is gained when Hate kills Love
Love rises above because Love is the dove
Love and Hate both are the same Causing
the extreme opposites of the same pain

When we meet on The fields of onions to
make war Brings tears to my eyes...Love &
Hate Brings tears to my eyes. When Love
dies Hate will arise.

When Love dies Hate will arise

Hate will arise for you to despise
Hate is laughing at your fate Love is
beautiful and it is potent Love inhibits
the inhabitant of Love Love is the
permanent state Hate is for the late freight.

Peace, Love and Hate can definitely relate.

Interlude 2

length: 1:09


length: 0:57
writer: Fishbone
When you ain’t got shit
Make you want to loot shit !
When ya fuckin’ fed up
Dam sure gonna shot shit !
Listen to the government
They don’t know what to tell you
Listen to um white man
Your governments failing us !

Riot riot

Yea we burn your fuckin’ store up
At this point you know we don’t give a fuck
What the hell you expect anyway
Treat your customer crazy
They gonna act crazy
Look at that shit smolder (x2)

Riot riot

Monkey Dick

length: 4:36
writer: Fishbone
Sitting in a cage all day long
Smelling monkey nutts boy the odors strong
I can


length: 7:15
writer: Fishbone
I said yes but she kept sayin’ no
Yeah the scent was in the air
Was it a rose
I said excuse me ma’am
But you tweekin’ my nose
She slapped him in the face
With a terrible blow...

Ohh what a sourpuss...

Mug all twisted (like a licorice chew)
Make a puss like that (it’s gonna stay on you)
Gasoline stang (if you know what I mean)

Ohh what a sourpuss...
Nothin’ but a sourpuss

Sour (p-u-s-s) sour (p-u-s-s)...

I step to the rear guess what did I see
A big pumpin bump (just a lookin’ at he)
Bootie licious nutritious for the (doodle e dee)
I tapped her on the shoulder (and what did you see)

Nothin’ but a sourpuss...
Squirt juicy bootie (but the muga was pushed)
I got a knife full of butta (to spread the butush)
Would you like to hit that (oh how I woosh)
It made my face turn green (from her fuming bush)

Ohh what a sourpuss...
Nothin’ but a sourpuss

Sour (p-u-s-s) sour (p-u-s-s)...

Do you know of the many mangling ways there are to twist your puss
It sho get sour sometime down there by the mission
Let me get a piece of sum a dat chicken, hell yeah...

You’ve got that clench jaw scrunched snawz look
You’ve got the frown wrinkled flex lip look
You got the ring around the collar pulsin’ all red
You got the prune face mental case punch munch mug
Looks like you got a frown like a crazy clown wit mud fallin’ down
You got mustard nostrils and barnacles all up under your chin
You got da sloppy skin decomposing grin

Yo head is flat wit stringy napps and happy nap sack
You got the looky loo mouth piarea crew
You got the don’t hurt me please limburger cheese look
When you took a photo shot the lens broke cause ya ugly folk
Looks like your nose got caught up and twisted in a bicycle spoke
Yo face can pass for a orangutan’s ass
Yo pussy smell so bad I had to move back to baghdad
You got the marion berry rockhead look
You got the al green hot grits look
You grill is made of steel and can’t be real
You got that spiderman brace face been
Hit in the face by the frankenstein bass

Yo mug is covered with chili lookin’ silly
Workin’ at 7-11 thinkin’ everything is heaven

Ohh what a sourpuss...
Nothin’ but a sourpuss...

Rock Star

length: 5:10
writer: Fishbone
When I was a kid I would go to the show and see the rock star
I`d play my records and look at the album cover at the rock star
Sometimes I`d check out the R&B
But the polka, salsa classical scene just was not me
I wanted to be like Bootsy, Dr. Funkenstein or Jimi the rock star

Color meant nothing to me
Everything was equal as far as I could see
Ignorant to the racist music industry music industry music industry

Music industry... White rock star
Everywhere I look... White rock star
Read it in the paper... White rock star
Watch it on TV... White rock star

Only just a little... Black rock star
Only for a token... Black rock star
Sing no controversy... Black rock star

Sometimes for the flavor of Japanese
No communication but it`s overseas

Unaware of how propaganda works
I soon became a victim, a trick at work
With my black brotha`s playin` rock & roll
Signed and ho`in for a major label
Selling my soul as a rock star

Do the rock star ohh
Do the rock star yeah

Break a window, smash a TV
We`re some hott mother ****a`s it`s no doubt about
We do the rock star Ohh
Do the rock star, yeah

Get real drunk, ****, ****, ****
Kick in the radio, smash up a chair
Do the rock star, wooh
Do the rock star, yeah

Wreck your hotel room, catch a Lear jet
Stay in debt, manic depressed
Sweat & jerk to the best
Smoke a cig, ****, ****, ****
Lie fry loosin` your mind like a rock star

I got supposed fortune & fame
With existential potential Of runnin` the game
But it the greedy of the whitey at the top of my frame that`s

Blurrin` my art piece
Makin` it weak see
Makin` it watered down
Dilutin` my funky sound
But it`s all you need to be
In this weak society
Powder puffy rock star dumb
Keepin` people stupid and dumb

Do the rock star ooh
Do the rock star hey

Shoot up some heroin
Snort some cocaine
Smash your guitar
Wreck a jet plane
With a short gun to your brain
For the price of fame
Losers !!!

Kurt Cobain meant nothing to me
But now I just can`t escape from the rains that drive me ape
Of their white fear
Through the television in my eyes in my ears
Racism ! Separation ! Media !
So I guess you can say I`m an angry brotha
Can`t play my music `cause of barrier of color
Deep in debt with a seven record set
Videos and funky shows but no one knows
The major pain and misery of bein` radical
Speakin` of what you feel in a world that`s sad and dull
But the rock star got the money and the **** **** right
Action lights and plane flights
Drugs and press but in reality
it`s a lot less when you`re the rock star oooh

Pre Nut

length: 3:12
writer: Fishbone


length: 10:29
writer: Fishbone
Never givin' up, got to go f___ up
Want to locc up, before I smoke up

I need time, he need time
They need time to free a mind

Listen to the messages and release
The time is now for you to be the beast

I need time, he need time
They need time to free a mind
Fight for nutmeg if it's the last thing
You ever do fight for nutmeg
It's all between you and you
Fight for nutmeg to get your s___ thur

You want peace, I need peace
He need peace, we need peace

Can't let it go, know where to go
See how to go, fight before you have to go

Is your brain bubblin' and troublin' ?
Take the medication and heal the problem

You want peace, I need peace
He need peace, we need peace
Fight for nutmeg
If it's the last thing
You ever do
Fight for nutmeg
It's all between you and you
Fight for nutmeg

Fight, fight, for self
Fight, fight, with stealth
Fight, fight, for self
Fight, for proper def