Sunless Saturday Album

Artist(s): Fishbone

Cover Art

Fishbone Sunless Saturday Cover Art


Sunless Saturday

length: 4:19
producer: David Kahne and Fishbone
mixer: Michael Brauer
composer: Kendall Jones
lyricist: Kendall Jones

I see the pestilence outside my window
I see the dung heaps piled at least a mile high
I see the shards of shattered dreams in the street
I face the morning with my customary sigh

I hear the sounds of children laughing aloud
A stumbling wind has attracted quite a crowd
My breakfast finished now i brave the outside
But clouds have hidden all the warmth inside

Chase these clouds away
I hate this sunless Saturday

Freedom come
For us now
Light our sky
Burn away these clouds

Perhaps the charcoal grey and brown around me
Is just the mirror image of tainted soul
I think the sun will never visit my sky
Until the truth is seen by each and every eye

I see the helpless and i see the insane
I see a pauper singing in the pouring rain
I see the means of help elude us again
I think the sun will never visit me again

Fishy Swa Ska

length: 4:29
producer: Fishbone
mixer: Niko Bolas
composer: Angelo Moore, Kendall Jones
lyricist: Kendall Jones, Angelo Moore

I feel like I'm being assassinated by boredom or something
I need some excitement, some adventure, some of that...
You know that "Je ne sais quoi"
I need some... some Fishbone

Day after day, week after week, month after month and year after year !
Your political leaders take it the ear for a beer and say :
"Hey ! As long as I've got my diamonds & pearls & free plane rides to Europe
Let the poor be poorer and the underprived be underpriviledge, huh !"
A dog crosses the street
A butcher cuts his meat
C'mon you rebels, dance your blues away !
The Fishy Swa Ska, that's what I say !

And further more...

Call me a poser, call me a fake
I'd like to pour diarhea in your vanilla milkshake !
Rude boy, rude boy ! There's a hint you can take !
You wear your clothes and I wear mine
So don't give me a job !
You prejudice swine
So what if I wear mismatched monkey boots
Pajama bottoms and a suit made of poison ivy ?
For 6 million days ? Oh !
A bird drops a turd
A lot of cows make a herd
This mission I say will never be done
So why should I bother to move my tongue
C'mon you cats, c'mon you chicks !
Dance your blues away !

And furthermore...

See the preachers preach
But the devil deceits
So why should I let those bad guys stray me from my F-Bone beliefs !
I'm the one who experiments with the bullets and the sharks !
I'm the cause for the cross-over
For the brand new start in the dark
Yeah ! Radio man I'm talking to you !
And you machine beat junkies that have locked your doors
Will get diseased by the Rock-n-Roll Whore
If I dared not to get rude and make a fuss
This groove would be minor and riding in the back of a bus
No one cares about progression
So fuck you !
Cause if you did, you'd be making a confession
That's true !
But as the narrowminded say : "So near and far
It'll never happen, it's too bizarre !"

Yeah ! But don't you fret ?...
There will be a movement in the light yet
So c'mon you cats, c'mon you chicks !
Dance your blues away !
The Fishy Swa Ska, that's what I say !

And furthermore...

Understand Me

length: 4:05
producer: Fishbone
mixer: Byron West
composer: Walter Adam Kibby II
lyricist: Walter Adam Kibby II